What to gift this Christmas to the ladies in your life?

The chilly and snowy winter brings with it the happiness and celebrations in the form of Christmas…. You have been waiting for this year end celebrations just after the end of last year celebrations. The most prominent part of it is the Christmas tree, cakes, chocolates and Christmas gifts. Oh the Christmas gift!!! You find the most hard to choose? And when it comes to send Christmas Hampers by post to your girlfriend, wife or mother then your mind will be wrapped in a spider web. No worries!! We will guide you to choose a hamper as per your relationship.

Gifts for Mom’s:

The most charming and darling personality in your life is your mother. She is the one who loves you the most in this world and her love is unconditional and priceless. Every spring have to face the autumn but the spring of mother’s love never have any autumn. Parents are the one who spend most on the Christmas for the happiness of their children and grandchildren but get the least in return. Do something unique for them this Christmas. Sending a personalized gift is a great idea to show your care and tell her that you made a bit more effort for the gift and bringing a smile on her face. The personalized gift can be a cushion, mug, bear, towel or anything depending on your budget. The other most loved item by moms are kitchen accessories, beautiful utensils for cooking, serving plates, wine glasses and much more. Sending a classic hand bag is also a wise idea.

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Gifts for Wife:

What to give to a woman who has everything or making a right choice is always a shaky question. Wives are your better half, your life partners and the one who brings countless happiness your way. She must be waiting something special from your side this Christmas so why not spoil her by gifting her with a spa treatment or a relaxing message therapy in the best salon in town. This would give her some relaxing time help her regain her energy level. The other best idea which always hit a six is gifting her some jewelry. It can be white gold, pearls set or something from diamonds. And if your wife is not much interested in jewelry then you can also go for some white or gold watch or the one having diamond ring, or anything similar. This would surly makes a gift which will truly be loved and make a lasting impression.

Gifts for Girlfriend:

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend can be a hardest of all decision despite the fact how long you know her. Many suggest you to give a perfume or jewelry but who knows that it will straight throw on your face or your girlfriend is expecting something unique from your side. She might say that you are not in love with her, this is what that she only deserve, that’s all she worth.

But the good point is that, there is one perfect gift that will always be loved by her. That is flowers, the decision of buying flowers never went wrong as it truly says I love you in a heart touching manner. And if the flowers are like Love Spell, Red Velvet bouquet or Luxury Red Roses then the idea of sending gift by post will be loved more deeply.There are different meanings attached to colors of flowers, so choose the one which shows your emotions and feelings.

  • Red: Love and affection
  • Dark Red: Passion and commitment
  • Pink: Thankfulness, appreciation and recognition
  • Lavender: Love at first sight
  • White: Purity and innocence, heavenly

The other gift can be sending chocolates. It’s a timeless gift and suits every season. And when you have to send Christmas gift by post then the decision of sending chocolates to your girlfriend is the best decision ever. The chocolates have so many variety and flavors, the romantically decorated assorted chocolate box will make a Devine gift for a seductive temptation like Belgium chocolate selection. Teddy bear also make a cute gift which provide your girlfriend an opportunity to curdles up with when you are not there and it will silently makes a fluffy partner with which she can talk about you too.

Presenting a gift card or voucher as Christmas gift is not always a perfect idea.

Presenting people with a voucher of their favorite shop and letting them buy whatever they wish in a particular budget seems to be a good idea at first glimpse but what if I tell you a bitter truth that last year families waste an amount total of £84m on Christmas gift cards which goes unspent. The main reason behind this is the expiry date of those cards. Many of the cards have very short expiry time and many of them expired even before the recipient gets the chance to spend it. People have much to do for Christmas celebrations and they simply don’t have time to go on a particular shop and make the purchases. One other thing which result in huge non spend amount is that if you are gifting a £30 gift card and the receiver make a purchase of £25 then the remaining £5 goes wasted and people don’t bother to make purchases against such a small amount when everything else in the store is not less than £10 or £15

The other big reason behind the waste of Christmas gift cards in UK is that many high street firms has collapsed just after Christmas and the vouchers and gift cards ending up with nothing more than a piece of paper or plastic with no worth at all. Although those cards and vouchers have some worth as they are also the creditor of the company but they comes in the last on the priority list and the value of a card goes in Pennies, that’s why no one bother to take it as a Christmas gift.   Marin Lewis who is the founder of consumer website MoneySaverExpert.com says about gift cards, “They’re just a promise from a company, but if that company goes bust or changes hands you’ve no rights,” he said. “Remember too that one of the ways that companies make money from vouchers is that many remain unredeemed.”

christmas-gift-ukAndrew Johnson of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association said that if you are keenly interested in gifting a gift card as a present then you should buy it from the company which have a good credit history and it’s not supposed to collapsed soon and keep an eye on the expiry date of the card. Gift a card which has at least 2-3 month of expiry time. And if you are a card receiver then make the purchase in the January sale to avoid the card to go wasted. A research shows that people make 40% more purchases then the face value of the card. So the main motive of the companies is to bring more and more people to their shops rather than giving them the variety to choose the gift. If you are keenly interested in gifting someone’s on Christmas for their happiness then you should focus on what is the choice of the receiver and gift him/her a present which would be truly loved rather than bounding them by presenting a gift card to go on a particular shop and buy something out. One better idea in this regard would be presenting cash and let them enjoy it in any way they want.