Types of Gift Hampers

When you want to give a gift to a person and you don’t know him/ her closely or are on a tight budget, it is good to give gift hampers. You can assemble all the ingredients by yourself or purchase a pre-stocked hamper at a store or online.

An advantage with a hamper is that it can contain miscellaneous items, so you save the effort of guessing one single gift that is perfect.

Here are some ideas for gift hampers:

  • Food hampers: The most favoured of gift hampers consist of food items.  They may be packed with several items of food such as candies, nuts, gourmet cheese, sausages and meat. For a basket that is visually appealing, it may be packed with edible cookies and fruits that resemble flowers. Such hampers are great to greet new members of the neighbourhood or as a thank you gift for teachers.

41_food hamper

  • Wine hamper: It is more sophisticated than a food hamper. Most men will love to receive a hamper filled with bottles of wines, cork screw, glasses and stoppers. If you decide to gift a hamper of wines, the type of wines will depend on the occasion. If the hamper is meant for a dinner party host, one must consider what kind of food is to be served at the meal. By tradition, red wines are combined with meat dishes and white wine with pasta and fish. In your hamper, you may include both white and red wines, dry and sweet wine, wine from particular regions and even vintage wine.

41_wine hamper

  • Flower hampers:   They are a much loved gift and no one ever forgets the time they received a bunch of flowers. Flowers are also popular because they convey special meaning and message from the giver to the recipient. By carefully choosing the flowers, one can express certain emotions: Roses and Lilies express romance and love; Alstromerias, Camelias and Chrysanthemums convey friendship; Statices, Zinnias and Acacias stand for condolences.

41_flower hamper

  • Chocolates: A safe bet for hampers, most people have a sweet tooth that appreciates chocolates. You can assemble a hamper of specific chocolates loved by the recipient or an assortment of chocolates that will be liked by everyone. Some of the popular flavours of chocolates are: coffee, orange, strawberry, fudge, hazelnut, mint, vanilla, champagne, mousse, coconut, toffee, lemon, praline, truffle and caramel.

1_Cadbury chocolate hampers

  • New baby hamper: New babies’ need a number of baby items like spoons, rattles, bibs, etc., which can be packed nicely into a hamper. Add some diapers, blankets, baby clothes, wash cloths etc. to complete the basket.


  • College student hamper: One can provide a gift hamper to a college student for his new dorm.It may contain snacks to consume while studying, notebooks, pens, DVD’s, book lights and phone cards. Gift cards to be redeemed at local restaurants also make for ideal gifts. This is usually a cheap hamper.

  • Bath spa basket: A bath spa basket is ideal for someone who has a tiring schedule and needs to relax in a luxurious experience. The bath spa basket will consist of brush for foot scrubbing, a loofah, and an eye mask, all meant to pamper the senses. Add a plush, comfortable bath robe and she will be totally spoiled.

31_spa basketThese are some ideas for treating your loved ones to a wonderful gift hamper that will be much loved.

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