Hampers to Canada- Not heard of unique gifts pretty much in store

Do you want to give away some unusual yet ethnic gift articles as souvenirs to your friends and loved ones living in Canada? Yes it is a cumbersome task for you to choose the right kind of gifts.After all you do want to make the recipient feel completely glad and thrilled on receiving the parcel isn’t it? You can gift these not so usual and entirely rare souvenirs to your friends and colleagues in style. A look at quite a few of them gifts to canada

Intricately designed hand-made kerchiefs

You can design a set of 5 hand kerchiefs with intricate designs of embroidery covering the sides. And you can beautifully gift wrap the same to send to dear and loved ones out there in Canada. These are quite unique gifts and they serve quite a lot of purposes. A few people preserve them as souvenirs but most of you may use the hand-kerchiefs in case you are going out.

Women use hand-kerchiefs to wipe eye liners or mascara jetting out through the sides of eye-lashes. You can also use cotton hand-kerchiefs as face towels just to drip dry in case you are sweating out after an hour long exhaustive swimming session.

giftPersonalized locket chains

Plain silver and golden chains are available in the market. You just need to get yourself a few of those. Plus a locket or a pendant would do. If you have attractive fancy buttons at home which came out of your dress, may be you can use them as a pendant. Or you can go in for heart shaped or star shaped pendants. Go in for a set of 6 locket chains with different varieties of pendants and send it to your best friend residing in Canada. You can add a personalized card to express your emotions in style. Go for the unique yet thoughtful gift.

Sea shell dolls and mirrors

If you are living in parts of UK/USA, then you can check out whether you have Indian based connoisseur shops near your locality. If the answer is a yes, you can scout for some ethnic varieties of sea-shell mirrors or enquire if the shop has an intricate variety of sea shell dolls. You can get a couple of them. You can present one to your dad this coming Father’s day. And why not add a bottle of red wine to the hamper. Yes, of course you can! Send a bouquet of exotic roses and a personalized card to express the unconditional love you have for your dad in a still better way!

Cookery books

You can download simple and easy to prepare breakfast/ supper cooking recipes from the internet. You can take soft copies of the same and collate all the recipes in the form of a hard bound book. Cookery books are ready to send across to your brother who is staying all alone in Canada to pursue further studies. Else you can scout for these books from the book store and send them in attractive gift hampers.

These gift articles are ones not so much thought of. Rare yet exclusive set of gifts are sure to take your recipient by a complete sweep.