Valentine’s Day Interesting Facts

teddylindtassorted-300x300Valentine’s Day is ready to strike our lives once again with full enthusiasm and we can see the hustle bustle around us as the retail shops are filled with lovely collection of Valentine’s Day chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, gorgeous variety of Valentine’s Day Gift Hampers and a lot more to make your loved ones’ day extra special. This Valentine’s Day will also be no more different as couples would seek every opportunity to bring surprises to their counterparts and to give them something memorable.

Here, we collected certain facts related to Valentine’s Day which would be interesting for you to know.

  • According to a recent study fact posted in an article in Huffington Post, it was revealed that men tend to spend more than women on Valentine’s Day. In fact their spending figure is double the amount of women spending.
  • In 1800s, the Physicians of the time recommended their patients to eat chocolates in order to suppress their obsessive feelings for lost love. It would calm their emotions and they would feel relieved from the heartbreak.
  • In India, the most sought after gift to give on Valentine’s Day is the Taj Mahal or its replicas to mark the true feelings of love for their counterparts.
  • There are around 220,000 marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day each year.
  • Red Rose is considered the flower of love because its red color reflects the strong romantic feelings.
  • More than $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased every year in US alone.
  • Casanova, known as the “World’s Greatest Lover” ate chocolate to make himself virile.
  • The first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day was produces in 1800s by Richard Cadbury.
  • The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet used to live, is said to receive around 1000 letters addressed to Juliet, every year.

Well these were a few interesting facts that we thought would amaze you. Share these facts to your loved ones or if you know any other facts related to this day, do share.