Gift ideas for your Boss

Gift ideas for your Boss

Boss are not usually that much scarier as their name ‘Boss’ itself is. They are the normal human just like us. They have sentiments, feelings, liking just like us. It’s their position that makes them a nightmare for most of the people. The fact is that if you are doing justice to your work, then you don’t have to be scared of your boss. Their come many occasions that you want to give a gift to your boss. It may be a Christmas time, his birthday, a boss day, you want to appreciate his work or sometimes you want to have some friendship you him/her. Selecting a gift for boss is extremely tricky task. One big reason behind this thinking is that it can label you as a toady. It’s wise that before buying a gift pounder on other aspects of gifting as well.

  • First analyzed the nature of your boss. Is he friendly, emotional, stick or stubborn?
  • Is he like a traditional boss or shows much flexibility.
  • Does he like to receive the gift of consider it a bribe?

Not selecting a wise gift can create many problems for you on workplace. So here are some ideas. These gifts are appropriate for any boss, and will definitely put you in their good graces on any occasion.

A Pen:

Presenting a luxury pen is an all-time perfect gift. It does not give any negative feelings to the boss that the gift giving is for any favor. It’s a great gift that appreciates his position and show respect.

Something for Boss table:

It is a wise idea that looks graceful and also helps to keep you on your boss’s mind. Whenever he looks at your gift it will remind him of your caring gesture.

Gift Hamper:

If you want to share anything with your office colleagues for any occasion, then it’s sensible to present it to your boss and he will then distribute it in all the staff. If it is your ex-office, then you can send a gift hamper UK to them even by post. The hamper can include sweets, chocolates, cookies, fruits etc. Something which can be easily distributed among the staff.


Personalized gift:

Personalized gift has theirown grace. It can be a cushion, a towel, a paper weight, a wine glass, a coffee mug or any other thing you want. The person becomes bound to use your gift because of its personalization.

Save Earth and promote Eco Friendly gift giving

Save Earth and promote Eco Friendly gift giving

Form past few years we have seen that the terms ecofriendly and going green are being used incredibility. There are many companies that announce that they are now becoming ecofriendly. So one keeps on thinking, that how can I add my share in this noble cause? By making slight changes to your lifestyle, you can implement the practices that will lead to healthier living for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small.

The term ecofriendly means that living a life that does not harm the environment. Many researches and survey have shown that we are using the earth’s resources much faster than what the earth produces. And if we keep on the pace, then we will leave nothing but just rubbish for the next generations on earth.  So it’s crucial that we save the earth resources and also make steps to stop polluting them.

On an individual level if we want to make others adopt the environment friendly habits, we should give them ecofriendly gifts.  These gifts will have a dual impact. It makes your share for the green environment and also make the receiver think in this manner. He will appreciate your act of making a positive contribution to the environment and will also try to do his efforts in this regards

Ideas for ecofriendly gifts:


No gift is more amazing in this regard other than the gift of a plant. Plants will grow and so does your love. You can select the plant keeping in mind the receiver home area. It can be an indoor plant or outdoor plant.


If you want to gift a UK gift Hamper, then select a cane basket for your gift. You can load your hamper will ecofriendly beauty products, organic home and personal products, organic bedspread, towels, soap or other stuff. You can gift anything that is being recycled or have the ability to be recycled.

Chocolate hamper

Plant Seeds and bulbs:

Planting a plant out of your gifted seed will make the receiver remind of your love and care years after years. There are many seeds and bulbs of plants that are rare or they can only be imported. So gifting a rare seed and bulb will make you friend delighted. As I have an amazing collection of lilies and everyone adore them. When their bulb multiplies I used to gift them. It makes a unique ecofriendly gift.

Recycled products:

With an increased awareness of ecofriendly system, there are many products available in the market that are either recyclable or they are made from recycled products. So gifting those things means you are supporting the system in going green.

Drying rack:

It saves a lot of electricity if you dry the clothes on the drying rack other than with a washing machine. Drying rack makes an amazing gift if you want to support environment at the same time.

Reusable cloth grocery bags:

There are plenty of chic reusable bags on the market that make nicer gifts than the typical one-dollar cheap ones. It’s perfect for tucking in your purse or coat pocket so you always have one to use for those unexpected store stops when you don’t have your larger shopping bag stays in the car.

Making of Chocolate from cocoa Beans

Making of Chocolate from cocoa Beans

Chocolate is one of the most demanded flavor in many desserts and ofcourse in chocolate bars. It’s used widely in cakes, shakes, sweets and other desserts too. It has a great power to alter mood and to reduce the effects of depression. It is also a great gift on any number of occasions. That’s why the gifts of chocolate hampers are very popular.

Despite its popularity, most people do not know the unique origins of this popular treat. There are a large number of processes involved in the overall process of chocolate making from harvesting to the end chocolate bar form. It is very interesting information to read about the processes of your favorite eatable.


Cocoa tress are cultivated in tropical ever greet forests. Mainly the cocoa is cultivated in with Theobroma Cocoawhich grow in the wet lowland tropics of Central and South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia. The harvesting process is manual. It collected from trees, placed in piles and the shipped for production.


Cocoa is removed from of pods. N machine can be used in the process as it can damage the pods. After collection of pods, the cocoa seed are taken out of them, initially they are yellow in color. Then through fermenting process i.e. sun drying, the seeds are dried and it takes 6-8 days. After the seeds are dried they become brown in color. And its weight reduces to half. Then it is shipped to manufactures.

Manufacturing process:


In the manufacturing company the first step is to roast the cocoa beans in large pots and then cut them in small pieces called cocoa nibs. The roasting process makes the shells of the cocoa brittle, and cocoa nibs pass through a series of sieves, which strain and sort the nibs according to size in a process called “winnowing”.


The process of grinding results in a cocoa liquor which is made by grinding of nibs. The cocoa liquor is unsweetened chocolate. The grinding process generates heat and the dry granular consistency of the cocoa nib is then turned into a liquid as the high amount of fat contained in the nib melts. The cocoa liquor is mixed with cocoa butter and sugar. In the case of milk chocolate, fresh, sweetened condensed or roller-dry low-heat powdered whole milk is added, depending on the individual manufacturer’s formula and manufacturing methods.

Blending Cocoa liquor and molding Chocolate:

Now the cocoa liquor is molded according to the company recipe by adding milk, sugar, cream, butter and other ingredients to it. By varying the ratio of these ingredients the manufactures make different types of chocolates like milk chocolate, dark chocolate,white chocolate.
After blending is complete, molding is the final procedure for chocolate processing. This step allows cocoa liquor to cool and harden into different shapes depending on the mold. Finally the chocolate is packaged and distributed around the world.

Gifting is more than just about money

Gifting has been an important part of many social gatherings. This tradition has been prevalent from a very long time. Just the type of gifts exchanged has changed. Take, for example, cavemen. When one man was skilled in hunting animals and another was skilled in curing people of diseases, barter system was followed and they gifted each other something that the other did not possess. Skip a few thousand years later and we had kings and queens of various nations trying to make peace and build relations with neighbouring countries by gifting the exotic and the precious. Some people gifted purebred horses while others gifted parcels of land. In the present generation, the gamut of gifts available for exchange is large and diverse. And with an increasingly complex list of gifts available in the market, the art of exchanging gifts too has become more complex!

13_cheap choclate hampers

Many people spend hours in choosing the right gift and attractively gift-wrapping them for their loved ones. But some people have doubts when it comes to selecting the right gift. A 5-year-old may crave the cheap chocolate hampers in bright purple and orange hues that are set in confectionery stores, but their relatives may wonder – are those hampers really good enough? So, what they may end up gifting is a space toy with many complex buttons, which the child may not want, but has to accept nevertheless!

Here are some useful tips for you to choose the right gift:

  • See what is preferred by peers of the person whom you are gifting something to. Take, for example, a girl who is just blooming into adulthood. Do you think a copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will do the trick? It may have when she was 12 but not anymore! She may hang out with young girls of her age who are now more interested in experimenting with makeup kits and fashionable hand bags so these may be good options for you.
  • Not all people fit in a group, though. Some think predictably and are easier to choose a gift for. Stoic men, who enjoy a glass of port every night, will enjoy a bottle of good, vintage port. But some people are hard to categorize. They are unexpected. This may make them all the more dear but tough to buy gifts for! So get to know the person better and spot something they show interested in (usually from their hobbies) and gift them something accordingly.
  • Gifts are not always measured by their monetary value. Some gifts hold special places in hearts because of the memories they bring back or because at a particular time, that gift meant something very special. Something in blue for the bride at the wedding, something in pink for a girl on her first date – it’s important to think from the heart for romantic and sentimental occasions to hit the jackpot with your loved one!

So, gifting is not really that difficult if you know a person reasonably well and open your heart (along with your wallet!) when the occasion demands it!

Factors of consideration for selection of the hampers

Hampers are an essential commodity in our lives. Every month may be due to some festival or due to a special event in the list; hampers are circulated amongst the loved ones. It becomes essential to realize the hampers we gift should be perfectly apt for the receiver and the situation. Realizing some essential factors, which are to be borne in mind while selecting a hamper, can be useful in facilitating hamper selection.


Budget is a very crucial factor, which decides on the type of hamper. If your budget is low, you can consider many options like cheap chocolate hampers in UK. These hampers are pretty flexible. They constitute chocolates, which can be arranged according to the budget of an individual. Many other such hampers are available in the market, which can be customized according to the budget. This ensures your gifting needs do not shrink because of your budget.


The content of the hamper is really important. It is important the hamper consists of right number of items, which make it feel loaded but not overloaded at the same time. In situations wherein, you cannot realize the apt number of items or if you are not a person, who can select gifts perfectly, already designed gift hampers can be considered to ensure you need not stress about the contents of the hamper.

6_Factors of consideration for selection of the hampers


Receiver is the reason why this gift selection process is being carried out. Hence, it is important to keep in mind the receiver’s interest, priorities and interests before gifting. Various hampers like spa care packages, beauty packages, and sports gift baskets etc can be extremely suitable for individuals, who have a unique interest in such fields.

No matter, how good and expensive the gift may be, until and unless, it satisfies your receiver, it is just next to useless. Thus, selecting gift hampers solely on the basis of the receiver is best advised.


Some people may be extremely brand conscious and may prefer branded items over others. In such situations, it becomes essential for an individual to consider hampers, which include distinguished branded items. These hampers may be costly but are bound to satisfy most of the individuals.

People, who present branded items to their near and dear ones, are known to be extra caring and loving compared to, who don’t. These branded products are available on different online stores, to facilitate the feature of instant and convenient shopping.


A gift may include some really cheap items, but the packaging has to be unique and attractive. Conceptual packaging is a new form of packaging wherein the packaging depicts the utility of the gift and the occasion. Costly hampers have minimized impact, without proper packaging.


The process, how the gift is presented to the receiver also holds some credentials. It is important to consider an appropriate mode to present hampers in the most suitable way. Personally gifting them the hamper is the best available option. In case, you reside far off places, you can consider different online portals for home delivery to your receivers.

Exclusive varieties of Cadbury Chocolate Hampers


When it comes to gifting chocolates for birthdays and anniversaries, the choices available both in online markets and retail establishments leave you confused. You are simply not able to find the perfect pick of chocolates to gift dear and loved ones. When you are not able to decide what to give for to enlighten the occasion, you can give gift packs of Cadburys chocolates. Here are a few suggestions for an array of Cadburys chocolate hampers which you can give away in style and express your love for the dear one.

Assorted chocolates

You can drop an assorted mix of chocolates in the gift basket. You can select dairy milk, double decker bars, boost chocolate, fruit and nut bars, crunchy five star bars, gems, drinking hot chocolate mix and chocolate spread. This bonanza pack can be given away to loved and dear ones in elegance.


Home-made chocolates

In case you want to keep up the spirit of gifting Cadbury chocolates you can do so. At the same time you can add a complete new twist to the whole idea of gifting wholesome chocolates. You can pick up double decker bars, dairy milk, fruit and nut, Cadburys Silk. Plus you can make roasted almond chocolate balls right away at home. Simple and easy to make home-made recipes can bedownloaded from the internet. You can try making some exotic varieties of yummy chocolate bars and include these with the hamper. It adds a personal touch to the gift.

Belgian truffle signature chocolate boxes

You can opt for a super duper array of Belgian chocolate truffle boxes for your mum’s wedding anniversary or for your grandad’s 50th birthday. These Belgian chocolate hamper would comprise of strawberry champagne, rum and raisins truffle balls, white chocolate pralines, dark chocolate crunchy bars, whole cashew truffles, etc. Make your own collection of chocolates from the available menu to gift as signature hampers. This assorted pick of chocolates are a great corporate gift as well. It can rev up the spirit of employees to a whole new dimension.

You can gift chocolate hampers for Christmas, New Year, Thanks’ giving, Easter and even Halloween’s day.

Books and chocolates

Are you fond of reading books and so as your recipient? Then you can make a super combo gift to be given away in style. You may be well aware of your friend’s favorite set of authors and what set of novels he/she is planning to read next. Get a complete set of those novels neatly gift packed. Plus you can add an assorted chocolate hamper may be on a small scale. Your friend can munch chocolates and read his/her favorite set of books. This can turn out to be quite a thoughtful gift. You can add a pretty looking card and pour out your personal emotions on the same.

Hair clips, glitter ear studs and Ferroro Rocher chocolates

This is quite a rare combination, isn’t it? Your sister is staying far away from you and you want to woo her on her birthday. You know she loves trying different hair styles and is fond of pretty looking ear-studs. A combination of hair clips and glitter ear-studs will serve the purpose.

A box of Ferroro Rocher hazelnut chocolates are savored all over the world. Why not club all the 3 and give it away as a goodie hamper?

Quirky ideas for gifting chocolate hampers UK

Let’s face it. The only reason we buy chocolate bars from supermarkets before our dates, meeting or reunions is because of its convenience. But it says ‘lazy’ in big, capital letters! Why not put in some effort and thought into buying something meaningfully chocolaty? If you’re as lazy as I once was, you’d want to read this article further to choose the apt chocolate hampers UK for someone.

Let chocolate be devoured in its original form. Go simple and gift family and friends their favourite chocolate in baskets. In case the hampers are meant for corporate acquaintances, throw in a bouquet or a bottle of wine. In case you’re buying the same for a child, let it be accompanied by toys meant for their age group or if it’s for your lady love to celebrate the day of your love, add a champagne bottle instead.


gooooYou can choose to gift the receiver the healthier indulgence that is dark chocolate and avoid those that are full of sugar, syrup and words that are hard to pronounce. Make sure that the quantity of cocoa in the chocolate you are gifting is seventy percent or above for it to be classified as dark chocolate. Team the basket full of dark chocolate bars with wine or vodka, according to the time and occasion, and you’re good to go!

  1. You know they like a particular fruit and you know they like a particular chocolate. Get your hamper customized! Make them dip the fruit in the chocolate and pack it beautifully. Add a few bards of the same chocolate in the basket for ornamental factor and win their hearts. This is an excellent gifting idea for couples in their honeymoon phases!
  2. Step outside the world of chocolate bars and into the world of chocolate cakes: truffle, black forest, so on and so forth. There are at least a hundred choices when it comes to cakes, differing in style, shape or size or all of them! Accompany this with a suitable drink to gulp it down. Best for occasions where the idea of cutting cakes is conventionally necessary like birthdays and anniversaries!
  3. Now wait, do you think chocolate exists only in edible forms? NO! Buy baskets full of chocolate lotions by the company that your woman favours the most. Chocolate flavoured face creams, body lotions, feet creams etc. aren’t just it, there are chocolate flavoured lip-balms too. And women do in fact lick their lips just because there’s chocolate taste on them. And wouldn’t you like to taste chocolate yourselves?
  4. Again, think out of the box! Chocolate isn’t only edible, we learnt that in the previous point. Why not focus on the colour now? Your loved one loves the choco colour? Buy her a hamper of hair colour in chocolate shade, nail paint in chocolate shade, clothes in chocolate shade and shades in chocolate shades! Buy her anything which would remind her of the colour. Throw in some chocolate bars in your customized hamper and enjoy the feeling of making someone happy!

Chocolate is a lot more than just what we eat. It’s a lifestyle sometimes! Get pleasure from it as you would from anything else.