Gluten Free Food- Why is it so popular?

What is Gluten?

The term Gluten Free is making waves in the food corner of many food retailers and bakers. There are a lot of food items now being offered by these retailers which are labeled as Gluten Free. You must have read somewhere “send your loved ones a flavorsome gluten free cakes by post on their Birthday or Anniversary. Have you ever thought what is it? Well Gluten is basically a protein component that is found in grains specifically wheat and flour. Some people have sensitive immune system which reacts to this protein and thus to avoid the intolerance of this food allergy, people prefer to have gluten free food. The reason that this protein is not suitable to many people’s digestive system is because they have a weak digestive system.


A weak digestive system happens when we eat food in a rush without properly chewing it and thus it takes more effort at the end of our digestive system to break that food for digestion. This weakens the immunity of a person and thus when he/she takes gluten, it becomes difficult to digest it and it reacts with your system.

Where is it found?

Gluten is commonly found in wheat, barley, spelt, rye and other grains. It is a sticky material that is insoluble in water. Wheat is a very common ingredient in most of food items like pastas, cereals, soya sauce, beer and many bakery items; cakes, cookies, bread, chocolates and many more. With so many food items involving wheat in our everyday life, it is difficult to exclude this single protein from our diets. However, now food items have been introduced with Gluten free food tag.

How you know you are allergic to Gluten?

There are various symptoms that have been reported when people get to know that they are allergic to gluten. These include, headaches, gas, bloating, fatigue after food, aching in joints, fuzzy brain etc. If you feel any or all these symptoms after having a food item containing gluten ingredients, then you must get to the doctor to make sure. You can get it verified by a few blood tests. You can also monitor yourself if you have allergy from gluten or not by omitting it from your diet for a few days and observe if it changes anything.

Will I have to leave all my favorite Foods?

Gluten is usually found in bakery items like cakes, ice cream, chocolates, breads, butters etc. We all know that bakery items are an essential part of our every day diet and when it comes to avoiding these items, it is worrisome for many. After all nobody would like to abandon its favorite chocolate cake, or go to a dinner and not have your favorite pasta. Well, you can end your worries here as now there are gluten free foods available for those who want to avoid it.

Gluten Free Baking

Considering the rising trend among people to avoid gluten food items, the bakers have come up with the solution to provide them gluten free bakery items so that their customers do not have to leave their favorite delights. Now you can easily find delicious and flavored gluten free items offered by your local bakers or you can send gluten free cakes by post to your loved one who is allergic to this ingredient. Since cakes are commonly used on our celebrations hence bakers have introduced a category of gluten free cakes which has become quite popular among the masses.

Now there are many people who are adopting gluten free diet just for the sake of its health benefits. Although the diet is introduced to treat celiac disease but people also use it for their mental fitness, energetic body and proportionate figure maintenance.