Gift Basket Ideas for Women

Women have different tastes and preferences as compared to men and thankfully have far greater options when it comes to gifts. This is what makes the gift baskets for women such a wonderful and sought after idea. If you are well aware of the woman’s likes and interests, for whom this basket this intended, then you have a lot of fun in putting one together as you know that she is going to not only like it but love it. Gift hampers for women can include anything from a spa treatment to their favourite wines or chocolates or even fruits for someone who is extremely health conscious.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the best gift basket for the woman in your life. All you need is bit of creativity and a little thought into what she likes and enjoys. Once you have that figured out, putting a basket together will be much more fun now that you know that she will love the effort you put in to create this special gift for her.

Here are some gift ideas for the women gift hampers that will give you a kick start to plan your next gift.

31_spa basket

Spa Gift Basket

A woman can never say no to an evening of relaxation at nowhere else but her own house. You can give her a refreshing evening of fine wine with bubble bath and good quality skin moisturizer to make her feel rejuvenated and cared for. Renew her spirit by gifting her not just a hamper, but giving a whole new experience of being calm and comfortable and hours of relaxation after a long day at work.

Hobbies basket

If your lady enjoys cooking or movies, how about putting together a basket with an assortment of her favourite collection along with other accessories that make up a movie experience. You can also give her exotic ingredients to excel her culinary skills and make you some of her tasty treats from the basket that you designed for her. She can never say no to something like that!

31_tea basketTea and coffee basket

Who doesn’t like a sip of hot green tea while cuddling to a book or a sip of exotic coffee after a long night sleep? The women will enjoy waking up to the soft aroma of these specialized teas and coffee, which will always remind them of you whenever they brew their favourite beverage. Add more zing to her life by thinking different and giving her something that she would never expect to get from you.

The idea of giving someone gifts is to show that you care and that you want to touch their lives in whatever little ways you can. When you put so much thought and heart into giving her an exceptional experience through your gifts, then you can rest assured that it will not fail to please her. Just be creative and take help from the professionals, if needed, to give her that perfect hamper.

Best Gifting Ideas for Your Significant Other

It does not have to be your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day to surprise your spouse with a surprise. Any day is a good day to show your spouse you care. It is certainly not necessary that you have to shower him or her with expensive gifts to show you love and care. Simple acts speak more than expensive and store bought gifts. It is true that none of us have a lot of time on our hands with the work stress. But to show your partner your love and commitment, it does not have to be a drawn out matter. Below are few ideas you can use to make your man or woman happy and surprised.

21_women gift

When we have a smooth going relationship, we tend to forget to express our appreciation for our significant other and take the person for granted. This is when arguments crop up, fights break out and the relationship starts to sizzle away. You can show your partner you appreciate him or her by simple gestures like taking on her routine chores for a day or by surprising him or her with a special treat. It is commonly said that it is quite difficult to decide what to gift a woman. The gift does not have to be expensive or perfect. A bunch of her favourite flowers or a dinner reservation in her favourite restaurant when there is no special occasion will convey the message. You can also find a gift hamper for women in online gifting shops or you can make your own gift hamper with some of her favourite foods and wine.

The Gift of Time

The gift does not have to be something your partner will enjoy by themselves. A gift that will be most appreciated is your time. Spending time together in a pleasant environment will go a long way in strengthening a relationship. You can gift yourselves a ticket for the latest opera in town and follow it up with a dinner. You can try to remember the things you used to do when you first met or when you were dating and redo a few of your favourite memories. For instance, if there was a restaurant you used to meet in, find out how the restaurant is faring now and make it a date by visiting the restaurant again. Get some DVDs of your partner’s favourite movie and create a movie night in your just for the two of you. If you have children, ask your friends or family to look after the kids for a day and spend exclusive time with each other.

Communication is the most important factor to keep a relationship healthy. Misunderstandings become common when there is no direct communication between partners. This holds not only in the case of married people, but across the society in any relationship. You do not have to talk every hour of the day to stay in touch, but spending a little time together at the end of the day discussing problems and memories is the best gift you can give to each other.

Making her to feel special with a gift

It seems there are a limited number of options available when a man has to pick a gift for the lady who holds the warmest place in his heart. Options like blood red roses, chocolates etc are definitely good but these stuffs had become very common materials to gift with, especially, when the market has the availability of exceptional items. This article shall try to discuss the possible options that can make the experience of gifting and receiving the gift more memorable.

  • The hamper to be gifted must match with the sentiment and the mood of the occasion for which the gifting is to be made

It is really easy to find out gift hampers and baskets that have its theme rotating around specific occasions. Say, if the gifting is to be made on the eve of the Valentine’s Day, it shall be the best if a gift with the same theme is packed for the gifting. Most of the companies dealing with gift items sell hampers and baskets that contain items like bottles of champagne, candies, chocolates, soft toys etc., each of which are liked by the women. She can be thrill with a gift of a basket filled with gourmet chocolates.

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  • The gift must reflect the love and affection that makes one to gift

With the lady expecting the usual stuffs, a gift can come phenomenal to surprise her. Just the right thing is to be presented for it. This surprise shall surely make her to feel as she is exceptionally being loved. Thus, one needs to give due weightage on the gift wrapper and the style of gifting too

  • Pampering Her with some special hampers

Plenty of hampers and baskets for gift are available in the market the designs for which can surely thrill the women at any part of the year. One can select either of such items that can really make her to rise up her eyebrows.

  • She loves the unique one

The ladies commonly tend to discuss in their own forums and gathering, the gifts they received from their men. Getting boarded with the conventional ones like jewellery, dresses, chocolates, flowers, she can definitely expect something that is unique. Therefore, more unique the gift is, the more she feels good about it. This is where the purpose of gifting best fits with the intentions for which we present a gift.

There is something that money can ever buy

It is not the higher cost of the gifts that delights our beloved ones. Rather we can get the purpose accomplished with the minimum of budget in case we consider the person’s taste, liking & disliking and the traits that make her to smile; we can definitely pick up the best gift hampers for women at the least of cost. After all, it’s the warmth of our heart and the feeling of love, affection and care that she actually sees beyond the gift and not the price tag of the item.

Full of surprises luxury hampers for women

Full of surprises luxury hampers for women

When you want to choose an innovative hamper for the lady of your life, it is intimidating. You are confused with too many options across internet or retail establishments. Finally you end up getting a usual bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to give away as a hamper. Your wife or girl-friend or even your daughter might really get fed up of receiving the same kind of gifts year after year.

Presenting you with a couple of exclusive luxury hampers for women. Read more

Not ones of the usual gift hampers for women

When it comes to choosing a nice and a cozy gift for the lady of your life you often run short of ideas. Men find it extremely daunting to find a picture perfect gift for his girl. The reason being women are very choosy about everything under the sun. The fairer sex always looks for the finer or more intricate things in life.

Here is presenting you with some not so much of the usual kind of innovative gift hampers for women:

Candle light dinner at a five star hotel

Are you planning to celebrate your wife’s birthday in style? What better way can be than taking her to the most posh five star hotel in town? The welcome drink, surprise cake and a bouquet of flowers to greet her upon arrival is the most romantic way by which you can celebrate her most special day with class and elegance. Then both of you get ducked away to the corner of the candle lit eat-away area. You can order the table at a special place facing a garden or a picturesque avenue. Your wife looks at the stars while you feed her every morsel of the delightful dinner. It is a gift that can make up a life time.

Vacation spots

The girl-friend whom you love from the bottom of your heart has been yearning to take to trip to the Alps located in Switzerland. You can give her a surprise birthday gift by giving her two flight tickets to the dream locale. You book tickets with the three star hotel inclusive of a bed and breakfast deal. And you can receive her at the airport with a bouquet of exotic flowers. You can make the onlookers gleam with envy with this thoughtful and the most romantic surprise you plan for your girl.


Get your darling wife a pair of platinum love bands. She is after all celebrating her 25th birthday which is once in a life time occasion. She has been taking care of your needs inch by inch every day. Why don’t you flatter her for once in a big way? Go for the expensive gift and see how the relationship between the two of you sparks up. She will also realize how much you love her and care of her. A diamond or a platinum connoisseur can last an entire life time.


Is she fond of rejuvenating herself from head to toe in a sophisticated spa salon? Go, take her to one. A body scrub, massage and a shower at the end will make her special day even more worth remembering. She will also not forget the ginger lemon tea she is served with at the end of the 2 hour long magical and invigorating session at the spa.

lollToo good a gift to give your partner for either ear marking her birthday or to celebrate both of yours’ wedding anniversary in style.

Goodie bag

To make your girlfriend’s birthday extra special you can fill the hamper with cookies, chocolates, flowers, scented candles, perfumes, CD/DVD’s, make up kit and a plush greeting card. She will go on all fours’ in admiration with yoursuper exciting gift combo.

These gifts never enter our mind at the last minute. These rare and exclusive gifts can surely take your partner by a complete surprise. And she remembers it forever.

Gift hampers: A gift that can be shared with anyone again and again

With physical distance increasing among families, it has become more and more important for people to look for ways and means to connect to their beloved ones. Online gift sites have made it possible by providing them with the option of choosing a variety of gift hampers that can be sent to their dear ones, without any hassle. All the individual needs to select a gift website that delivers hampers in Jersey Channel Islands, check at the collection available, and select one that would fit perfectly the requirements of the recipient.


Online gift sites

The online gift sites are considered to be a boon to such families that live apart, and also, a wonderful source to connect with one another without huge expenses getting involved. There are plenty of inexpensive ideas and gift hampers to suit any occasion. The gift hampers can also be selected for no reason and sent to the recipient to show how he/she is being missed. It has been noticed that more and more people have been turning towards such online sources to keep their family bonding intact. As a matter of fact, the perfect gift idea can be found from the comfort and convenience of the office or home. The person can have it ordered at any point of time, have it neatly packed and delivered to the specified address, within the city, country or abroad without any hassle. If the individual is creative, has time and would like to try out something by himself, then it could be a fun filled experience that can also be highly rewarding. Gift hampers are fast becoming a wonderful choice since they are filled with uniqueness and variety.

Variety present

Most gift websites tend to change the choice of gifts present for selection from time to time and to suit a personal occasion. Also, it provides the shopper with the choice of creating personalized gifts that is sure to give a much better impression. Custom, unique, handmade, and highly affordable hampers do allow gift making a completely interesting and fun filled activity and sure to match the sentiments. Be it any type of occasion, one can avail a gift hamper that is designed specifically for this special day. Moreover, the hampers are also designed to suit the individual to whom it is to be presented, be it a man, woman, or child. The gift hampers includes gift items like beauty products, spa and bath products, baby products, children’s items, hampers for adults, and much more. A careful selection keeping in mind the recipient requirements can help the person to make a great choice. Also, the reputed sites have employed highly skilled and talented professionals who are eager to help their clients to select a good gift, within their budget. Also, the hampers are actually baskets that can be reused in the kitchen or any other place in the home and for any purpose, once the gifts in it are used or consumed.
It is for all these reasons that gift hampers from well established online gift sites are regarded to be excellent choices.

Top gift basket ideas for making her day

Women and men indeed are known to have personalities, tastes, and mannerisms, which do move in somewhat opposite direction. This also holds true as far as gift basket preferences are concerned. It means that while shopping for gift hampers for women, it is very important for the individual to have a proper focus and keep her in mind.

Things to remember

One first needs to determine what feminine hobbies, edibles, and interests would be appealing for the specific person being shopped for. With some tips and wonderful ideas, it is possible to impress that woman in ones’ life and make her to feel extremely special.

christmas hampers

Exotic ideas that make a wonderful gift

Most women love to experience the spa. It would give them some refreshing time of relaxation, tranquillity, pampering and luxury. This renewal of mind, sprit, and body can be easily accomplished with the spa and bath gift hampers. With this unique gift, it is very much possible for the individual to ensure that she can unplug herself from this world and unwind a bit in her exclusive personal spa at her own home with this hamper. This is likely to make her relax and calm after a day of labour and stress.

Other wonderful ideas for her

One can also think about the irresistible chocolates that are available in different flavours. This particular item is considered to be a passion, and also a weakness, which simply cannot be resisted by any woman. The very thought of this particular delicious item is sure to make the minds of every woman to turn into dreams of ecstasy.

There are some women, who simply love pastimes like golf, movies, and gardening. There are also gift baskets that do provide such specific themes. Therefore, a gift can be selected that specializes on those things that are sure to bring immense happiness into her life.

Gardening hampers can be an excellent choice for those who are the outdoorsy types and are not afraid to get themselves dirty in the process. It contains items which are likely to place her with a frame of mind for a hobby, which she might hold close to her heart. It can be regarded to be a brilliant move.

There are also present movie gift baskets. It includes bevy of gooey, tasty sweet snacks, which are similar like that of the theatre. Most come with a surprising blockbuster gift card that would allow for selecting a movie of her taste and likings, besides the yummy goodies.

If she is an avid golfer, then one can go for the golf gift baskets, which can have her completely taken back. There are some of them who are food junkie and cannot stop at the thought of varieties of food or love to taste new ones or from newly opened joints. The individual can choose from gourmet food, kosher food, Italian food, and even healthy food.

A perfectly chosen theme to suit her taste and preferences is sure to win her over easily and without much hassle.

How to select gifts for women

Women of all ages love gifts. Women have love for different things so you cannot just stereotype them with just a few things like makeup, dresses, or accessories. Some women are fond of cooking and love to buy cutlers or baking items; some are fond of decorations so they go for delicate decoration pieces, while others are sporty types that love to play some sports or workout a lot. So when looking for a gift hamper for women, you need to consider a few things that can go with her choice and likes. Selecting gifts for her depend on various factors like the things she adores or the ones that go with her personality.

5_gift hampers to women

Every woman loves to be pampered by her loved one like a husband, a father, a daughter, or son. Therefore, you can consider certain things that can pamper her well. It can be a Spa voucher, a hair and body beauty treatment or you can just gift her small Spa Bath Tub containing special products like body butter, body lotion, shower gel, body spray etc. that are made to beautify women. This is one of the most ideal gifts you can give to your lovely woman. Also all adult women love these kinds of treatments.

If you want to rejoice her mood and want to spend some quality time with her, then going on vacations with her is the best option. Taking her away from all the worries would entice her emotions in full swing and she would be relieved from all the stress of daily routine. This type of gift is essential in keeping your bonding strong.

If your loved one is a sports person then she would definitely be expecting something sporty. Consider the sports that she loves and then get her one of those sports accessories. Like if she is a football fan you can get her a stylish customized T-Shirt of her favorite team, get her a pull over or muffler of that team’s flag or any souvenir with that team’s flag imprinted.

Women also love good music. So you can take her to a concert where she can enjoy with you on her favorite beats. Also if she is fond of playing any instrument then nothing can please her except gifting her one. If you have a good voice and know singing, then sing her favorite song to her on special occasion. It would be delightful for her and she would feel adorable. Even if you cannot do any of these but your woman loves music, then get her some nice collection of songs.

Take her out for entertainment on various events like movies, plays, joy lands, concerts etc. These activities would keep her lively and she could really enjoy some joyful moments with you. Also this will give her a chance to get out of the house often and would refresh her after hectic routine.

If she loves to read and has delectable taste for books then your problem is solved. Books are the easiest solution to please your girl. You can buy her some books of her favorite author or can also get her your favorite author or books to read. It is also a good way to make an impression on her if you are seeking to extend relations to an adorable woman.

Gourmet food choices also are a great treat for her. Get her chocolate chip cookies, yummy pastries, truffles, cakes and any such scrumptious delights that would tempt her taste buds.

Buy things that she adores and loves to have. So that you do not off her mood by surprising her with something she does not expect or love. Thus you must know which types of gift hamper for women exist so that you can get one when required.