Presenting a gift card or voucher as Christmas gift is not always a perfect idea.

Presenting people with a voucher of their favorite shop and letting them buy whatever they wish in a particular budget seems to be a good idea at first glimpse but what if I tell you a bitter truth that last year families waste an amount total of £84m on Christmas gift cards which goes unspent. The main reason behind this is the expiry date of those cards. Many of the cards have very short expiry time and many of them expired even before the recipient gets the chance to spend it. People have much to do for Christmas celebrations and they simply don’t have time to go on a particular shop and make the purchases. One other thing which result in huge non spend amount is that if you are gifting a £30 gift card and the receiver make a purchase of £25 then the remaining £5 goes wasted and people don’t bother to make purchases against such a small amount when everything else in the store is not less than £10 or £15

The other big reason behind the waste of Christmas gift cards in UK is that many high street firms has collapsed just after Christmas and the vouchers and gift cards ending up with nothing more than a piece of paper or plastic with no worth at all. Although those cards and vouchers have some worth as they are also the creditor of the company but they comes in the last on the priority list and the value of a card goes in Pennies, that’s why no one bother to take it as a Christmas gift.   Marin Lewis who is the founder of consumer website says about gift cards, “They’re just a promise from a company, but if that company goes bust or changes hands you’ve no rights,” he said. “Remember too that one of the ways that companies make money from vouchers is that many remain unredeemed.”

christmas-gift-ukAndrew Johnson of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association said that if you are keenly interested in gifting a gift card as a present then you should buy it from the company which have a good credit history and it’s not supposed to collapsed soon and keep an eye on the expiry date of the card. Gift a card which has at least 2-3 month of expiry time. And if you are a card receiver then make the purchase in the January sale to avoid the card to go wasted. A research shows that people make 40% more purchases then the face value of the card. So the main motive of the companies is to bring more and more people to their shops rather than giving them the variety to choose the gift. If you are keenly interested in gifting someone’s on Christmas for their happiness then you should focus on what is the choice of the receiver and gift him/her a present which would be truly loved rather than bounding them by presenting a gift card to go on a particular shop and buy something out. One better idea in this regard would be presenting cash and let them enjoy it in any way they want.

A simple Recipe for a perfect Christmas Gift Hamper:

Jingle bells, the sound starts coming in our ears as the Christmas countdownbegins 10, 9, 8 ….. . And it also reminds us to hurry up and speed up our Christmas preparations so that we don’t have too much work on the big day or a day before.

What to send to your loved ones on this special time of the day? A Christmas hamper gift..….? The idea is quite good as you can make hampers as per recipient need and wishes. So here we present you a simple recipe for making a beautiful, eye catching Christmas gift hamper. It consists of three simple steps.

  1. Selecting a Basket or Box

Take a simple cane basket or simply take the cardboard box of any product you used to buy like Milk cartons etc. Wrap it with a wrapping sheet; the best one would be of silver of Gold color to give your hamper a luxury look.

  1. How to fill it up:

Fill the hamper with the products as per your wish keeping a close eye on the recipient choice. Making hamper by yourself give you a lot of room to move according to you budget. You can go as high or a low as you want. You don’t have to compromise on the assorted product of market made hamper and you will be able to choose whatever you want to put in your hamper. You can make different kinds of hampers like:


        I. Focus on one kind of Product range

It can be a good idea to focus on one product and make your hamper loading with its variety. These hampers also sound good if you know that the recipient like something specific like no other. The Examples of these hampers are

  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits and cookies
  • Cheese based products
  • Sweets
  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry Fruits

      II. Gifting some drinks

Sending the hampers based on drinks can be a good idea to sizzle up Christmas celebrations. One would love to enjoy your hamper on Christmas night with friends and family. The drinks can be:

  • Some good wines
  • Champagnes
  • Whiskies and other alcoholic bottles
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcohol free drinks
  • Fruit Juices

    III. Focus on Dietary needs

There can be some friends or family in your circle who has some health issues or they are on weight loss diet so you can make your hamper in a way that they can enjoy it with no restrictions or resistance. The examples for such people can be

  • Diabetic
  • Low calories products
  • Vegetarian
  • Those with food allergies such as gluten intolerance

    IV. Assorted hamper

The most popular kind of hampers is assorted hampers. They are more popular when you are giving a gift to the family not for individual person. So you should add one or two products for each member. The best idea is to make hamper combining the options mention above thus creating a one big hamper for a family Christmas celebrations.

  1. The final wrapping and message card:

Garnish this beautiful Christmas gift hamper with a big transparent bag and tie it beautifully with a ribbon and present it with a message card. Do try our simple recipe to send Christmas gift hampers UK or anywhere in the world.

Christmas Delights

Luxury XMAS gift hampers can be the best thing ever. Especially, if they have the products that are particularly a must have around this time of the year.

You can create a gorgeous Christmas dish from all the contents that will be at your disposal if you get the hamper. It may include a lot of products such as Chianti, Prosecco, bottle of Touraine Sauvgnon, piccalilli, savoury thyme biscuits, English fudge, strawberry jam, Christmas pudding, box of chocolates, brandy butter, giant chocolate coin, tea and coffee.

However, the main item in the hamper you will get is panettone that is enriched, intense, slightly sweet Italian bread, which will fill your kitchen with its signature aroma once you open the cellophane wrapping. Panettone is one of the signature dishes of Christmas, and if you are willing to put in some effort, a lot of it mind you, then you can try your hand at making it. However, the guaranteed satisfaction will make it worthwhile.

19Serving panettone just like that to the guests can be uninspiring and a bit bland. Here we present to you a way you can jazz it up and serve it as a finger-food.

Panettone Party Bites


  • A large panettone (750g-1kg)
  • Some chocolate to melt (you may use the chocolate coin)
  • Festive cookie cutters
  • Edible gold glitter (optional)

Take the panettone, peel off the cardboard casing and place the bread right side up on a cutting board. Take a large bread knife and score marks right around the circumference, approximately 1.5cm from the bottom. Slice off a whole round and try to keep the same thickness. Punch out shapes using festive cookie cutters. Repeat this till you have the desired number of cut-outs. Place the bread pieces on a baking tray and toast on a hot grill plate for a minute.

Keep an eye on them as they brown very fast. Toast till golden, it will help keep the shape and will be easier to handle. To get a combination of crisp and soft texture, toast just one side. Remove from under the grill and allow it to cool. After cooling, arrange them closely together, untoasted side up, on a baking sheet ready for chocolate piping. Take the chocolate coin and melt it. Give the melted chocolate a stir until the chocolate becomes smooth. Keep in mind not to overheat it or else it will become all lumpy.

Take a sandwich bag and in corner, spoon in the melted chocolate. Twist the bag around the corner to create pressure and snip to make a piping hole. Be careful as the chocolate comes out immediately. Make pipe lines across the bread. Once the chocolate has cooled and hardened, keep it in air-tight containers until ready to serve. Do not throw away the pieces of bread that did not form perfect cut-outs. Have them when you make strong coffee.

Bon appétit!

Do Your Own Christmas Hamper

Christmas is the time to spread joy, and nothing speaks Christmas like chocolate Christmas hampers in UK. From young to old, everybody loves gifts, and there is nothing that pleases the soul than a Christmas hamper under the Christmas tree. If it is a luxury hamper, it is even better. If the hamper is handmade, then the gift value just sails off the charts because not only does it contain a thought value which really pleases the receiver, you also save on the cash by incorporating homemade varieties.

15Here, we include a few tips that are sure to make your Christmas hamper a little extra special in UK this year.

  • Co-loured cellophane: Use coloured cellophanes for that smooth, polished texture to your homemade hamper. If you want to take your gift an extra mile, you can blow dry the shrink wrapping. It is advised that you start from the bottom, gradually going to the top. You will know when it is done; the whole thing becomes sleek and taut. This not only keeps the things in place, it also looks classy. Tie a ribbon around the middle and voila- you have it ready.
  • Wicker baskets: These can be found in most garden centres, online or departmental stores like John Lewis. However, you can try the local charity shops- Oxfam had them at below £5 last year. You can also use a plate or tray wrapped in pretty coloured cellophane paper to present the gifts.
  • Line the bottom of your hamper with tissue paper, crumpled or crepe paper. Process a few strips of coloured paper through your shredder or buy the materials at your local art shop. Throw in glitter and sequins to achieve that Christmas feel.

Now let us include the treats-

  • Say cheese- Homemade accompaniments like sea salt water biscuits, a fig and walnut slice and spiced beetroot and orange chutney are sure to make your cheese lover happy. Add a round of cheese and some wine, or baked Camembert kit and they will be in love.
  • Chocolate decadence- Be it a chocolate truffle, coconut Florentine or triple chocolate cupcake kit, everyone loves chocolate. Fill the hamper with chocolate treats and you will be very popular.
  • Booze it up- Christmas demands a bottle of wine, but instead of sticking to the conventional, gift impressive Turkish delight vodka, mulling syrup, which goes marvellously with cider and wine, or maybe gift limoncello, which has the perfect touch of Christmas with oranges and spices.

You do not have to stick to the conventional cheese, chocolate or alcohol. You can experiment and put in a variety of other stuff, according to the tastes of your loved ones. Whatever it is, you can be sure that this homemade Christmas hamper is sure to make that person very happy.

Best Christmas Present Hamper

A jovial gift hamper is an essential part for Christmas for most families in the UK. Where estimate is a matter, your loved one may be used to opulence you can ill bear. However, for those who cannot withstand a hamper packed with treats, a homemade gift hamper is better as a gift and it is also very cheap. A homemade gift hamper is the most attractive gift that you may give. It can take much time to combine the right mix of sweet and spicy treats for someone. We have done an extensive research for you and listed several options for your hamper items. There is a broad collection of gifts that you can choose from, depending on your allowance.

cheap Christmas food hamper in UKSome food gifts that you can roll into your hamper:

  • Chocolate Fudge
  • White Chocolate Fudge
  • Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Earl Grey Truffles
  • Mexican Truffles
  • Coconut-Almond Truffles
  • Pistachio-Cherry Buttons
  • Chocolate-Raspberry Sauce
  • Chocolate Haystacks
  • Chocolate Haystacks
  • Chocolate Orange Peels
  • Crystallized Ginger
  • Strawberry Jellies
  • Peach Jellies
  • Kiwi Jellies
  • Chocolate Fruit Jellies
  • Cocoa Almonds
  • Turtles
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Sugar Plums
  • Spiced Rum Balls
  • Nutty Cookie Balls
  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Crunch Balls
  • Minty Marshmallows
  • Cinnamon Marshmallows
  • Pumpkin Seed Candy
  • Sesame Seed Candy
  • Salted Caramel Sauce
  • Chocolate Caramels
  • Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels
  • Nut Clusters
  • Nut Brittle
  • Maple Walnuts
  • Almond Nougat
  • Pistachio Nougat
  • Honeycomb Candy
  • Butterscotch Candies
  • Saltine Toffee
  • CheesecakeBites

Some simple recipes of homemade food gift:

  • White chocolates and macadamia rocky road: Grease a pan with butter, line base size with baking powder. Combine marshmallow, cranberries and coconuts in a bowl. Insert into a microwave in medium heat for 1-2 minutes. Pour chocolates over marshmallow mixture. Stir it well with spoon and insert it into refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  • Chocolate rum balls: Merge the raisin and 1 table spoon rum in a small sauce pan on a low heat. When it will mix well, remove it from heat and keep aside for five minutes. Again combine the raisin mixture, rum, coconut, cake crumbs and milk and stir until they mix well. Place the mixture on a line tray and insert it in a microwave. Sprinkle chocolates on a plate. Roll each rum ball with the coat of sprinkled chocolate and leave them into refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours.

Homemade Christmas gifts are the best kind of gifts ever, especially as they are edible and prettily wrapped. Most of us are working and juggling our families at this age. It gets quite difficult to pace up with the various social demands and obligations of the fast life. We may not have that much time to make and assemble all the various festive food items. So, we can buy cheap Christmas food hamper in UK from any shop or order them online. They are easily available and gifting them to your loved ones is a noble choice.

Christmas hampers are awesome gifts only if you select them wisely.

Christmas hampers are awesome gifts only if you select them wisely.

The great day is coming and it seems that it’s coming with the speed of light and we always find it hard to collect gifts for all the friends and family before the celebrations start. There are so many options for presents but even then choosing the right gift seems to be the impossible task. The idea of Christmas hampers is taking its pace from the last couple of years. It receives a bit high rating in people wish list as it’s loaded with food and products of everyday use so it’s a rare chance that it will go wasted. Whether we accept it or not everyone is a food lover in one way or another. So what can be a sounder gift for a zestful Christmas celebrations then buying Christmas hamper.

Now the point is what should be included in the hamper for making it more appealing? A question which would be in everyone mind and the answer would be guided by us. There are three simple steps


  1. Taste of Receiver:

The first think to look at is the taste of the receiver. One should know that what kind of things is liked by him/her the most. It’s more important that gift should be liked by the receiver rather than the sender. Every year millions of Christmas gifts go wasted just because people don’t like it. So it you don’t want your gift to become part of thrash then choose it wisely.

  1. Make best use of your Budget:

Budget is the biggest limitation one has to handle. Sometimes you want to give big gifts but then the budgets don’t allow you and you finally come up with a small one. But believe me budget is not an issue when you use the money wisely and make right choice for the gift. You can buy gifts from sales, make hamper by yourself at home filling it with any kind of products you want and thus you can make surprisingly amazing hampers while keeping you self in budget.

  1. Decoration and wrapping of Gift:

The first impression is very important. The wrapping of the gift and its decoration speaks load how interesting the wrapped gift is. Either it increases the curiosity of the receiver of just put it to the bottom. Thus give special care to the decoration and wrapping.

If you find making a hamper difficult, then you are not alone many people are in this problem and the factors are many like short of time, not being creative, hard to decide between products etc. All your worries will be wiped out after looking at our Christmas hampers. Buy a Christmas hamper from us like Tower of Chocolates which is loaded with best of the best chocolates of all kinds. This hamper has something for every taste bud. Have a look at Sweet and Pickle hamper offering the best of Jam, marmalade, chutney and pickle. Classic Lindt Lindor Basket and many other hampers are waiting to become the part of your joyful Christmas Celebrations. Just visit for further hampers, gifts, cakes and flowers collection.

Presenting dry fruit hampers

Preserving and drying fruits is considered to be an age old tradition. This particular method is practiced more in the Middle East countries and Asia. This process does help the fruits to have an enhanced shelf life and retain its taste that can be enjoyed by everyone, without having to worry on hygiene or health related issues. The extended dry seasons and hot summers present in those countries are quite ideal for the dehydration of such fruits and to remove its water content. In this manner, it stays edible for several months and even years, which make it a popular food.

Why dry fruits as a gift?

Dry fruits do have an immense nutritional value and the natural sugar content present in it does make it an ideal food, especially for long journeys. As a matter of fact, the mixed packages tend to include a variety of nuts, dry fruits, seeds and many more. These were valuable nutritional sources of energy for the ancient sports persons and travelers. Also, in ancient Rome, the dry fruits were presented to successful athletes as prizes. These are regarded to be excellent for health as the mineral, calcium and vitamin content in the fruit increases over a period of time with drying. The low sodium content also makes it ideal for the purpose of consumption, especially those who suffer from heart disease and hypertension. It contains vital trace elements and antioxidants that slow down aging and tend to promote bone growth and health. Dry fruits such as prunes or dry plums do have very high pectin content that lowers down cholesterol. These are also wonderful for digestion, weight management and promote oral health.

Presenting dry fruit hampers

What does it include?

The traditional dry fruits tend to include raisins, dates, apricots and figs. Technically speaking, it is possible to dry and preserve fruits of any kind, vegetables or berries. Traditional, dry fruits have been enjoying greater popularity among people, across the globe for a long time. There are also new entrants such as kiwi, apples, mango, peaches, lychees and papaya, which are fast becoming popular. When these are added to sweets, cakes and desserts, they do enhance its flavour by a huge margin and the difference can be felt by tasting them.

Dry fruits as a form of gift

These days’ dry fruits are regarded to be a wonderful gift option. Being on the expensive side, they are rather luxurious items and are preferred gifts especially on weddings, festivals, birthdays, special occasions, and also, corporate events. When combined with nuts such as pistachios, almonds, chocolates, cashews, jewellery, cakes, soft toys and flowers, they do make delightful and interesting hampers that are likely to please any person, be it old or young. This can be such a gift that no one can say ‘no’ to it. Fruit hampers UK delivery can be shared among friends and relatives and sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Being easily consumed, they make wonderful snacks that can be had at any point of time, leaving the person content and satisfied for hours together.

A memorable Christmas within little expense

One never knows when one meets new people who become friends. Though the best thing about having friends is known to all, the difficult part is the increase in expenses whenever there is a new event coming up! We fear rise in our expenses as buying gifts for one or two extra people can make us exceed our budget. In such situations, hampers can be the best solution. A basket of gifts for the entire family will cost less that individual gifts. The best Christmas hampers in UK can be found only in the top gift stores. For those who love to add a personalized touch, they can sure buy ideas as well as good quality stuff from there.

2 best Christmas hampers in UKAdding thought and taste to a hamper

The best hampers are always the food hampers. Really good and tasty goodies can be found in the top stores present both online and offline. These stores handpick all the hampers themselves or one can simply buy all the necessary stuff and pack it themselves for that personalized touch. Top stores bring their commodities from the best suppliers so that quality is not compromised in any way. The best traditional hamper is that which has the best treats. Mouth-watering delicacies that can bring about the perfect Christmas mood are an integral part of these hampers. Haggis, dumplings, tea cakes, chocolates, cheese cakes and salty snacks should always be included in the hampers. To add more thought and taste, one can pack some home-made cookies or cakes. Condiments and dry fruits are also welcome. There is a selected pattern for making these hampers, which is followed and can never go wrong. Besides all these delicacies, it is important to place a good bottle of champagne or whisky for the adults in the family, and a favourite juice for the kids. For the grumpy boss, a Scottish whisky will do the deal! Ginger wine is the best gift if the pack is solely for Christmas.

Adding some style

Some style doubles the taste of the goodies inside the box. A good decoration yet simple one can comprise of a beautifully shaped box with lots of ribbons or maybe a single long ribbon. The box or the basket should be spacious enough to hold 12 different items there. Red boxes look great as they bring about the perfect Christmas look and appearance. It would be best if there are small square spaces for fixing the goodies perfectly. This will prevent them from toppling or mixing with one another till the delivery is done. Obviously, customization is allowed and one can come up with any grand idea to make the basket or hamper look either purely authentic or traditional or totally modern. A transparent seal on top will give an idea of what is inside from a single glimpse. These little things can come within budget and one does not also need to think much. This Christmas can be made even more special if the right mix of things is added along with the best packaging.

Sweet Hampers Make Marvellous Gifts

Sweets are loved by the whole world and there are many festivals and occasions in the year where chocolates and sweets play a very important role in making these occasions special. The possessors of sweet shops always try to make more money by selling various types of sweet and chocolate hampers during different festival seasons. This gives profit to both the vendors & customers. Shopper gets different sweets in just a single packing. Many online shops also stipulate the facility of selling sweets online to the buyers.

There need not be any special occasion to gift your near and dear ones. At times, choosing the right gift can pose as a challenge. The best solution is sweet gift hampers. You can buy sweet hampers for cheap from sweet shops as well as online during festive seasons.

Regardless of age and gender, each and every one loves sweet treats – be it chocolates or traditional sweets.

Sweet Hamper for cheapThere are different types of sweet hampers-

  1. Assorted chocolate hampers: An assorted chocolate hamper contains various types of chocolates like mint chocolate, roasted almonds, mixed nuts, rum and plain chocolate. Apart from these, you can also get a wide range of different types of chocolates like:
  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sweet dark chocolate
  • Bitter sweet chocolate
  • Semi sweet chocolate
  • Unsweetened chocolate, etc.

2. Retro sweet shop hampers: Illuminate your day with this traditional funky sweet gift hamper wrapped up beautifully and full of old school retro sweets. The box contains-

  • Rainbow Drops
  • Sherbet Fountain
  • Dip Dab
  • Popping Candy
  • Chewy Bars
  • Giant Fizzers
  • Giant Love Hearts
  • Drumstick Lollies
  • Candy Watches
  • Fruit Salads
  • Parma Violets
  • Black Jacks

3. Hampers from confectioneries: My personal favourite option is the hampers from confectioneries. The reason is that firstly, chocolates, pastries, traditional sweets or any combination of these can be bought. Secondly, they are cheap! Confectioneries provide hampers at a reasonable cost, which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

So, next time you think about gifting someone, a sweet treat can be your sweet solution for the following reasons-

  • Sweets and chocolates ameliorate & strengthen the relationship between two hearts with mouth watering flavours. Chocolates and sweets are available in various shapes, flavour, colours & sizes.
  • Online shops offer different kinds of sweets in their different packaging. Sweets are very much embellished with dry fruits and their packaging is accessorized with diverse good looking & glittering laces, shiny papers, etc. Sweet hampers contain sweets like assorted sweet box, Chocolate Dry Fruit pouches, etc.
  • Sweets of dry fruits are made from cashew nuts, almonds & dried coconut seeds. These types of sweets are mainly included in Special Sweet Hampers, Dry Fruit sweets, etc. as they do not expire & have a lengthy shelf existence.

If you are fighting to determine the most suitable gift for a food lover, gift hampers provide only the excellent choices for various collections of sweets and chocolates. Some of the chocolate lovers will be overjoyed by a beautifully presented gift basket wrapped with an absolute selection of reward.

A fine start to Christmas with gift hampers

Christmas is a very special part of a year and people start planning for it well in advance. A lot of expenses have to be incurred if people wish to throw a decent party for friends and family. But, the most important aspect of such a party is making arrangements for the gifts. Various shops and stores stuff a whole new section during the Christmas month to pull in customers. Everything from goodies, clothes, articles and gift packages are available in these stores. On request, these stores can also offer customized special gift packages, which not only look good, but also have the finest things stuffed inside them. Whatever it is, Christmas has to be made special. This is the reason luxury Christmas hampers in UK are trending.

luxury Christmas hampers in ukLuxury hampers with a purpose

We frequently buy purposeless gifts, which only benefit the people we gift them. We do not care to put in much thought in them, which is why the money we spent on them goes to people who can do even without it. What if such a gift basket is bought, which offers help to a charity institution? Surely, this option is much more thoughtful than buying gifts with a singular purpose of making one happy. These charitable gift baskets, available at many stores, offer the opportunity to help people who are in need of money, as well as, bring a smile on the faces of loved ones. Thus, they serve a dual purpose. Surely, one should get into the details of such services and ensure that the money they are spending in buying the gift basket, is really reaching charitable institutions. Some people do not have idea or knowledge about the existence of such gift baskets. But, people who frequently buy them know that these baskets have the most premium quality products. Aesthetics are an important factor that is taken care of. Thus, people who you would love to gift these baskets will not be disappointed.

Starting Christmas on a happy note

The best thing about Christmas is that people can make everyone happy with the slightest effort. These gift hampers that are specially made during Christmas, help people to extend their hand for a noble deed. There are several of such online stores, which sell gift baskets. One can choose from plenty of themes, colours, and contents. The best thing about hampers is that one does not need to put in much effort about gifting individual gifts to everyone in the family. These hampers have something for everybody. Moreover, they aren’t too pricy and good baskets can come within budget. The pleasure of giving can be realized through these hampers. They come with a message of love and kindness, which should be the only noble thoughts in people’s minds during this period. People, who are thinking about doing some charity, can start it this Christmas by buying some of these charitable gift baskets and making a number of people happy. Nothing can be nobler than that for sure.