Gift Basket Ideas for Women

Women have different tastes and preferences as compared to men and thankfully have far greater options when it comes to gifts. This is what makes the gift baskets for women such a wonderful and sought after idea. If you are well aware of the woman’s likes and interests, for whom this basket this intended, then you have a lot of fun in putting one together as you know that she is going to not only like it but love it. Gift hampers for women can include anything from a spa treatment to their favourite wines or chocolates or even fruits for someone who is extremely health conscious.

31_gift for women

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the best gift basket for the woman in your life. All you need is bit of creativity and a little thought into what she likes and enjoys. Once you have that figured out, putting a basket together will be much more fun now that you know that she will love the effort you put in to create this special gift for her.

Here are some gift ideas for the women gift hampers that will give you a kick start to plan your next gift.

31_spa basket

Spa Gift Basket

A woman can never say no to an evening of relaxation at nowhere else but her own house. You can give her a refreshing evening of fine wine with bubble bath and good quality skin moisturizer to make her feel rejuvenated and cared for. Renew her spirit by gifting her not just a hamper, but giving a whole new experience of being calm and comfortable and hours of relaxation after a long day at work.

Hobbies basket

If your lady enjoys cooking or movies, how about putting together a basket with an assortment of her favourite collection along with other accessories that make up a movie experience. You can also give her exotic ingredients to excel her culinary skills and make you some of her tasty treats from the basket that you designed for her. She can never say no to something like that!

31_tea basketTea and coffee basket

Who doesn’t like a sip of hot green tea while cuddling to a book or a sip of exotic coffee after a long night sleep? The women will enjoy waking up to the soft aroma of these specialized teas and coffee, which will always remind them of you whenever they brew their favourite beverage. Add more zing to her life by thinking different and giving her something that she would never expect to get from you.

The idea of giving someone gifts is to show that you care and that you want to touch their lives in whatever little ways you can. When you put so much thought and heart into giving her an exceptional experience through your gifts, then you can rest assured that it will not fail to please her. Just be creative and take help from the professionals, if needed, to give her that perfect hamper.

Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement in Style

There is no comparison to the pride parents feel when a child achieves something. It can be the utterance of the first word or graduation from college. Whatever the occasion, a son or daughter’s achievement gives the parents more satisfaction and happiness than their own achievements. Research has found that children do well under praise than criticism. Celebrating your child’s achievements is a good way to make them feel proud of what they have achieved and will make them inspired to do more. There are a thousand ways you can celebrate your child’s achievement. It does not have to be an expensive affair. Below are a few such ideas you can do as a family.

20_hamper by post

Giving Time

The best gift to your child is your time. Take time to listen to your child and understand. When you are praising the child and inspiring him to do more, make sure you are not adding extra pressure on the child. Always emphasize on performing his or her best and not on results. Spending time with your child talking about what they have done well makes the children understand you notice and care about them. This is, especially, true if you are a busy parent.


Buying a gift for a child when he does something out of ordinary will also make him understand you notice and appreciate his efforts. It is important that you appreciate the effort he put into the task rather than the result he achieved. When we were young, our parents set us tasks and when we completed them, we would be able to pick up gifts from our corner shop. The gift does not have to be an expensive one. If your child is interested in reading books, you can even buy used books from the garage sales or car boot sales. If your child is interested in music, you can get him or her, a musical instrument. The gifting ideas for children are many. You can sit with your child and choose a gift from eBay or Amazon. You can buy tickets for a day out at the zoo or a play park or a resort like legoland or Disneyland.

What If You Are Away

It is much more difficult for you if you are a parent who has to be always on the travel. When you are away a lot of time, it is difficult to make the children understand you notice their achievements and are proud of them. In such a case, you can still give something to your child as a token of appreciation. Even though, you can send out a message or email in a jiffy, it will mean more to your child if you can take the time out and send a hand written congratulations note. You can also order chocolate hampers from online gift delivery services. If you are sending gift hampers by post, you should add a personal note to the gift and combine it along with a phone call. When you talk, make sure to listen to your child explain about his or her achievement.

Fruit Hampers- The contemporary and delighting gift item

If one has to send a “Get Well” present to his near and dear ones, bouquets of fruits can be one of the best options. Even in recent past, people mostly use to send flower bouquets, praying for health. But, with very frequent uses, this turned to be very common practice and the emergence of the idea to send fruit baskets had, however, given people some innovation.

50_fruit hampers

Why to go for gifting food baskets?

Fruits contain rich food values in terms of the quotients like health and nutrition. Thus, once someone receives a basket filled with fruits, he can make out that the sender is literally praying for his health. These items are contemporary and colourful that makes it an excellent gift item to share among the personal or the business networks.

Flowers or other conventional gift items may either get rotten up or damaged but gifting fruits is sure that the receiver gets to utilize it directly. Indeed, once one gets some fresh fruits delivered at his doorsteps in attractive wrappers, it is not only some fruits or mere gift items that he receives. Rather, it’s a present that bears the blessings of the Mother Nature. Additionally, while sending these baskets, one can personalize his message to the receiver, if any. These fruits along with the personalized message reflect the affection and the concern that the sender holds in his heart for the person he is gifting to.

The available options

Deciding the kind and type of fruit basket to be gifted, however, demands some consideration. The sender needs to be sure upon the fruits that the receiver might like. It makes no sense to send such a bucket to a person with fruits that the person dislikes. While to procure the item, one can either go for the fruit assortment that happens to be a common choice or the person can go for some selected varieties depending upon the likings of the person to whom the gift is to be forwarded. The budget shall also have its own role to play upon the selection.

Where to get these items?

The real as well as the virtual market place have millions of shops that deal with fruit baskets.  One simply needs to pay a visit to the nearest shop or alternatively he can browse the internet to get access to similar shops. These online sites display the items they offer and the price along with. One simply needs to place his booking online and subsequently the fruit basket gets delivered to the doorsteps of the person intended. Wide varieties of standard as well as customized fruit baskets can be selected from. With the availability of these varieties, it’s assured that one gets the right combination that shall match with his purpose and budget.

Fruit hamper in UK had taken the place of the most widely sought after gift item these days.  People from UK who are known for their sobriety and hospitality probably can relate their qualities with these fruit hampers.

The gift from the casket of Mother Nature

Gifts are basically the ways that express our feeling of joy and concern for the ones who are special to us. Fruit hampers can be an innovative way to express the affection we hold. During the festive seasons of the year, we definitely go on thinking what to be gifted to our friends and relatives. Sometimes, deciding the perfect gift almost becomes a challenge. This article is meant to discuss upon the qualities that had made the fruit hampers to emerge as one of the most popular items of gifting.

25_fruit hampers (1)

What is the specialty of fruits as a gift item?

Fruits happen to be the preferred type of food for people irrespective of the age group they fall in. Fruits are rich in the contents of vitamins, fibers and minerals. They protect our health and provide complete support in all our active endeavors. Fruits can be packed to be gifted appropriately in several of events. The best part about fruit hampers is that they can be customized to suit the type of occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or just about anything that comes about. Also, fruit hampers can be given to business associates, clients, partners, vendors and others during meetings, gatherings and for promoting the brand name. Fruit baskets can be termed to be a wonderful way to make a better impression on the recipient and showing how much they are being cared for.

The contents within the hampers

These hampers filled with fruit, although are specially meant for gifting in the holidays yet perfectly suit the gifting needs across all types of events. In case, the gifting is to be made for occasion like marriage or birthday party, the fresh ones can be gifted. One has the option to go for either a hamper packed with garden fresh fruits or he can go for gifting the dried ones. Each of these is meant for gifting across respective occasions that delight the recipient. In cases, the gift needs to be consigned for longer distances; one can certainly opt to send the dried fruits. One combination that is very popular among the available options happens to be the one that is filled with citrus fruits. Various seasonal fruits work out for gifting across the different seasons of the year.

A set of factors requires to be considered before to select the hamper of any type or combination. The person sending the gift needs to keep in his mind that event or the occasion for which he is presenting the same. The next point to be considered shall be the preferences and taste of the person to whom the gift is to be sent. Good thing about gifting fruits is that fruits happen to be the item of liking and preference with the majority of us. Thus, once we decide to gift one with a hamper of fruits, we automatically go ahead to ensure that the adored persons of us feels nice with our gift. There are plenty of websites that do cater a variety of gift hampers that one can choose from.

Making her to feel special with a gift

It seems there are a limited number of options available when a man has to pick a gift for the lady who holds the warmest place in his heart. Options like blood red roses, chocolates etc are definitely good but these stuffs had become very common materials to gift with, especially, when the market has the availability of exceptional items. This article shall try to discuss the possible options that can make the experience of gifting and receiving the gift more memorable.

  • The hamper to be gifted must match with the sentiment and the mood of the occasion for which the gifting is to be made

It is really easy to find out gift hampers and baskets that have its theme rotating around specific occasions. Say, if the gifting is to be made on the eve of the Valentine’s Day, it shall be the best if a gift with the same theme is packed for the gifting. Most of the companies dealing with gift items sell hampers and baskets that contain items like bottles of champagne, candies, chocolates, soft toys etc., each of which are liked by the women. She can be thrill with a gift of a basket filled with gourmet chocolates.

16_gift for women (1)

  • The gift must reflect the love and affection that makes one to gift

With the lady expecting the usual stuffs, a gift can come phenomenal to surprise her. Just the right thing is to be presented for it. This surprise shall surely make her to feel as she is exceptionally being loved. Thus, one needs to give due weightage on the gift wrapper and the style of gifting too

  • Pampering Her with some special hampers

Plenty of hampers and baskets for gift are available in the market the designs for which can surely thrill the women at any part of the year. One can select either of such items that can really make her to rise up her eyebrows.

  • She loves the unique one

The ladies commonly tend to discuss in their own forums and gathering, the gifts they received from their men. Getting boarded with the conventional ones like jewellery, dresses, chocolates, flowers, she can definitely expect something that is unique. Therefore, more unique the gift is, the more she feels good about it. This is where the purpose of gifting best fits with the intentions for which we present a gift.

There is something that money can ever buy

It is not the higher cost of the gifts that delights our beloved ones. Rather we can get the purpose accomplished with the minimum of budget in case we consider the person’s taste, liking & disliking and the traits that make her to smile; we can definitely pick up the best gift hampers for women at the least of cost. After all, it’s the warmth of our heart and the feeling of love, affection and care that she actually sees beyond the gift and not the price tag of the item.

Delighting our adored ones with a gift

Popularly it is believed that an interesting and creative gift can melt anyone’s heart. But, the task of finding such gifts items sometimes emerges as a difficulty especially with constraint of budget.

What it takes to delight our adored ones with a gift?

It happens to be general misconceptions of people regarding gifting that it essentially requires the presentation of some costly items to delight the receiver. It is not the truth. It is the warmth from the heart of the person that gets reflected through the piece that actually makes the receiver to feel great. This article shall discuss how to figure out some gift items at competitive prices that can make the recipient to feel the feelings and regards that we hold for them. Offering hampers as gifts to our relatives and peers on the event of some special occasions happens to be the right way to express our love and affection for them. At the same time, it diligently takes care of our pocket.

11_Delighting our adored ones with a gift

Gift hampers that we can procure from the market comes to be unique, presentable and they contain delightful items. They are very often customized as per the occasion for which the gifting is to be made. Also, these hampers can be altered to have its contents in the way that the recipient shall like. After all, it is the taste and liking of the specific person to whom the gift is to be presented that makes the prime parameter for us to decide and select the item to be packed. The popular types of hampers that people gifts these days happen to be the ones filled with fruits, food stuffs, confectioneries, chocolates, etc. In case the person to whom the gift is to be presented likes wine, we can even opt to select the varieties of premium wines. Also, we get the combination of these materials that also enjoy good popularity in the market.

How to find out the right source to procure the gift items?

To pick up the appropriate item, one just needs to surf the internet to get access to good numbers of sites that specialize on gift items. Over the sites, the probable options to pick up get displayed along with the costing. Majority of these sites arranges for delivering the gift item to the door steps of the person as intended by the client. These sites through their own delivery networks ensure that the intended person gets the delivery of the gifts in a perfect state. Thus, the customer can just afford to manage the time to select the item from the online catalogs while the sites arrange for him to deliver the gift. This comes to be the most important in cases when required to send the gift to any far long places. Thus, it helps one to save the time and money that he would have to put to visit the place in person just to present the gift.

All these factors clubbing with the availability of the cheap hamper for gifting over these online sites is paving the way to the growth of its demand day by day.

Best gifting options for women

Gifting to women can always be an issue to most of us. Since they have complex needs, men may find it reasonably difficult, to identify some gifts for women. It is important to understand that an individual should always consider hampers in situations, when he cannot decide a single valued gift for the receiver.

Hampers consist of variety of products, which may be related to each other or may be distinguished from each other. They match appropriately, based on the occasion for gifting, with very unique packing styles and content customization. Realizing some of the available choices in the wide range of available hampers, one can find some realistic gift for their loved ones.

best gift foe women

Chocolate hampers

Chocolates are something, which a woman loves the most. In terms expenditure, the chocolate packages can be customized according to the budget set aside for gifting. Since many distinguished chocolate brands are available, mixing and matching a few low cost ones and then, a few high cost chocolates, would makeup an ideal hamper.

choclate hampers to spread happiness

This hamper can be delivered to door steps of the receiver, without any inconvenience and extra costs. In case, you want to present the same by yourself, you can avail home delivery of the same and present it personally. Many websites feature an option, which allows individuals to add a special message in the hamper. A chocolate hamper with a suitable message can be considered as a good gifting option.

Cosmetic hampers

They are popularly referred to beauty hampers. The cosmetic hampers consists of different cosmetic products that enrich the beauty of women. It is important to select the contents of the hamper carefully, as sometimes they could create misunderstandings. In situations, when you gift an ageing cream to a woman aged 30-35 years, you are bound to be recorded in her negative books.


Since there are huge collections of cosmetic items, very few of us might actually know about the good beauty items for women. In such situations, we shall prefer hampers, which have already been designed by different online portals. This minimizes confusion and ensures the gift conveys a proper message.

Supplements and food products in hampers

Apart from beauty, women are pretty conscious on their fitness. Considering this fact, it would not be a bad idea to consider a hamper, which has the right blend of some supplements and food products. Many hampers are available in the market, which solely focus on the supplements and food products independently.

Supplements and food products in hampers

These items can be arranged in the hampers and be gifted to a special person, who needs health improvement. Different composition of items can be considered for different situations and budget.

Showpieces and cards

Women are known to preserve items carefully. Showpieces and cards tend to make bigger impression on her mind, in comparison to anything else.

Showpieces and cards

They usually preserve these items as a remembrance to the gifting person, which actually solves the purpose of gifting. A very powerful message in a good card could convey things you want to. These hampers are usually a touch expensive, compared to other hamper forms.

Popular Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate is the key to happiness. You will seldom find someone who does not like chocolates in one way or the other. If someone claims to hate chocolate, they are lying. You can’t hate chocolate and also you cannot ignore it. Chocolates are present in various varieties in our food items like cakes, pastries, ice cream or hampers like Cadbury Hampers UK.It is because they are one of the most commonly consumed items. In fact some countries are famous for producing quality chocolates like Swiss chocolates or Belgian chocolates. As chocolates are very famous thus they are commonly gifted among people on special occasions. Keeping in mind the popularity of chocolates here are a few gift ideas that are popular chocolate gifts.

Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate cakes are the most common type of gifts to be used among people. They are popular on occasions like Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving, or New Year. Hence, various types of chocolate cakes are available in market that are luscious in taste and are also unique in flavors depending on the type of chocolate used in it.

cadbury hampers-choclate cake

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars are a usual pick. When going to your friend’s home or meeting your date, you can easily grab your loved one’s favorite chocolate bar on the way. They are simple, easy to get, and a great savior of relations. Yeah, gifting a chocolate bar to your loved one would let you see their gorgeous smile immediately no matter how moody they are.

Cadbury Hampers UK(p-2)

Chocolate Ice Cream

Okay it is not just kids that are crazy for chocolate flavored ice creams. Most women and even men love to lick chocolate ice creams. So when you want to enjoy a movie with your partner or going for a family dinner on weekend, you can easily pick a chocolate ice cream tub on your way as a customary gesture. This gift is especially popular among kids so whenever you want to delight a kid, a simple way is to grab him or her chocolate ice cream.


Chocolate Liquids

Have you heard or tried a chocolate shake? Well, you must if you are a fan of chocolate. You can find chocolate flavored shakes, smoothies, juices and many such vicious types of chocolate drinks in different outlets. Want to give a treat to your friend, then take him to a nearby outlet, and buy a chocolate drink.

Gourmet Chocolates

There are various bakery products that use chocolates and people love to enjoy both favorites in one go. Some of the bakery products are Gourmet Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate pastry, Chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins and many more. All these items make a good impact as a chocolate gift on special occasions like Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Anniversary.


Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate hampers are great gift for any kind of formal setting. Whether it is your official party, a Christmas gathering, a Birthday of your loved one, a wedding anniversary or a simple Thanksgiving, chocolate hampers are gorgeous gift for all such ceremonies. There are various types and varieties of chocolate hampers available in the market. Since the trend of hampers is rising, retailers are now making specialized chocolate hampers for such occasions. These hampers consist of marvelous collection of chocolates from various top brands like Nestle, Lindt, Cadbury, and Belgian. Cadbury hampers UK are one of the most popular choices among chocolate gifts. It is because their chocolates are widely loved, and have diverse variety of quality chocolates all wrapped in a single basket.


All occasions can be celebrated with joyful gifts sharing and chocolates tend to be the most widely accepted gift. They are luscious, tempting and are in exceptional variety. So whenever you want to gift someone on any occasion and cannot find the right gift, Cadbury Hampers UK would be there to save your day.

A Basket Full of Chocolates to Bring a Smile on Your Face

If you aim for ingenuity when it comes to purchasing gifts, you cannot go far away from buying exclusive chocolate hampers for your loved ones. For foodies especially, chocolates are always a very special gift to receive. Chocolates are one of those gifts that almost every one can enjoy.

Many of the online merchants have started to vend chocolate hampers – much like traditional gift hampers. You can buy chocolate hamper for cheap online in the UK. You can visualize the expression on someone’s face when they unroll their hamper to find the gift that they have been waiting for! This is the only reason why chocolate hampers make the ideal gift for sweet lovers. Let us read about some of the best treats for our friends and dear ones who love to eat chocolates from hampers.


The hampers come with the goodies:

  • Continental white and black milk chocolates
  • Mixed exceptional toffee box
  • Classic toffee, caramel and fudge collection
  • Typical fruit collection
  • Vanilla toffee continental collection
  • Mint batons classic hamper
  • Classic milk signature
  • Alpine continental bar
  • Lemmon mouse bag
  • Vanilla truffle bag

The quality of the chocolates is really good. We all know that the Thornton’s are of superb quality. It is charmed to get a box of chocolates that bring special memories of childhood.

  • The hampers come in a span of price brackets, so you will always find something that fits your budget.
  • Thornton’s chocolates are always all time favourite, so they can go into your box if you are buying a present.
  • Thornton’s chocolates can be bought for almost all occasions. You can buy them as themed hampers like friendships day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Some chocolate hampers come with an option of beer or whiskey. These are also for special occasions like get well soon or new baby born, etc.
  • If there is any special occasion and you have to gift something, then chocolate hampers are the best gift to escort.

It is true that nothing melts like chocolate into your heart. Whatever your loved one prefers – milk chocolates, dark chocolates, nutty chocolates, or chocolate truffles – any one of them will send your message of love.

Chocolate is better than any other gifts because it is edible and yummy. Plus chocolates are more inexpensive than many other gifts, and it is very much easier to buy from everywhere because there are a lot of stores where you can find chocolates. Due to the number of options and variations of chocolates available in market, it is hard to select one for the ideal festive gift. It does not mean that a costly chocolate is undoubtedly the best tasting chocolate of the lot. It one’s personal choice of freedom that which chocolate they will like more. Go and wrap your absolute favourite chocolate into a pretty box and gift your loved ones.

Keep on eating chocolates if you want to lose weight.

Chocolates process a heavenly attraction and one can’t ignore them especially if it’s in front of you. But what if you are on a low calories diet for a weight loss program? Not eating chocolates can be the toughest task and a true chocolate lover can only imagine the pain and discomfort for leaving the chocolates at all. Do you know that chocolates are not at all part of unhealthy eating in fact chocolates process many benefits and leaving them altogether will also stop you taking some superb benefits out of them? Then why many diet experts’ stops you consuming chocolates for losing weight? The main reason is the quantity. Thus the main question under lying is how much quantity of chocolates is good to eat if you are willing to continue a healthy weight loss program and the other main issue is what type of chocolates should one eat in order to lose weight? As there is a huge variety of chocolates available in the market like Sinkers, Mars, Hershey’s, kisses, Cadbury Hampers in UK and all over the world. There are so many brands other than these too and there is a huge kind of chocolates too like milk, dark, white etc.

artical 9

For losing weight one much shows consistency in the consumption of chocolates. And only choose those who have a higher content of cocoa in it. The best one is the dark chocolates or the one having 60percent or more cocoa in them. But the main thing to look into is the quantity of the chocolates. Eating chocolate consistently does no means eating it in a big quantity. If you choose to eat the one having 70 percent cocoa then you can consume one ounce a day according to Dr. Will Clower, the author of “Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight,” If it’s 50 percent cocoa, you should limit it to 1/4-ounce each day. Always opt for solid dark chocolate. The only exception to this rule is when the things added to the chocolate are real foods, like hazelnuts, cherries, orange rind, etc.

The over consumption of food is the main reason of gaining weight. Nothing is bad for the health until and unless you consume it in right portion. The main issue is that when people love something, there is a higher tendency in them to over consume it. And this overconsumption effect negatively on persons health. There is nothing bad even the red wine, until and unless you consume it in huge quantity. The best approach is that if you love something to eat then eat it in such a moderate manner that you will be able to consume it whenever you like. So now take the case of chocolate. It’s better to take small , slow bites so that you can enjoy it fully and it lead to eating less while enjoying the full taste. Take big bites and overconsumption just have a superficial feeling that you have eating it full while the fact is the taste you enjoy is the same as eating less with small bites.

Now the point is how chocolates are good for healthy living and why one can eat it even on low calorie diet? One should only consume dark chocolate and one ounce of dark chocolate contains 160 calories, which is equals to two boiled eggs. Just count them in your total calorie intake and modify your diet for the whole day accordingly. The benefits provided by dark chocolates are listed below:

  • They contain flavonoids which help the body to fight against damage to the cells and it has very beneficial effect on cardiovascular system.
  • It has antioxidant which helps to make blood thinner thus helps to reduce the risk of many kinds of cancers and heart diseases.
  • It also reduces the effect of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). That’s why it is recommended to eat chocolates few days before your menstruation cycle.
  • It affects your mood positively as it raises serotonin levels in brain which has a calming and relaxing effect on the body. It also encourages your brain to release endorphins which is also called the happy hormone!
  • Dark chocolate also increases the good cholesterol which is HDL and lowers the bad cholesterol which is LDL and prevents a condition known as arteriosclerosis which is caused due to deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels leading to high blood pressure and related heart problems.
  • It has many essential minerals which are important for the normal functioning and metabolism of the body such as iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc and selenium. The deficiency of these minerals can lead to diseases and thus dark chocolate helps to meet the daily requirements of these essential minerals.

Thus to take maximum benefits out of chocolates just focus on the quantity. And remember eat to live no live to eat!