Top Twenty Birthday Gift Ideas for Young Kids

Is your child in the wonder years- the magical years between infanthood and teenage? Is her or his birthday coming up? You may be breaking your head what gift to give him or her, something that he or she will truly like and cherish.

Take the following advice and ideas on birthday gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of your young child:


  • Tech goods: Gift an entertainment gadget like video games or a Play station console that will keep the young one hooked.
  • Multi coloured rotating LED light: This will suit you if you are organizing a Disco DJ party for the young one.
  • Go-Karting: Treat your young child and his or her buddies to a day out of real Go Karting that they will surely enjoy.
  • Mall treasure hunt party: Organize a fun filled treasure hunt for the kids at a popular mall with loads of gifts for the winners.


  • Water balloon fight: Make as many water balloons as possible and let the kids play by splashing with them.
  • Donation: Make a donation in her name for a charitable cause she likes and encourage her sense of social conscience.
  • Treat her to a concert: Look up concert listings and treat her to a gig, ideally in a small venue.


  • Present her a CD: If she can’t go to the concert, burn her CD of a favourite artist with a label made by you.
  • Orchid gift: Buy her an orchid plant with a care book and also a membership to the local orchid club.
  • Share day of pampering: Go together for a day at a spa, sauna or manicure/ pedicure.
  • A themed gift basket: Just surprise your little kid by having his/her favourite themed hamper delivered right on the d-day and never ever forget to capture that big smile in your camera.
  • Experience gift: Take him or her to Cirque du soleil, horseback riding, sky diving, sporting event or amusement park.
  • Share a class: Take a class together like sewing project or bonsai project or artwork.
  • Magazine: Gift him or her subscription to favourite magazines like even Marvel comics.
  • Museum: Take her or him for museum tour and help her cultivate an interest in art and culture.
  • Book store: Take him or her to a book store and let the birthday girl or boy pick up some books of their choice.
  • Movie merchandise: Gift her or him merchandise related to a favourite movie like Godzilla or High school musical.


  • Flowers: Even young ones, especially, girls will be floored when presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers.
  • Birthday treat: Take him or her for a special meal at their favourite restaurant.
  • Gift cards: The best way to make your child happy is to give her a gift card which will allow him or her to buy a gift of their choice.

These are some of the best gift ideas for your young child which she or he will surely love and cherish.