The birthday of a near and dear one is just around the corner, and you are stuck, not knowing what to choose as a gift. Instead of buying a single item (difficult to choose), how about assembling a whole gift basket for him or her.

One can create a gift hamper at home or order one from an online store. Many online stores today allow you to personally choose items that go into the hamper, thus customizing the gift for the recipient. You can choose a theme for the hamper based on the likes, dislikes and hobbies of the birthday boy or girl.

Here are some ideas for birthday gift hampers:

sweets-relish-hamper-300x300Bath theme: Bath goodies like bath salts, bath towels, bath oils, sponges, brushes etc that will be used to pamper the recipient. A bath themed basket can contain luxurious soaps and lotions.

Music theme: Music is a universal favourite. Music stationary, CD’s, music books, tapes, music composition notes, are all good items to pack into music themed hamper. Small models of violins or trumpets can also be used.

Candles and scents: Who will not appreciate wide varieties of candles –different shapes, designs, sizes and scents? Add some candle holders or candle plates for big candles. In addition, include some Pot Pourrie, or Pot Pourrie liquid or gel or even a Pot Pourrie burner.

Gardening theme: This hamper can be filled with small garden tools, seed packets, gardening gloves, bulbs, small potted plants, books and magazines on gardening. All these can fit inside a hamper for a gardening freak.

Homemade items: Goodies made by hand are very valuable. These include cookies, breads, cakes, fudge etc. Pack each item in an individual cellophane cover. Small items can be packed in tins.

Kitchen theme: Measuring spoons, whisks, wooden spoons, oven mitts, aprons, pot holders, dish towels, egg timers, measuring cups and recipe cards. One can download recipe cards from the net.

boulevard_chocolate_hamper-300x300Jars filled with goodies: Jars filled with goodies and tied up with ribbons can make good gifts. You can fill it with kitchen items or special teas or coffee. To add to the theme include coffee mugs. Chocolates can be kept along with marshmallows. There are many online sites for jar recipes. Try Google or Yahoo or other search engines.

Movie and Popcorn: Fill the hamper with a variety of popcorn and different flavours. Add some DVD’s of favourite movies. A big popcorn bowl, recipe cards for popcorns are also good additions.

Fishing theme: Ideal for avid anglers. Add some hooks, lures and worms and plastic containers also. A fishing magazine will also do well as fisherman’s pills, fish bait, gummy worms, wicker fishing creel etc.

Sewing theme: Ideal for someone who sews a great deal. A sewing basket filled with straight pins, spools, threads, fabric tracing paper etc.

Craft theme: Fill it with craft supplies or gift certificates to craft stores.

Specialty tea and coffee: Fill with specialty teas, tea cups, tea pots or coffee mugs filled with chocolates and specially ground coffee.

These are some ideas for a birthday hampers.