Gifts May be Affordable, Yet Wonderfully Noteworthy

Gifts May be Affordable, Yet Wonderfully Noteworthy

Technological advancements have made it possible to obtain everything ‘readymade’ in shops. However, they do not carry that personal touch. Would it not be better to stretch your creativity to its maximum limit and come up with customised, innovative cheap hampers that are suited for all kinds of occasions?


  • Children: The colouring basket for toddlers is meant for young kids, who love to draw and colour pictures. You may obtain an assortment of colouring books and papers, along with a couple of boxes containing crayons or colouring pencils. Place diverse kinds of stickers, non-toxic markers and a pair of safe scissors too. A final addition would be a small paint box with a couple of brushes.
  • College Students: A student entering college will love to have some healthy snacks on hand. They may be accompanied by a couple of hand towels and washcloths, a pair of nail clippers, a stack of pens and pencils, a book light, a bunch of papers and supplies suitable for a printer, and a mouse pad. As a bonus, you may add a gift certificate for a favourite CD and a phone card.
  • Letter Writer: Do you know someone who loves to write letters? If so, please present the following items to this individual. They include a stack of diversely sized envelopes, a few cards or notepapers, several pens and pencils, rubber stamps for decorating the envelopes, ordinary postage stamps, personalised seal and sealing wax, return address labels and letter opener.
  • Photographer: Then again, you may have a photograph enthusiast within your circle of friends. This individual will treasure the items presented by you! You may include a couple of film rolls, a picture album, lens cleaner and lens cloth, picture frame and matte, camera filters, photo print paper and a few coupons that will help him/her have his/her pictures developed for free.
  • Avid Gardener: You may obtain all kinds of hand tools for this person. A pair of gardening gloves and heavy-duty lotion for the hands should prove highly useful. Push in a few packets containing seeds of vegetables or flowering plants, along with liquid fertiliser, some plant markers and a pair of kneeling pads. Finally, present a subscription for a gardening magazine and a well-known book on gardening.
  • Grandparent: Would you like to bestow something upon your favourite grandparent? Well, this person will like nothing more than fond memories of his/her family. Begin with a few videos and framed photographs of the family. Add a scrapbook and artwork created by your children. Each child may even offer a personalised gift. It if is Christmas time, do add a few handcrafted ornaments and a polar fleece lap blanket. A long-distance calling card should permit him/her to stay in touch with all of you. Finally, place his/her favourite pieces of candy, tea packets and coffee jars.

The above are just a few examples. Do ponder upon the recipient’s individual tastes, his/her hobbies, requirements and food indulgences, before you begin your gift-making task.

Make Your Staff Happy by Awarding these Gifts

Make Your Staff Happy by Awarding these Gifts

Unlike earlier times, when hamper gifts in UK and other places were sent around only during Yuletide, such presents are deemed as perfect for any occasion. Several online and offline stores offer readymade gift hampers filled with all kinds of eatables or other goods. Alternatively, you may create your own personalized gifts for your loved ones, regardless of wherever they reside.


  • A hamper with your personal stamp are welcomed with joy during baby showers, naming ceremonies, birthday celebrations, graduation events, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so many other festive events.
  • In case, you just wish to let someone know how fond of them you are, or that you are thinking of them, fill your basket with his/her favourite items. They could be specific styles of clothing, chocolates, soft toys, books, fruits, flowers, etc.
  • Adding names, favourite colours, flags to indicate country of origin, decorations, or messages, awards a special ‘personal’ touch to the present, which will be cherished forever by the recipient.

Gift hampers are marvellous for showing employees and executives how much you appreciate them and desire to maintain a strong relationship with them.


  • Receptionists: There is no denying that the amount spent on targeted sections will vary, in accordance with their status in the company and profile characteristics. For instance, although the front office receptionist (generally female) is a very important person for the organisation, you cannot give her something more valuable than what you bestow upon a top executive. You should be able to obtain a few health and beauty products, a couple of wine bottles, dried fruits and the like for 50 pounds. Her feminine mindset will even find a good use for the wicker basket containing all the goods.
  • Sales Team: You may allot a budget of 100 pounds for each one since they struggle to convince clients to clinch good deals. A sales representative is ideally a young male, who is dynamic, looks forward to travel and aims to complete his goals as quickly as possible. A hamper filled with alcoholic beverages that will not get him drunk, various kinds of cheese, chocolates, nuts, and similar kinds of foodstuffs should prove to create a party atmosphere in his house.


  • Senior Executives: In this case, your budget for each individual may lie anywhere between 200 pounds to 500 pounds. You decide upon the hierarchy that exists in your establishment. Each male and female will have different tastes. You will have to put in some effort to note down their individual favourites and allergies, if any. Someone may be very conscious of health. Another may have such deep concerns for the environment and self, that he/she consumes only organic foodstuffs. Customized hampers are the only option here.

In a way, your gesture helps to promote the values and culture nurtured within your organisation. Employees will like working for a company that offers such thoughtful gifts at the right time. No establishment can hope to succeed in the absence of healthy bonding.

A Tradition that has Sustained till Today

A Tradition that has Sustained till Today

The tradition of presenting gift hampers for varied occasions originated in Europe. Gradually, the idea spread to the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Australia. In modern times, it has become a global phenomenon, especially with the advent of the Internet. As a result, you may place orders for online hampers in UK and other places across the world.


Religious Backgrounds of Gift Hampers

  • Although the term ‘hamper’ was not in use in Ancient Times, the idea of carrying gifts in a basket was definitely in place. To illustrate, Eostre, the pagan Goddess of the Saxon people residing in Northern Europe, would carry plants in a basket to be used as sacred offerings for the Gods. Her name is derived from the Latin ‘Eastre’, that is, spring, Since then, gift baskets became synonymous with Easter celebrations.
  • The thought of using a wicker basket for bestowing gifts was probably derived from a story in the Old Testament. Jochebed, a Hebrew woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Egypt. Fearing a future rebellion by the increasing number of Jews in the country, the Egyptian Pharaoh ordered all Hebrew newborns to be killed. Jochebed lined a wicker basket with waterproof tar, placed her baby in it and left it amongst the reeds growing on the banks of the River Nile. The Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby and fortunately, employed his own mother to nurse and care for him until he grew up. Later on, she adopted the boy, giving him a new name, Moses. Moses became a Prophet, the receiver of the Ten Commandments from God.

Origin of Gift Hampers

  • During the 11th century, the French found it convenient to transport wine and foodstuffs across land and sea, in well-packed baskets. Every basket was referred to as ‘hanapier’, that is, a case containing goblets.
  • The first person to bring the hanapier to England was William the Conqueror. This was during the Victorian Era.
  • Thenceforth, the British began to use large, woven wicker containers for transporting food. The well-ventilated, durable baskets kept food safe and unspoiled, even during long journeys. Furthermore, they were light in weight, unlike wooden boxes and barrels.
  • With the launching of the railway system in the 19th century, it became easier to forward even perishable goodies in gift hampers across the nation. The innovative idea was mooted by a departmental store in London.


They are Suitable for All Occasions

  • In the beginning, gift hampers were sent around to loved ones only during Christmas time. Even business owners believed them to be appropriate presents for their employees.
  • Recipients enjoyed the thought of finishing off the festive season with their favourite foods and drinks. Generally, there would be enough to last a week.
  • Over time, people began to dwell upon the idea of sending other things as gifts, especially for other celebratory events. Thus, apparel, sweets, toys, health and beauty items, flowers, etc. found their way into these hampers.

In modern times, external embellishments, such as ribbons, tinsels, etc. are also added, in order to make the hamper look more attractive.

Homemade gift hampers for various occasions

Homemade gift hampers for various occasions

Whether it is Christmas and you have been invited to a party where you cannot show up empty handed, or a baby shower for your best friend, picking the right gift for a festive and celebratory occasion can be hard. Even when you know a person intimately, finding the one thing that they are lacking and which they cannot buy for themselves is an uphill task! Which is why gift hampers make so much sense? You are not buying that one elusive present, instead you make up a hamper of multiple things you know the recipient is bound to like. And when it comes to gifts, the more the merrier it always is!

You can find many online sites and portals where you can order and buy gift hampers in UK. Many of these sites also offer options to customise the present so that it suits your requirements. So, if you are wondering what kind of gift hampers you can buy for different occasions, then these tips below should help:

20_birthday hamper

Birthday Hampers

Sweet baskets with a bottle or two of the bubbly makes for a great birthday gift! You can fill the basket with chocolates, cakes, cookies and other sweet treats for the birthday boy or girl. And, if they are a close friend, you can even make a basket full of gag-gifts like age-defying beauty products. Just remember not to go overboard and hurt any sentiments.

Baby Shower Hampers

A baby hamper is a great gift for showers, or when visiting new parents. Fill up the basket with essentials that the new parents will need like baby food, diapers, baby oil and other products. A little teddy or some toys for the baby will also be appreciated. Do try to include something for the new mom too – some chocolates or spa candles; steer away from alcohol or anything she cannot use while nursing.

Anniversary Hamper

An anniversary hamper is a riot of options! You can pack the hamper with a range of gifts from the traditional – wine and chocolates, candles, aromatherapy oils, bath items for two – to some really adventurous and fun things from your nearest adult store. The things you pack would depend on how well you know the couple. Again, there is a very thin line between risqué and offensive so be careful to tread that.

20_valenties day hampers

Valentine’s Day Hamper

Well, you would most probably be gifting this hamper to your Valentine so feel free to choose and gift items that you know they will love. If you are planning a Valentine’s picnic with your loved one, then you can pack the hamper with eatables; preferably the ones you have cooked or baked at home. A heart-shaped cake would be a perfect fit in this basket. You can even include romantic vouchers and other things that would mean a lot for the both of you.

Remember the most important you need while planning gifts is a keen understanding of what the recipient likes and some imagination. With these in hand, you will be good to go!

Top Twenty Birthday Gift Ideas for Young Kids

Top Twenty Birthday Gift Ideas for Young Kids

Is your child in the wonder years- the magical years between infanthood and teenage? Is her or his birthday coming up? You may be breaking your head what gift to give him or her, something that he or she will truly like and cherish.

Take the following advice and ideas on birthday gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of your young child:


  • Tech goods: Gift an entertainment gadget like video games or a Play station console that will keep the young one hooked.
  • Multi coloured rotating LED light: This will suit you if you are organizing a Disco DJ party for the young one.
  • Go-Karting: Treat your young child and his or her buddies to a day out of real Go Karting that they will surely enjoy.
  • Mall treasure hunt party: Organize a fun filled treasure hunt for the kids at a popular mall with loads of gifts for the winners.


  • Water balloon fight: Make as many water balloons as possible and let the kids play by splashing with them.
  • Donation: Make a donation in her name for a charitable cause she likes and encourage her sense of social conscience.
  • Treat her to a concert: Look up concert listings and treat her to a gig, ideally in a small venue.


  • Present her a CD: If she can’t go to the concert, burn her CD of a favourite artist with a label made by you.
  • Orchid gift: Buy her an orchid plant with a care book and also a membership to the local orchid club.
  • Share day of pampering: Go together for a day at a spa, sauna or manicure/ pedicure.
  • A themed gift basket: Just surprise your little kid by having his/her favourite themed hamper delivered right on the d-day and never ever forget to capture that big smile in your camera.
  • Experience gift: Take him or her to Cirque du soleil, horseback riding, sky diving, sporting event or amusement park.
  • Share a class: Take a class together like sewing project or bonsai project or artwork.
  • Magazine: Gift him or her subscription to favourite magazines like even Marvel comics.
  • Museum: Take her or him for museum tour and help her cultivate an interest in art and culture.
  • Book store: Take him or her to a book store and let the birthday girl or boy pick up some books of their choice.
  • Movie merchandise: Gift her or him merchandise related to a favourite movie like Godzilla or High school musical.


  • Flowers: Even young ones, especially, girls will be floored when presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers.
  • Birthday treat: Take him or her for a special meal at their favourite restaurant.
  • Gift cards: The best way to make your child happy is to give her a gift card which will allow him or her to buy a gift of their choice.

These are some of the best gift ideas for your young child which she or he will surely love and cherish.

Lit a Smile on Your Mum’s Face this Mother’s Day

Lit a Smile on Your Mum’s Face this Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, which falls on second Sunday of May every year, we express our love and appreciation for the one woman whom we can never stop loving: our mum. Instead of the traditional perfume and jewellery type gifts, one can make this Mother’s Day special by giving gift baskets packed with love.

Mother’s Day gift baskets can be bought via stores or online, but nothing beats gift baskets assembled at home. The time and effort you put into designing a gift basket according to her taste and preferences will be much appreciated. Also, homemade gift baskets sent by courier will bring a tear to her eyes as she will feel special by being remembered by you even when you are far away.

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gift baskets:

  • Gourmet Food Basket: Fill a large wicker basket with artisan cheeses and meats, dried fruits and nuts, and sweet treats like Belgian chocolates, truffles, caviar, bottles of port wine or champagne, etc. to bring a broad smile on your mum’s face.


  • Beverage Gift Basket: Bring a warm glow to your mum’s cheeks by packing together high-quality coffee and tea in a beverage gift basket. Also, pack a special Mum’s only cup so that every time she brews a cup of the beverages, she remembers you and how much you love her.
  • Breakfast-in-bed Theme: Treat your mum to a gift basket with the theme of breakfast in bed. Arrange a gift basket with special pastry and muffins, tea and coffee, chocolates, jam (can be homemade), flowers and a favourite magazine.
  • Afternoon Tea Basket: It can contain favourite cookies or homemade biscuits, tea, scones, jam and a DVD of her favourite movie.
  • Fruit Gift Basket: This is a traditional, healthy and colourful gift basket. Fill it up with pears, apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples and some exotic fruits like passion fruit, avocado, etc. Add some spice with spiced sausages, cheese and crackers.
  • Body and bath Spa Gift Basket: Pamper your mum with a luxury spa gift basket complete with a mix of bath mitts, candles, scents, bath salts, bath gels, body lotions and other beauty products.
  • Unique Stationery Basket: This can contain books by her favourite author, a personalised journal or notebook, good quality pens and other stationery.
  • Gardening Basket: For a mum who has a green thumb, gift a gardening theme basket complete with gloves, spades, trowel, seeds, bulbs, kneeling board, and copies of good literature on gardening including magazines.
  • Reading Material: For mums, who love to read, gift a hamper filled with books of the genre she likes such as romance or thrillers, subscriptions to a few favourite magazines, etc. You can mix and match books from genres like inspirational to poetry.
  • Music Theme: For a mum who loves music, one can present her with a basket filled with CD’s of her favourite singer, a collection of her favourite albums, a walkman, a new music system or CD man depending on your budget.


These are some of the top ideas for gift hampers in UK for your mum for this Mother’s day. Let her feel your gratitude for the arduous task of bringing you up and loving you unconditionally. No gift basket will be too much for her!

Top DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Top DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is a perfect occasion to celebrate all the fathers in the world. Children want to shower attractive and enticing gifts on their father as a means to express their deep affection and love for them. Children also give gifts to other male members of the family like step father, uncle, grandfather etc.

Father’s day is the perfect occasion to express your gratitude and appreciation for your dad. What better way to impress him than with a gift handmade and crafted by you. Homemade gifts are much appreciated by dads on their special day.

This is because gifts hand made by children touches the hearts of fathers. Gifts crafted by your hand however simple or imperfect, are much appreciated than fancy, expensive gadgets bought from the market. Purchases from the market may be costly and valuable but handmade gifts are priceless.


Creating handmade gifts brings out the creative talents in you. Hidden talents may be exposed, and you may actually have a whale of a time, creating these gifts. What is your talent and what are you good at? Here are some ideas for Father’s day gifts. You can also brainstorm, use your imagination and hit upon your own ideas:

  • Gift baskets: Father’s day gift baskets are very popular. The best part about gift baskets is that you need not rack your brain for a single gift idea. You need not run from pillar to post in the market hunting for a gift. There are many online options for buying gift hampers. You can order a gift hamper from the convenience of your home and order a hamper according to your choice.

Alternatively, you can assemble a gift basket at your home based on the taste and likings of your father. You can pack them attractively using glitter, colourful ribbons, etc. The gift hamper will reflect your thoughtfulness and concern for your father.

Some of the themes for designing gift baskets are:

  1. Chocolate gift basket
  2. Favourite sports gift basket like golf gift basket
  3. Cheese cake gift basket
  4. Gourmet food gift basket
  5. Tools gift basket
  6. Gardening gift basket
  7. Fishing gift basket
  8. Accessories and apparel gift basket
  9. Personalized gift basket
  • If you have a yen for words and creative writing, compose a poem or song in honour of your dad. Get it framed and present it to him on father’s day.
  • If you are a music lover, compose a special piece of music for Father’s day. Present it at a Father’s Day get together and leave a lifelong impression on your dad.
  • Experts at painting would do well to do a portrait of their dad or his favourite haunt like a river side or beach.
  • You can prepare your dad’s favourite meal on Father’s Day or treat him with a box of well loved goodies like homemade cookies.
  • Children can make different crafts by referring to online craft ideas. Use love and imagination to create unique craft ideas. E.g. Father ‘Day printable cards, Grass head for your dad, magnet for family fridge featuring cartoon of your father.

These are some ideas for Father’s Day ranging from hampers in UK to kid’s craft ideas.

Making spirited choices for perfect gifts

Making spirited choices for perfect gifts

There are many occasions that call for you to express your love, appreciation or even humour now-a-days. The words may not flow as easily as they once used to; not many people have the time to become poets now-a-days! But sending gift hampers in UK has been a popular trend just as much as it is in the rest of the world. Want to gift something fabulous to someone within the country or outside? Then you just have to choose the right gift hamper to suit the recipient or the occasion. But let’s talk about how simple hampers can be made to “sparkle” by adding some fine wines that complement a gift hamper. Here are some options for you!


  • When red wines can be used – Red wines top the list when it comes to wine consumption all over the world. They look marvellous, have a full-bodied texture and complement most of the dishes we have. So, if you have friends who enjoy delicious and spicy food, include a bottle of red wine in your gift hamper so they can make their next meal with spicy grilled shrimp, roast duckling, grilled salmon and butter or wild rice and mushrooms a delicious interlude in their hectic lives.
  • A rosy affair – Add a rosy tinge to the subtle flavours your spouse would enjoy in his/her next meal. Rose wine bottles look extremely classy with their delicacy and promise of fresh, young tastes on the taste buds. Adding a bottle of this classy wine to a hamper being sent to people who enjoy their vegetable soups, bouillabaisse and tuna & egg topped breadstick or baguette would not be a bad idea.
  • Adding some pearly charm – After red wines, white wines are the next most common in wine-making factories. People love combining this more acidic and sharper wine with their meals of pesto pasta, chicken and mushroom paellas, wild mushroom soup, pork loin in cider-madeira sauce or a crab n’ corn soup to make them more interesting. White wines are just as easily available as red wines in major stores of all types.
  • La crème of wines – The best occasions call for the best in wines as gifts. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or want to thank someone special in your life, add glitter and glamour to the party by including choice sparkling wines in your menu. Gift these awesome wines for special occasions and make them come alive. Pricey dishes such as salmon and caviar, prosciutto with a summer melon salad or pate of chicken liver are best served with champagne or other varieties of sparkling wines.

A person may be hard to know read from his/her expressions but sometime the choice in food can reveal a lot. Wines are excellent accompaniments to most meals and are splendid choices for gifts. Specially bottled wines in your hamper will surely add zest and charm to it and will make your gift truly special.

Say “Thank You” with a Flourish

Say “Thank You” with a Flourish

It is time to say “Thank You” to a dear friend, is it? She has nursed you through your illness with loving care, and you are keen to show your appreciation. In fact, she has extended kindness several times. However, you do not feel that a mere card with nicely written words on it will suffice; you would like to present something more valuable and long-lasting. Well, then, give her a personalized gift hamper.

If your friend is passionate about health and beauty, you would be well advised to bestow a spa gift hamper upon her. You will be able to obtain gift hampers in UK from several online stores.


  • Herbal Therapy Packs: They refer to bags made from light cotton fabric or heavy cotton chenille, and filled with rice, spices, flax seeds, citrus fruit peels, or lavender. These ingredients may even be combined in varied ways. Whenever your friend feels fatigued or suffers from body aches, she may heat the packs in a microwave or a conventional oven. Foil may be used to wrap them first. When her skin comes in contact with the moist heat generated by the pack, it is going to feel wonderfully soothed and relaxed. These packs even have their own vinyl travelling bags.
  • Fragrant Aromatherapy Candles: Skilled therapists bring together natural oils, food-grade waxes and potent essential oils to create candles that give off pure and soothing fragrances. The basic ingredients are naturally-grown nuts and flowers. Do ensure that your candles are accompanied by certificates of authenticity. You would not like the recipient to be exposed to cheap and unreliable products. After all, you should receive good value for your investment.
  • Paraffin Products: Now, every woman longs for glowing, elastic, well-contoured skin to cover the face and body. Environmental hazards often prove disastrous for human health, causing internal and external toxicity. The combination of oil-based herbal recipes and paraffin prove to be excellent remedies for rejuvenation of damaged skin, if used regularly.
  • Body Treatment Packages: Imagine your friend’s face receiving the same treatments as awarded at a professional spa! Include any kind of professional product that you like, as long as it is genuine in quality and promises positive results. Packs containing extracts of the aloe vera plant, diverse herbs, mud, paraffin, seaweed or algae, are marvellous for removing toxins from the body, as well as exfoliating the skin. Over time, damaged skin will be healed and conditioned. This is because the blood circulatory system is stimulated, thereby encouraging regeneration of new cells.

These are not all, for there are innumerable beauty products available in the marketplace. For instance, you may even add salts collected from the Dead Sea, fleecy linen wraps, European body treatments, marine-based products, and the like. Just make sure that the manufacturers are authentic and have not included harmful chemicals on the sly. You would not like your friend to acquire allergies or ugly skin conditions, would you? They will just serve to destroy the extreme thoughtfulness behind your gift.

Reasons Why Gifts Are Important For Women

Reasons Why Gifts Are Important For Women

If you have been in love, you must have gifted something or the other to your girlfriend, fiancée or your wife. Now, are these gestures really important in a relationship? The answer is ‘yes.’ Now let us find out why.

1. You feel accomplished

When a man gifts something to his beloved, it almost always makes him feel exceptional!

When it comes to women, there are numerous days that make them feel good. There are commemorations of when you two met, when you initially kissed and when both of you began your married life.

gift hampers in UK

The women have this incredible capacity to recall important days and events. So, it is important that you gift something on these days. To make things easier for you, there are custom made gift hampers in UK for you to purchase online.

2. A Gift can help you manage her tantrums!

It is always advisable to purchase some cute and pretty things ahead of time. This method never falls flat on its face. On the occasion she has thrown a tantrum or is angry with you, these gifts can bring her back to good mood! Gift her something from your stock pile and that make her all the fuss!

3. It is a great gesture of closeness and caring.

Present the gift with a twist. Include some goofy, sentimental bits about the amount you missed her. Let her know in your own words how much you love, care and miss her. It is only a little thing; however it goes a long way in making the relationship better.

4. Gifting makes your reputation better.

Ladies like it when they are made to feel special. And a gift does just that. It makes them feel wanted. And it would almost always elevate your reputation in their minds and heart. Do this and see for yourself!


5. Gifts can help you reach closer to your lady

When you gift something that she likes, it creates a bond between the two of you, and in course of time, the relationship becomes stronger and better. It opens up the gates of love and companionship.

6. Gifting makes you irreplaceable

When done properly, a gift can make you the most important person in her life. In other words, it makes you indispensable! However, the gift needs to be perfect. In order to achieve this, you will have to genuinely understand her likes and dislikes and things that she longs for. This will make your gift just the one she needs!

7. Gifts can mend a broken relationship

If you have problems in a relationship and want to settle things or say sorry, a gift happens to help your cause! It is true that words are important, however when complimented with gifts, it goes a long way to bring the relationship back into the groove.

So the mantra is simple. You should always gift stuff to your lady love if you want to win her over for a lifetime! In the event that she doesn’t like to be pampered by gifts, then simply make a homemade card and write a love poem for her or pen down your honest thoughts for her to read. This gift is intangible, but the effect lasts for a lifetime!