How to Make Gift Hampers

Gift baskets or gift hampers are personalized gift items meant for friends and family for special occasions. The most attractive feature of gift baskets is that they can be customized to give maximum satisfaction to the recipient.

23_gift hamper

Many stores and gift shops will give you the option of selecting from pre-made gift hampers. But nothing beats the value of a gift hamper that has been carefully assembled by your own hands. It is gratifying for both the recipient and you.

Begin with the container:

  • Choose a container, with or without a handle. Choose colour and design that appeal to you and with sufficient depth to accommodate gift items.
  • Some unique choices for containers are buckets, serving bowls, pie dish, ice buckets, pretty pottery and decorative boxes.
  • Baskets for children include colourful sand buckets and toys like dump trucks.
  • For a baby shower, a baby tub can do well.


Themes for the basket:

  • For all recipients, take note of their interests and hobbies.
  • For adults, theme of hampers can be tea party, romance, gardening, gourmet, Mother’s day, Easter, Father’s Day, Fruits, Cookies, Valentine’s Day, wedding, kitchen, sports or senior citizens gift hampers.
  • Teenagers will like hampers with the theme of a favourite book, band, movie or actor, beauty kits, chocolates, items for sleepovers, art supplies or scrap book items.
  • Small girls will like pink themed or Barbie or other doll themes, craft items, Easter baskets, etc.
  • Small boys will like sports theme, car, and items related to video games, book series (Harry Potter!) etc.


How to make the hamper:

  • Fill the bottom of the hamper with packing peanuts.
  • Cover the ‘peanuts’ with shredded paper fillers or tissue paper.
  • Tallest items must be kept in the middle, medium sized ones outside and small ones in between. Ensure delicate items are packed specially with tissue to prevent breakage.
  • To keep some items in place, tape them together or to the handle of the basket.
  • You can add small items like silk flowers, candy, Christmas ornaments etc. to make the hamper more special.

Completing the hamper:

  • Purchase cellophane paper from craft stores or dollar stores. Cover the basket with this.
  • If making use of a bag, gather the material at the top and tie using a ribbon. Let some plastic fluffed out at the top.
  • Add a cute bow and tape the bag to the basket if it is sticking out.
  • Include a gift tag before wrapping up the gift hamper.

Some other tips:

  • Fruits are not durable and will decay. So, make sure a fruit hamper is delivered at the soonest possible time.
  • You can include sweet wording and quotations on the gift card.
  • Cellophane is sold in types like festive, print, coloured or clear. Clear is most popular.
  • While using bows, make sure they are of the right size. Do not let a small sized hamper be overwhelmed by a huge bow.

These are some tips for making a hamper. After you make this much valuable hamper infused with your thoughtfulness and care, you can send hampers by post UK, to your loved ones wherever they are.

How gift hampers can boost your business?

Corporate gift hampers contain a bunch of items from the things that are kept over the desk such as clocks, mugs, and picture frames, to rich foods and drinks like cheese, coffee, chocolate and bottles of expensive liquors, Wines, Brandies, and Whiskeys with glasses. The mix that you put into the hamper depends upon you. So, you can customize a hamper as per the nature of the company before sending it. When you are buying a hamper for a large group of people, it becomes quite tough to ensure that you don’t miss out anyone. Having people on a list can help you wrap a gift for everyone involved.

12_gift hampers as giftBenefits of giving gift hampers to your partners

Gift hampers are a great way to appreciate the relationship or involvement of a company in your profitable venture. Investing a small amount of money on gift hampers on a yearly basis and sending it to the best customers is a positive thing to do for building a long-term relationship for gaining profits. After all, nothing can beat the human nature that wants to be thanked and recognized for the loyalty and hard work. So, small gifts can definitely help your business by ensuring that your products and services are close to your customers’ hearts.

Gifts hampers can also contain items that are not related to your company, but consider putting some of the items with some information about your company to promote your brand. Anyone receiving the hamper will know about your products and may suggest them to others. The items such as desk clocks and pens can be easily branded by marking the company’s logo on them. If required, you can also include contact information and slogans over mugs and glasses. This will ensure that your company gets more exposure in the minds of people, who did not know about your products. The gift hampers can be sent after successfully completing a year or during special anniversaries of the company.

Why sending gift hampers to public is important?

Giving gift hampers is also a great way to promote your products and services to the public. The recipients are most likely to take the items such as shirts, golf supplies, and pens to their home and introduce it to their family members and friends. Maybe the branded items will also be seen or shared with others, which will increase the brand recognition. It is a known fact when it comes to marketing and advertising industry that more times the people see the ads and logo of the products, they are likely to gravitate towards them. Finally, a group of them will end up buying them and become regular customers. So, send gifts to customers or potential ones to remind them that you are helping them and looking forward to work with them in the future. Also, ensure that gifts you are sending to the customers by gift hampers delivery in UK are of good quality and will improve their lifestyle.

Ideas for Cheap Gift Baskets

Gift baskets add more colours to your gifting and also save you a lot of money. One can make gift baskets on one’s own for personalized and creative gift ideas.


To create the perfect gift hamper, consider the following: What are the hobbies of the recipient and what activities does he/she enjoy? Do they love the outdoors, camping, hitting the gym, cooking or gardening?

23_Forman and Field Christmas Essentials

You can use different types of boxes like recycled tin boxes or useful items like flower pot or serving bowl. Here are a few ideas for themed gift baskets:

  • Gardener’s basket: For the recipient with a green thumb, search for a large pot-rectangular shaped or round shaped to fill the items. Fill up the pot with a range of garden items like seed packets of vegetables and flowers. For inexpensive ideas, go for tulip bulbs or lilies bulbs. Add relevant items like gardening apron, gardening gloves and pairs of gardening clogs. Include magazines or books on gardening and some gift cards for advanced equipments like sprinklers and lawn mowers.


  • Chef’s basket: Assemble a special chef basket for the chef in your life. Local stores may carry inexpensive kitchen items such as high quality substitutes for basic kitchen items that have got worn out. A basket can be replaced by a mixing bowl. Stuff the bowl with spatulas, spoons, pastry brushes and measuring cups. One can also include a ready to make version of exotic meals like an Indian or Thai curry. Add exotic spices and sauces as well as special utensils to serve such meals. For example, you can include chop sticks to accompany an Oriental meal. This will help your beloved chef to experiment and perfect his craft.


  • Sports enthusiast: Buy tickets to the latest game in town, be it cricket or football. Include memorabilia of a favourite sports team. Add cans of popcorn and beer for hosting an evening of sports watching on TV along with close buddies. Sports players can be gifted sporting gear- from racquets for tennis players to golf clubs for golf enthusiasts. One can also gift membership to a sports club.
  • Breakfast surprise: Surprise your loved one with a special breakfast in bed gift basket. Fill the basket with goodies to start the day. This includes a pack of pancake mix, authentic maple syrup and a coffee package. Add some coffee mugs to round off the gift.
  • Home spa basket: Gift a spa day at home with a bubble bath basket. Fill a basket with bottled bath salts and scented soaps for especially warm gift. To save on your budget, make the bubble bath yourself with liquid glycerine, distilled water, essential oils and Castile soap. The recipe is as follows: Mix a bar of Castile soap (grated), distilled water (2 pints), liquid glycerine (7 tbsp), lavender oil (6 drops) and Patchouli oil (3 drops). Stir together properly and fill into a clear, clean glass bottle. Keep in a shower basket along with a loofah sponge. Line the basket with several rolled up wash cloths. You can also fill other bottle with bathing salts, which you can buy in bulk. If you have more money left in your budget, add a bathrobe and bathroom slippers.


These are some of the themed gift baskets, which you can assemble at home. You can use reliable couriers for cheap gift hampers to deliver all around the country.


Cheap Hampers-the easy way out

Gift giving is universal, but not every culture has the same traditions. There is a long custom of communities and societies related to hampers. There are various types of gift baskets including charitable, Christmas and commercial hampers. Knowing the appropriate time and recipients for gifting is imperative in order to not only making a good impression, but to avoid accidental insult as well.

When you are desperate, time is running out and you neither have a clue nor an infinite budget.You want to find that special gift that makes your special relation smile, something small that they wouldn’t splurge on, or something they have never seen before. Remember that it’s the thought that counts.If you put your mind to it, giving a memorable gift can be done on a tight budget. Crafting might not be your forte, but there are a number of gift ideas that can be created by just about anyone.

12_gift hampers as gift

From a woman’s point of view, extravagant gifts are awesome, but we can always tell when they were hastily purchased at the last minute. However, you don’t need to drop huge sums of money to give a wonderful, heartfelt gift. Showing that you put extra thought into a present definitely scores high, so don’t let bank account stop you from making her feel special on a big day.

However, there are several times when you are out of your budget or short of some cash to make such lavish gift purchase. You try to avoid the embarrassment by making excuses of not attending the event or try to stay hidden for few days to save you from judgment of people. But you also feel bad for your loved one who has invited you lovingly to the celebration because they consider you one of their closest mates. Now you are wondering how to save you from embarrassing situation and also not to hurt the feelings of your loved one by not showing up to their joyful event. Here comes the brilliant idea of cheap hampers that are not at all tacky or low level and also do not cost you a lot.

One can simply go for cheap hampers for any kind of occasion because now they are available in diverse variety to suit your occasional needs. The fact that cheap hampers are only cheap in price is really comfortable for those who are not willing to spend extra bucks for such occasions. These hampers are as awesome in looks, styling and contents as any other lavish hamper. You can also compare them through online stores offering these hampers at low prices. Some stores have round the year discount offers that can be of great assistance to low budget customers. They either have special packages containing various products offered at low price or have some kind of deals like Buy one get one free. All you need to do is keep yourself updated with these online retailers so that when need arise, you know where you want to make a move.

It is not necessary that if you are out of budget, only then you should get your hands on cheap hampers. If you do not wish to spend more money on buying expensive gifts then also you can look for low priced hampers. Sometimes we do not wish to waste our money on buying gifts because we have our own reasons. Some people have big social circle or large family and there is always another birthday or an anniversary coming their way. In such cases it becomes difficult to buy expensive gifts for everyone because you cannot keep up with the spending all the time. Therefore, you should be wise enough to always go for cheap hampers once and for all to save yourself from shortage of money.

Dealing With the ‘Back From the Vacation’ Effect

Imagine a scenario when you have achieved much more than your sales target at work. This gladdens your boss to such an extent that he gifts you a vacation to the beaches for a week and you are flooded with bouquets and congratulation hampers from your well-wishers at office. The vacation turns out to be great and you enjoy it a lot. However, like all good times, this week flies by fast and you find yourself heading to office on a Monday, with added responsibilities of surpassing yet another seemingly insurmountable sales target. Now, it is the moment of truth when you miss your family, friends and memories of the vacation spent. Here is how you can cope up with such a situation and get back to work.

6_cheap hampers

Honestly, it is super difficult to get back to work after a jolly vacation week. Simply put, it can be shockingly difficult to switch from a week of sunbathing on a beach to sitting in front of a computer and checking emails and making client calls.

I have personally had many such experiences and have also spoken on this to many of my friends. Based on these experiences so far, I have put down a set of tips that would definitely help you when faced with a similar situation. Read on.

  • Do not plunge back into work immediately

It is important not to jump back into work immediately after returning back. This is because your mind and body are not yet conditioned fully to adapt to long work hours again. So the key is to relax or take half days for a first few days and then get back to your old work regimen.

  • Avoid multi tasking

When back from a vacation, you will have a lot of piled up work and accumulated mails. This might stress you and lead you to multi tasking. However, this makes the situation worse by stressing you out and exerting you. Take your time and sort out your priorities and do things one at a time. Once you are back in your comfort zone, then you can go back to the multi tasking ways.

  • Make you to-do lists short

Your motivation level can go drastically low if you have a long to do list for the week you join back. Because the body and mind are relaxed after a vacation and too much stress would unnecessarily worry you. So, it is wiser to have a short and achievable target list for the initial weeks and then throttle up gradually.

  • Extend your vacation to office

The point I want to make here is that you will need to extend the memories of the vacation and discuss then with your friends and colleagues. That will help you relax gradually. You can share you stories and pictures with them so the relaxing effect of the vacation and the happiness lingers on.

Work almost always is a priority. However, relaxation helps a person to be more creative and prevents burnout. Balancing both these aspects well increases productivity manifolds.

Remaining Sane During Bed Rest

Haven’t you ever felt restless when you are down with some sickness and admitted to a hospital? Or felt impatient when recuperating from a bad fever and your doctor has advised complete bed rest? We all have experienced this phase. It feels extremely claustrophobic and boring spending weeks in a six by four bed. So, here we will discuss the ways to use this time productively and remain sane while recovering.

25_get well soon hampers

You can do various things during this phase before you can get back on your feet.

There are various online learning sites like Coursera. You can do a Google search of it and enrol for some free courses there. That will help you learn something, as well as get certified. If you are a manager, you can get hold of management courses. If you have a technical bent of mind, you can go for technical courses or even get lessons on spirituality and self improvement if you have such an inclination.

If you possess a smart phone, then you can install an App called Oyster. This App is free for one week and will allow you to read as many books as you can during this time period. Once that time is over, you can either purchase it or create another free account in the name of your family members and continue enjoying the free books. They have a great collection of books and I bet you won’t be disappointed if you are a book worm.

You can browse the web for legal movie streaming sites if you are a cine freak. Here you can watch movies which you have always wanted to and you will be amazed at the speed time flies by!

If you are a social person and like to hang out with your friends, then you can organize a kitty party in your room and invite your friends over. While you sit up in your bed, you can play light music while playing card games, or scrabble, ludo or even chess if you feel like it. This can be even be made for interesting by ordering pizza over phone and chilling out! provided your doctor does not have a problem with that.

Girls who like fashion and make up tips can watch youtube channels with these tutorials while boys who are sports buffs can catch up great recoded matches. There are even cooking channels on youtube for you to learn recipes if that interest you.

If you like learning languages, you can install an App called Duolingo in your smart phone and learn languages like French, Spanish, Italian or Chinese and pick up a few words and phrases pretty quickly! This will also come handy later on if you are on a trip abroad once you are back in good health.

It is really frustrating being on bed rest if you are an otherwise active person. However, if you find ways to entertain yourself by trying out the things above, and enjoy the get well soon hampers in UK, your dear ones send you, then time would fly by pretty quickly!

Many favourites together tied with a bow

It is that time of the year again when there are frantic rushes to stores and marts to buy the best of the items on sale that can be gifted to your loved ones. For those who don’t the fray in the early days, there are the remaining gifts that they must choose from, putting aside highly selective thoughts. If you are someone who belongs to the second group of shoppers, there are some cheap hampers you may want to consider this year.

6_cheap hampers

Innovative gift hampers in UK have been popular for a while now. They are not just for those who stay nearby but can also be posted to our loved ones. Want to gift an offbeat hamper to your special someone? Then here are some choices or you:

  • A spirited hamper – Combine red and white wines, toss in a bottle of sparkly champagne and you have got yourself a fantastic wine hamper for those friends of your who prefer having a fun-filled, tipsy Christmas! A wide variety of wines are available in the market, so you could have a dry white with a sweet red wine put together in a hamper to suit various palettes at the same time.

6_1_spirited hampers

  • It’s a hot one! – Had enough of the sweets for the year? Want to surprise someone with spices instead of the usual sweetmeats? Then this is a perfect choice for you. A hot hamper consists of crisps, flavoured paprika, mozzarella cheese, a bar of dark chocolate, a hot pickle of your choice and a jar of peanut butter! A perfect hamper for the foodies who would like to break tradition and enjoy a hearty, spicy snack rather than just easting on the usual sandwiches and cookies this season!
  • For our whiskered, furry and tailed friends! – Spare a thought for those adorable pets that you have in your friend’s house. If you want to treat your own dog or cat to something special this year, why not get a gift hamper for them! Abundant with choice dog or cat feeds, chew sticks and some safe toys for them to play with, these hampers are a big hit with pet owners and people who know their beloved ones adore their pets just like their family members.
  • A mixed combo of gifts – If you want a friend to indulge in their hobby of collecting knives, or if you want to gift something with some utilitarian value along with a touch of the festive spirit, then you could opt for this hamper that contains a set of knives, bottle and can openers along with a bottle of an exotic wines and a couple of wine glasses in glass or cut crystal. So, the next time your friend opens a bottle of a bubbly with an opener gifted by you, he would have something to remember you by. A gift to create good times in the present and those to be reminisced in the future too!

Depending on the distance the hamper has to cover and the person who will be receiving the gift, choose your hamper with care and make this festive season special for you and someone else too!

How to Make Inexpensive Gift Hampers

Creating gift hampers at home to present those on your gift list will allow you to be creative with your gift ideas, as well as save you a lot of money. Homemade gift baskets also have great value as you have spent time and effort to put them together keeping in mind the needs and tastes of the recipient.

42_luxury hampers

This holiday season, one can save a lot of money, as well as create wonderful handmade gift baskets. Some of the cheap hampers are as follows:

  • Theme of food items: Inexpensive food hampers can be filled with cookies cooked and baked in your home. Candy makers can create different types of candy like truffles, chocolates, fudge, etc. Gifts for holiday season include baked items like cookies, specialty breads and cakes. Make a collection of canisters and cookie tins to pack your baked items. For a festive look, cover hamper with bows and ribbons.

  • Theme of hobbies: One can also design hampers around accessories, which help the person pursue his or her hobbies. For instance, if there is a person on your gift list who is an avid golfer, pack into his gift basket accessories like golf towels, tees and golf balls. For the aspiring chef, include pots and pans and spices and sauces. To keep with the budget, select small items that will help in pursuit of hobby.

  • Theme of needle crafts: A gift basket is a great way to assemble products of your knitting, embroidery or crocheting, if you are talented in needle craft. Fill your basket with homemade mittens, booties and scarves to fight the cold. One can also include hand embroidered kerchiefs and monogrammed items. This hamper saves a lot of money, as well as lends a special personal touch.

  • Luxury items: How to make a cheap hamper of luxurious items? The key is to shop for the items individually and when there are offers and deals. For a spa theme, bath products like loofah or bath oils can be purchased at reasonable prices. You can add soft towels and robes to enhance the luxurious experience.

The next problem in assembling a gift basket at home is to shop for supplies needed for the same like baskets, filler material, bows and ribbons.

 42_gift hamper

Some of the best sources are:

  • Dollar stores: Bags of filler material and gift baskets are available at very affordable rates at these stores. Go for unbleached crinkled paper for natural theme like spa theme while colourful items may be used for a party theme.

  • Fabric retailer: Large chains or small retailers are good for getting cheap gift wrapping materials. Cheesecloth and Tulle are ideal for gift wrapping. Fabric stores also offer plenty of options for ribbons.

  • Craft stores: They are the most inexpensive of retail stores for gift wrappings supplies, especially gift tags. From multi pack miniature cards to buffet of coloured card options; this is the right place for gift tags.

  • Hardware stores: They are the unlikely source for gift baskets and wrapping supplies. One can find canning jars and boxes of different sizes. These are good for assembling gift baskets like food themed gift baskets for storing spices, sauces and baked items.

These are the ways in which you can assemble great gift baskets for any purpose or occasion while saving money and lending a personal touch to the gift.

Which hampers to choose this Festive Season

The festive season is coming up with Christmas and New Year celebrations, so everyone is gearing up with plans of celebrations and gifts exchange. Some people plan beforehand about the gifts they are going to buy while others tend to rely on last minute shopping. Since there are plenty of retail shops online offering to send hampers by post to your friends and relatives, it gives you much room to search for the right hamper for the occasion. You can find some zralous variety of hampers online that are offered at discounted rates or with special packages for the season. We have discussed below a few types of hampers that can make fabulous festive gift for our loved ones to enjoy this season. We will discuss hampers according to categories they fall in to so it becomes easy for you to differentiate.

6_hampers by post

The most widely used and famous hampers are the food hampers. This is because they are easy to select and have less chance to be unliked by the recipients. Food hampers contain further divisions with various products offered depending on the moods, demands and requirements of the people. Now what comes in mind when you think about a food hamper? Chocolates, Cakes, Fruits or pickles and jams? All these products range is widely available in the form of astonishing gift hampers.

If you do not have any idea about the likes of recipient, then you must choose a food hamper to greet them. Food hampers are a safe investment as they are consumable items that are usually loved by people. Like there is a coffee hamper for coffee lovers and winters is the best season to select this hamper. Then there are chocolate hampers that include variety of chocolate products like liquid chocolate, chocolate bars and truffles etc. other than these there are fruit hampers with juicy collection of fresh fruits. You can also find some mixture of sweet and sour flavors in a hamper like jams, marmalade, pickles and chutneys togive you a mouthwatering taste.

10_cheap food hamper

After food, there are pampering hampers with products variety for your skin care. These hampers are specially personalized with products for men and women individual needs. These luxury bath tubs or bowls are equipped with bathing accessories, skin care portions and lotions. These include bath salt, massager, body lotion, body butter, body spray, shower gel, foot butter and many more such chic items to pamper your loved ones. The best thing about these hampers is they are extremely elegant in appearance and give an exclusive look but are quite cheap. So if you want to impress someone with an expensive looking gift, go with these exquisite pampering hampers for your loved one.

Personalized gifts can never be ignored when it comes to gifting your loved ones on occasions as important as Chrismtas. Sending a personalized mug with “World’s Best Dad”, a personalized key chain with your loved ones name imprinted on it or gifting a frame with your family pictures engraved with “Love You Grandma” are some of the simple yet cute personalized gifts. These gifts can enchant your loved ones with their simplicity and uniqueness. A jewelry box with your love filled emotions imprinted on it would have a deep impact on your lovely wife. These things are adorable and are kept as a keepsake in collectables. So if you want to show more coziness and warmth of your love to your family, friends or relatives, then choose personalized gift for them this season to make it a memorable gift for years to come.

The best thing about all these hampers is they are cheaper than individual products you buy and more alluring due to their exotic looks and styling. So which one of these will you choose to send hampers by post this season?

Best Ideas for Cheap Hampers

Is it someone’s birthday or anniversary coming up? Are you a social person with so many friends and relatives that you have to wish someone often every other month? Then you must be feeling tight on your wallet. It is not easy to make friends these days. If you are social and you want to keep your social circle happening, you have to go through this give and take situation on various occasions to keep your relations strong. But what can we do when we are not having enough savings to deal with these day-to-day occasions. Here we will give you some ideas of getting cheap hampers UK which would enable you to develop cordial relations with your social circle.

12_making gift more attractive

Now firstly, you should sort out your friends list. You must know which friends and relatives are closest and should be greeted with special gifts and which one are just a simple wish away. We all have that distant circle with which we have acquaintance up to just messaging or face booking. These should definitely be sort out of your primary list.

Then you should categorize them further that which of these groups are the closest to you and if you won’t send any special gift to them, it might cost your friendship. This should be your priority group. You can easily make a list in an excel sheet along with their birthdays and anniversary dates along with other yearly festivals like thanksgiving or Christmas.

Now these special friends that are in your priority list should be acknowledged with some fascinating gift hampers that neither cost you very much nor look cheap in appearance. The best thing to do is go online and search for discounts and sales on various gift hampers. Instead of going for shopping yourself you must search retail stores online that make delivery in the areas of your recipients. You should get 3 to 4 retailers on your final list and then compare their price and gift hampers.

Many retailers offer different types of gift hampers that include food hampers, fruit hampers, personalized gifts, coffee hampers, chocolate hampers etc. Thus, you can have variety of hampers in front of you with different price range. While short listing the retailers, you must also check which retailers have discounts on their gifts or if there is any sale on certain items that can be sent as gift pack.

12_gift hampers as giftSome retailers in fact sell cheap hampers UK as a separate category and include all the above mentioned types of gift hampers in this category. This is really convenient for the shopper since they just have to select the blissful hamper and not consider its price as well as it is already in their budget. You can also ask the retailers if they can suggest you any hampers that are relatively cheaper but are quite elegant in looks and products included in it.

Many retailers have customer services where they have special agents to serve customers and reply to their queries regarding hampers. Hence if you are confused as to how can you find a cheap hamper then you must consult their representative and tell them your requirements of a cheap hamper.

Once you find your favorite hamper, you can order it directly to be delivered to your loved ones’ place or just get it delivered to your home to have a look. In fact it is recommended to directly send the gift to your recipient’s place as these retailers have special services to take your package with care.

Other than that some retailers offer you to design your own hamper with the available products range at cheap rates. You can always show up your creativity with full confidence.