The process called gifting

Vacations or holidays, festivals or functions, gifts are a very integral part of celebrations. If it’s about pacifying someone angry or it’s about expressing your love, gifts come in very handy. If you want to show someone your interest, appreciation, gratitude or even if you are trying to create new relationship or strengthening the old ones, gifts are always there. Gifting is not just an act, it’s a complete process- determining what needs to be given and making sure that it fits with the person. Then also need to be seen that the gift is in budget. Searching for the gift is an emotional act. Earlier it used to be a hard play sending gift to someone far away, but now gift hampers delivery is an easy task- order online and get it delivered to the recipient’s door steps.

Now the question stands- how to find the perfect gift?


1. Decide on your budget - This will help you narrow down your choices and will be easy on your pocket. Overwhelming budget will keep you away from the pleasure of gifting next time.

2. Occasion - Gift according to the occasion. If it is an emotional moment, you might want to gift something that they will cherish forever. On other time, you might want to gift something funny.

3. Personality of recipient - Keep in mind what kind of person recipients are. Are they traditional, flamboyant, eccentric, quirky, elegant or girly? That would help you narrow down the options even more.


4. Situation - If they have moved in to a new home or place, it might be a good option to gift them something decorative or something they might use. If they are into a tiring job, you can gift them something for pampering or relaxing like a session to spa.

5. Likes and dislikes - It is always good to know what kind of things they like. Whether they like funky or something practical, decorative or memoirs! If they have certain hobby, it is best to gift them something related to that.

6. Nature of the recipient - If the person is shy or bold, if they are expressive or secretive or if they are creative or an avid reader, gift them something that will suit their nature.


You can consider the following gifting options:

  • Memory box is a wonderful gift. You can make one with photographs and mementos relevant to them.
  • For milestone celebrations, gift a photo album full of photos of their journey till today.
  • Handmade or personalized gifts always hold more emotional touch.
  • Treasure hunt is a wonderful way of gifting. You can start with all the little gifts you can find and keeping a grand gift for the end.
  • The best gifts may not necessarily expensive but are the ones that mean a lot to the one who receives.
  • Handmade treats are the good gifts for close ones.

The more thoughtful and imaginative your gift is, the more cherished recipient will feel.

Have a happy gifting!

Go too much with gifts

Hampers can be an overall gift for someone. It can consist of numerous items a person likes. If you are not very good at creating hampers, then here are some things you could include in the basket to create a great bunch of items.


1. Wine -
Any Wine or the wine the person likes can be an item in the hamper. It is classy and a tasty item to add.

53_1_sweet hampers

2. Chocolates -
Cute cupcakes, chocolates and toffees can be one of the things that can enhance the hamper. Also, make sure to find colourful chocolates or cupcakes.

12_chocolate hampers

3. Cards -
A number of cards with lovely messages on it. Everybody loves some praise, so why not give it a shot.

4. Flowers-
Colourful, scented and gorgeous flowers are the best gift for a woman. So, if you are planning to give a hamper to your favourite lady, add flowers to highlight its look.


5. Liquor -
If you know your friend is not a wine lover, then other mini liquor bottles are a great choice for a hamper.

6. Good luck plants -
Exotic bamboo plants are a famous item to bring luck at home. This can be a sweet part of the gifts.

7. Perfumes -
Who doesn’t like perfumes? If you have a few perfumes to gift, add all in the basket and it will be a good surprise.


8. Gift vouchers –

Who doesn’t like further free gifts? Almost every website offers gift cards and vouchers. So purchase one and add it to the list.

9. Gadgets –

If you are planning to go a step bigger with hampers, then a phone or headphones would be a great complement to the basket. You can also include digital bed side watches and other things, they like or have wanted to buy.


10. Funky stuff -
Youngsters would love some spunky items in their hampers. Maybe a pair of pretty earrings, neckpieces, hats or bracelet or some action figure, caps, socks, WWE Cards, etc. would be something they would definitely want.
There are not just these ten items but plenty other things you can make hampers with. Remember to always keep a simple card in it. Also, decoration of the outside basket or box is essential too. That’s what creates excitement regarding the hamper. Brainstorm more ideas before you send away the basket of gifts. If you know the person extremely well, make sure to gift all their favourite items. Preparing a hamper is not as difficult as it may seem. Just go one step at a time and you will be great at it. It is no rocket science after all. Get your hampers delivered now! We hope these things were helpful and interesting to read.

Gifts May be Affordable, Yet Wonderfully Noteworthy

Gifts May be Affordable, Yet Wonderfully Noteworthy

Technological advancements have made it possible to obtain everything ‘readymade’ in shops. However, they do not carry that personal touch. Would it not be better to stretch your creativity to its maximum limit and come up with customised, innovative cheap hampers that are suited for all kinds of occasions?


  • Children: The colouring basket for toddlers is meant for young kids, who love to draw and colour pictures. You may obtain an assortment of colouring books and papers, along with a couple of boxes containing crayons or colouring pencils. Place diverse kinds of stickers, non-toxic markers and a pair of safe scissors too. A final addition would be a small paint box with a couple of brushes.
  • College Students: A student entering college will love to have some healthy snacks on hand. They may be accompanied by a couple of hand towels and washcloths, a pair of nail clippers, a stack of pens and pencils, a book light, a bunch of papers and supplies suitable for a printer, and a mouse pad. As a bonus, you may add a gift certificate for a favourite CD and a phone card.
  • Letter Writer: Do you know someone who loves to write letters? If so, please present the following items to this individual. They include a stack of diversely sized envelopes, a few cards or notepapers, several pens and pencils, rubber stamps for decorating the envelopes, ordinary postage stamps, personalised seal and sealing wax, return address labels and letter opener.
  • Photographer: Then again, you may have a photograph enthusiast within your circle of friends. This individual will treasure the items presented by you! You may include a couple of film rolls, a picture album, lens cleaner and lens cloth, picture frame and matte, camera filters, photo print paper and a few coupons that will help him/her have his/her pictures developed for free.
  • Avid Gardener: You may obtain all kinds of hand tools for this person. A pair of gardening gloves and heavy-duty lotion for the hands should prove highly useful. Push in a few packets containing seeds of vegetables or flowering plants, along with liquid fertiliser, some plant markers and a pair of kneeling pads. Finally, present a subscription for a gardening magazine and a well-known book on gardening.
  • Grandparent: Would you like to bestow something upon your favourite grandparent? Well, this person will like nothing more than fond memories of his/her family. Begin with a few videos and framed photographs of the family. Add a scrapbook and artwork created by your children. Each child may even offer a personalised gift. It if is Christmas time, do add a few handcrafted ornaments and a polar fleece lap blanket. A long-distance calling card should permit him/her to stay in touch with all of you. Finally, place his/her favourite pieces of candy, tea packets and coffee jars.

The above are just a few examples. Do ponder upon the recipient’s individual tastes, his/her hobbies, requirements and food indulgences, before you begin your gift-making task.

Make Your Staff Happy by Awarding these Gifts

Make Your Staff Happy by Awarding these Gifts

Unlike earlier times, when hamper gifts in UK and other places were sent around only during Yuletide, such presents are deemed as perfect for any occasion. Several online and offline stores offer readymade gift hampers filled with all kinds of eatables or other goods. Alternatively, you may create your own personalized gifts for your loved ones, regardless of wherever they reside.


  • A hamper with your personal stamp are welcomed with joy during baby showers, naming ceremonies, birthday celebrations, graduation events, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so many other festive events.
  • In case, you just wish to let someone know how fond of them you are, or that you are thinking of them, fill your basket with his/her favourite items. They could be specific styles of clothing, chocolates, soft toys, books, fruits, flowers, etc.
  • Adding names, favourite colours, flags to indicate country of origin, decorations, or messages, awards a special ‘personal’ touch to the present, which will be cherished forever by the recipient.

Gift hampers are marvellous for showing employees and executives how much you appreciate them and desire to maintain a strong relationship with them.


  • Receptionists: There is no denying that the amount spent on targeted sections will vary, in accordance with their status in the company and profile characteristics. For instance, although the front office receptionist (generally female) is a very important person for the organisation, you cannot give her something more valuable than what you bestow upon a top executive. You should be able to obtain a few health and beauty products, a couple of wine bottles, dried fruits and the like for 50 pounds. Her feminine mindset will even find a good use for the wicker basket containing all the goods.
  • Sales Team: You may allot a budget of 100 pounds for each one since they struggle to convince clients to clinch good deals. A sales representative is ideally a young male, who is dynamic, looks forward to travel and aims to complete his goals as quickly as possible. A hamper filled with alcoholic beverages that will not get him drunk, various kinds of cheese, chocolates, nuts, and similar kinds of foodstuffs should prove to create a party atmosphere in his house.


  • Senior Executives: In this case, your budget for each individual may lie anywhere between 200 pounds to 500 pounds. You decide upon the hierarchy that exists in your establishment. Each male and female will have different tastes. You will have to put in some effort to note down their individual favourites and allergies, if any. Someone may be very conscious of health. Another may have such deep concerns for the environment and self, that he/she consumes only organic foodstuffs. Customized hampers are the only option here.

In a way, your gesture helps to promote the values and culture nurtured within your organisation. Employees will like working for a company that offers such thoughtful gifts at the right time. No establishment can hope to succeed in the absence of healthy bonding.

Commendable Gift Ideas for Babies

Commendable Gift Ideas for Babies

It feels great to see a new born baby enter the life of their parents, filling it with tears of joy. As soon as its birth takes place, it immediately becomes a zone of attention by the friends and family members. This also makes it pretty obvious for them to think of awesome gifts and hampers for the little tot. No doubt a wide range of baby hampers in UK can be selected for the child, which will offer recreational and fun-filled activities for the baby. Take a look at some of these options.


  • Try a baby hamper for useful products:

A commendable collections of useful items for a baby all gathered in a beautiful basket can be one of the many gifts that one can think of. This basket might consist of baby bottle, baby oil, baby soap, baby powder etc. Even a diaper pack can be added to this basket for creating a wonderful and useful gift hamper for the little one. A diaper pack’s addition will help parents get the baby a cosy fit for emergencies. It is quite helpful in outdoor places.

  • Soft toys and educational toys:

This is another great selection as a gift for babies. Babies are always curious to see new items present in this world. And, toys can offer them that curiosity in a safe environment. Moreover, the toys of today are quite educational as well. So, babies are able to learn on the go. Soft toys would be the first choice of many, but if properly searched for, people can find a wide range of safe toys for babies which will offer more joy to them. Some might love the sound of music for while others might care for something colourful, there are plenty of choices to choose from.


  • Baby clothes:

Next idea comes in the form of wearable. Clothes for babies will offer something more than just education and entertainment. It offers protection. But, protection of the soft baby skin does not have to lack style, now does it? Which is why baby clothes of today are offered in a variety of colours of fashion. Socks, mittens booties, bibs, baby hats etc. might be some of the many clothes offered for these cute and cuddly babies. This could certainly be a great present for baby shower etc.

  • Custom gifts:

Besides these individual gifts, there can be some hampers that offer a variety of all these above-mentioned gifts. Baby quits, clothes, diapers, toys, etc. can all be selected and combined to develop a nice gift basket so that the little one can have it all.

What babies offer people is more joy than the total summed up in an individual’s life. Being a parent makes one revive to such an extent that he/she forgets all sadness and troubles of life. Even the friends and family members feel happy about it. And, its first time in the world can be made special when people gather to make the occasion as such.

A Tradition that has Sustained till Today

A Tradition that has Sustained till Today

The tradition of presenting gift hampers for varied occasions originated in Europe. Gradually, the idea spread to the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Australia. In modern times, it has become a global phenomenon, especially with the advent of the Internet. As a result, you may place orders for online hampers in UK and other places across the world.


Religious Backgrounds of Gift Hampers

  • Although the term ‘hamper’ was not in use in Ancient Times, the idea of carrying gifts in a basket was definitely in place. To illustrate, Eostre, the pagan Goddess of the Saxon people residing in Northern Europe, would carry plants in a basket to be used as sacred offerings for the Gods. Her name is derived from the Latin ‘Eastre’, that is, spring, Since then, gift baskets became synonymous with Easter celebrations.
  • The thought of using a wicker basket for bestowing gifts was probably derived from a story in the Old Testament. Jochebed, a Hebrew woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Egypt. Fearing a future rebellion by the increasing number of Jews in the country, the Egyptian Pharaoh ordered all Hebrew newborns to be killed. Jochebed lined a wicker basket with waterproof tar, placed her baby in it and left it amongst the reeds growing on the banks of the River Nile. The Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby and fortunately, employed his own mother to nurse and care for him until he grew up. Later on, she adopted the boy, giving him a new name, Moses. Moses became a Prophet, the receiver of the Ten Commandments from God.

Origin of Gift Hampers

  • During the 11th century, the French found it convenient to transport wine and foodstuffs across land and sea, in well-packed baskets. Every basket was referred to as ‘hanapier’, that is, a case containing goblets.
  • The first person to bring the hanapier to England was William the Conqueror. This was during the Victorian Era.
  • Thenceforth, the British began to use large, woven wicker containers for transporting food. The well-ventilated, durable baskets kept food safe and unspoiled, even during long journeys. Furthermore, they were light in weight, unlike wooden boxes and barrels.
  • With the launching of the railway system in the 19th century, it became easier to forward even perishable goodies in gift hampers across the nation. The innovative idea was mooted by a departmental store in London.


They are Suitable for All Occasions

  • In the beginning, gift hampers were sent around to loved ones only during Christmas time. Even business owners believed them to be appropriate presents for their employees.
  • Recipients enjoyed the thought of finishing off the festive season with their favourite foods and drinks. Generally, there would be enough to last a week.
  • Over time, people began to dwell upon the idea of sending other things as gifts, especially for other celebratory events. Thus, apparel, sweets, toys, health and beauty items, flowers, etc. found their way into these hampers.

In modern times, external embellishments, such as ribbons, tinsels, etc. are also added, in order to make the hamper look more attractive.



Christmas meant for joy, giving, laughter, spending time with your family, for the decorations all around you, but it’s not wrong to say that Christmas is for love. The best prayer to God is love and that is what we practice on Christmas. And the one who is most deserving of this love are the kids of your family and every kid around you.

For kids, Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. As, for them it is a time for freedom, happiness and leaves from the school. Spending time with their father and mother, visiting the places they love, watching their favorite cartoon movies with their parents, they spend all their holidays in having fun and enjoyment. Interestingly, apart from all these things, whenever you ask a kid about the Christmas then just one thing springs to his mind, the CHRISTMAS GIFTS. This is because that everybody wants to have gifts and kids are the most demanding one in this regard. You just can’t avoid them; if you try they will not allow you.



So, it’s a better option to select some gifts for the kids around you and be on the safe side. Well, it’s a fact that presenting gifts to the kids and watching their faces sparkling with happiness will make you happy as well. This is the perfect way to refresh the spirit of Christmas.


You can also present gifts, like Christmas gift baskets for kids containing the items of their choice like the color pencils, markers and drawing stuff for some creative kids. You can also present them with some DIY stuff containing the different shapes cutters, stamps and duct tapes. Gift baskets containing all these items are easily available and can be ordered in just two minutes via internet.


Chocolates are the most favorite sweet of every kid. A CHRISTMAS GIFT hamper containing chocolates of different shapes and flavors will surely delight every kid. Chocolates could be considered as a gift universally accepted by kids. In fact, not only accepted, but accepted with great delight. Chocolate hampers like the bella cremini chocolate box and chocolate gift Ballotin can easily be ordered via the internet.



For a talented kid having fond of study, story books are the best gifts on Christmas. As, Christmas holidays provide sufficient time for them to study the story book. Story books containing pictures are the kid’s favorites stuff. You can give them story books related to kid’s favorite cartoon character like Winnie the pooh, Tom and Jerry or you can present them story books describing the old tales.


For some kids Christmas gifts are related to the food items. Visiting to a nearby restaurant with their parents and ordering the dish of their choice, or staying at home and ordering a home delivery of the dish of their choice can make them happy. Some kids like mince pies, while other’s favorite is a bottle of port. Having smoked ham, stilton and Christmas pudding in the dinner is the best treat for some of the kids.




Add the different things you like, or you think the kid you want to present the gift would like and make a Christmas gift hamper of your own. Fill it with all your favorite goodies and have it delivered to you the very next day.

Exotic Food Hampers Perfect for Christmas

Exotic Food Hampers Perfect for Christmas

Christmas is the great time of the year and for most of the women and even men the fun part about Christmas is the shopping. This year, on the splendid event of the Christmas the shopaholics can say welcome to a new shopping trend. That is, shopping of food hampers online. Yes, you can enjoy the festive season with the least effort and trouble linked to the tiresome visits to the markets for the shopping of different Christmas accessories. Secondly, if you want to check a variety of products before buying then there is no need to trouble your feet, just choose from the Christmas hampers UK collection on our website. You can search about the complete details of the products by clicking once on the product of your choice. You can also create your own lavish Christmas gift hamper by ordering the different products of your choice. Just please your friends and family with overflowing holiday treats and cakes packed in an adorable manner. Choose from a variety of gift hampers, shop online, save your time and money and bring a huge smile on the faces of your beloved family and friends.

16_christmas hamper


A perfect selection for your friends and family. It contains a perfect combination of different items including Belvoir Elder Flower Cordial, Scorched chocolate Hazelnuts 200gm, Honey & Almond Artisan Biscuits 125gm. Mini Nibs Chiii And Cheese Straws 65gm , Luxury Milk Fudge 100gm , Luxury Chocolate and Truffles Ballotin 125gm and 6 Luxury Mince Pies.all these items are packed in and adorable manner ina stylish square Wicker hamper basket. Along with a hand tied ribbon. This Christmas gift hamper will surely make your friends and family very happy and they will feel lucky to have it on the day of Christmas. It cost $ 57.10

Additionally, you can add a touch of personalization by attaching a personal message or card with it.

Berry Mint Hamper
a gift hamper packed with all the Christmas flavors inside it. Presented in a stylish manner in a beautifully made gift basket this will lead to the recipient’s delight and happiness. It contains luxury Mince Pies Made fresh at our bakery, Mint Chocolate Balls, dark Chocolate Coated Gianduja cream with a hazelnut centre, Luxury Mixed Dry Fruits and more. More precisely it is composed up of Clippers English Breakfast Tea 40’s, 3 Luxury Vienese Mince pies, Mint Chocolate Balls 450gm, THE FCC Plum Chutney 260gm
Bonieri Dark Chocolate Gianduja 100gm, Artisan Biscuits Honey Almond 125gm, Honey Blossom Rich fruit Cake Loaf 620gm, Belvoir Blueberry and Blackcurrant Cordial 500ml.
This gift hamper also provide you the option of personalization and cost $ 79.94.
Holly Hamper Basket
this is great gift, packed with all the Christmas Flavors this hamper is stylishly presented in a hamper Basket including a Luxury Mince Pies Made fresh at our bakery, Mint Chocolate Balls, dark Chocolate Coated Gianduja cream with a hazelnut centre, Luxury Mixed Dry Fruits and more. This Gift Hamper Includes: Clippers English Breakfast Tea 40’s , 3 Luxury Vienese Mince pies , Mint Chocolate Balls 450gm , THE FCC Plum Chutney 260gm, Bonieri Dark Chocolate Gianduja 100gm , Borders Chocolate and Ginger Biscuits 150gm , Luxury Dry Fruit Nut 100gm, Honey Blossom Rich fruit Cake Loaf 620gm , Belvoir Elderflower Cordial 500ml

Grand Royal Hamper

Packed with all the essentials for a perfect party this Christmas hamper a truly grand impression to your loved ones with Basket full of ingredients from all across America including Americans favorite Chocolate Coated Pretzels, Caramelized Corn with maple and fresh roasted cinnamon pecans and more all packed elegantly in a beautiful hamper box.

This Gift Hamper includes a lot of exciting component and also provides you the option of personalization in a cost of $ 220.78

Which hampers make up the best Xmas Hampers?

Which hampers make up the best Xmas Hampers?

Christmas is surely the most beautiful time of the year, a time of great joy and pleasurable indulgence. Selfless giving and quality family time are the remarkable features of the event. But things like festive food, colorful decorations and last but not the least the XMAS HAMPERs are among those features of Christmas which make the event just unforgettable and no one can deny the fact that everybody waits for the Christmas because of its association with hampers. Choosing gifts for your loved ones is really an important part of the festive fun and anticipation. Also, spreading love is the best thing anyone can do and selfless giving is the best way to spread the love.

Christmas hampers can be presented as a gift to somebody; you can bring them to your host or even, you can share them with your own guests. But the question is which one is the most suitable gift hamper to your loved ones. Surely it depends on whom you are presenting the hamper.


Usually the Xmas hampers include the chocolate hampers, festive feasts, cocktail hampers, Christmas cake hampers or the cracker hampers.
For some an ideal Christmas hamper is the one, that can delight them at Christmas and should include butter iced rich fruit cake, chocolates, tea, Wiltshire ham and cheeses altogether in one gift box, while for some others their luxurious gift hamper should contain the finest chocolates, exotic teas and truffle delicacies. While you consider that the gift hamper should contain the best of exquisite teas, biscuits, fine wines, jams and other such items. So, it really becomes difficult at times to please everybody.

But it’s not that difficult now days. As there is a variety of gift hampers available in a range of prices. These hampers are available for occasions other than Christmas as well like the Easter, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. this association with different events make the selection of the gift even easier. For example, if you want to buy some gift hampers for the Christmas then search for the Xmas Hampers or the Christmas hampers, thousands of websites will appear on your search engine offering many gift options. Interestingly, different gift hampers are available for different age groups and relations as well. Like Christmas hampers for kids, Christmas hampers for the parents and Christmas hampers for the love of your life. So finding the best XMAS HAMPER for your loved ones is no more a difficult task as it has become easy to find the finest food or the best drink or the best set of chocolates for your friends and family.

Now you can easily present XMAS HAMPERS containing food and drinks, savory treats, delicious chocolates and festive trimmings including the sweet and soft fruit cakes and mince pies. You can order the gift hampers to deliver to your home or you can directly deliver the gift to the lucky recipient if he or she lives nearby. An exciting hamper, wrapped in a worth looking manner will surely please the recipient and will result in you being appreciated.

So, present one of the best Christmas hampers to your loved one and treat your family and friends with great care and love and celebrate with them a really special Christmas day.

They are Adored the World Over

They are Adored the World Over

What constitutes as a universal favourite? Chocolate confectionaries, of course! Regardless of age or gender, people cannot wait to sink their teeth into scrumptious looking, delicious tasting, soft and chewy bars, candies, pretzels, balls, truffles, pralines, chips, cookies, etc. Thus, you may imagine the extreme joy with which people receive sweets hampers in UK, especially when they arrive on festive occasions, birthdays, or special events.


Chocolate Comes from Cacao

  • If you should visit a hot, tropical region making a swatch of 20 degrees south and north of the Equator, you will find flourishing forests housing Cacao (Theobroma cacao) trees in addition to other species of the plant kingdom.
  • This indicates that the Cacao trees are native to nations situated in Southeast Asia and Oceania, West Africa, and South and Central Americas.
  • Amongst the lot, Brazil, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Ghana, Cameroon and Indonesia are the top producers of Cacao.
  • It is easy to recognize these heat- and wind-sensitive trees, for their large-sized leaves are green and glossy; they appear akin to outstretched human hands. The leaves of immature plants are flashy and red.
  • If the leaves are so large, the trunks must be tall too. Their height ranges anywhere between 20 to 60 feet. They are shielded from the elements by other trees like hardwoods and others, which reach up to 200 feet in height.
  • The flowers are quite pretty. They may be pink or white. Over time, they change into colourful pods (fruits) containing sugary-tasting juice and bitter-tasting seeds.
  • These seeds are commonly referred to as cacao or cocoa beans. They are used to make chocolaty confectionaries.


Cacao Farming

However, no one goes into the forests to pick the beans. Instead, small family farms are used to grow Cacao trees.

  • First, good-quality seeds are placed in a plastic bag or a fibre basket. They are tended with great care, prompting the shoots to spring up quickly.
  • Within a few months, the tiny saplings are transplanted along with their containers. A waiting period of three to five years is required for the plants to become full-grown, seed-producing trees.
  • Sustainable agricultural practices are in vogue, with the cacao trees receiving good shade from the taller trees around them. These protectors may be cash crops like hardwood, banana, or rubber.
  • The mature seeds are transported to the shops of local market dealers via rugged trucks, donkeys, or carts. They may even be carried manually, in sacks. From there, the beans are forwarded to local or international factories.

Every factory has its trade secrets for producing diverse kinds of chocolates. Nonetheless, the basic processes, such as grinding, pressing, heating and stirring remain the same everywhere.

It may amaze you to know that your love for chocolate-containing sweets is responsible for providing a livelihood to more than 40 or 50 million people worldwide. In modern times, demand is outgrowing supply. Even an annual production of 4 million tonnes seems too little to satisfy people’s excessive partiality towards chocolaty stuff!