Some Hobby Based Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are a wonderful way to gift many items to a loved one. Instead of breaking your head over that one gift you might give, why not give a whole hamper of gifts?

This might sound expensive and difficult, but it really isn’t. You can select a variety of inexpensive items to go into the hamper. As for difficulty, you can design the hamper around a theme, like the hobby of the recipient.

As for finding out the hobby, you can do a bit of snooping around like ask friends, family and colleagues or peek into their social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook. Once you have discovered the hobby of the person, it is really easy to come up with inexpensive but useful items to fill the hamper.


Here are a few ideas for hobby based gift hampers:

Music Lover’s Basket

This is a basket for someone who loves music, whether she plays an instrument, works in a music related industry or simply loves to sing in the shower.

  • Container: Can be a CD storage box/ a basket/ bag featuring built-in speakers
  • Earphones: Essential gift for music lovers from simple ones to heavy duty professional ones
  • Portable speakers: to share music with others
  • 3.5 mm audio jack splitter: so two people can enjoy the music at the same time
  • FM transmitter: ideal for car stereo.
  • MP Player: If your loved one does not yet have a media Player, get her one and upload some of her favourite music on it.
  • Music: The best gift is the music loved by the recipient like favourite band/ composer/ artist, etc. you can down load music for free from sites like Amazon and Musopen.
  • CD rack/ storage box: for those who are collecting CD’s.
  • Musical instruments: A roll up drum kit / electric piano/ harmonica or flute
  • Vinyl records: For music lovers who want to store their music in digital format.
  • Concert tickets: Tickets for his/her favourite musical act
  • Karaoke set: To sing along.
  • Shower radio: Water resistant radio to play while showering.
  • For those who want to play music: Sheet music, sheet music stand, sheet music clip, accessories for instruments, and music themed memorabilia.


Gardening Gift Basket:

  • Container: tote for garden tools/basket/ large pot/leaf bag/ straw hat/rain barrel
  • Pillow: to rest knees while gardening
  • Stool: to rest while working in the garden
  • Water hose nozzle: In all shapes and sizes to minimize usage of water
  • Seeds: flower seeds, vegetables seeds, flower bulbs
  • Planting tray: to get started on seeds
  • Plants
  • Gloves: keep clean and protect from nettles and thorns
  • Hat: to protect from sun
  • Sun screen
  • Water bottle: To keep thirst at bay
  • Pruner/ hand shears
  • Trowel/ Shovel
  • Garden cultivator: to comb the soil surrounding the plants
  • Water spray bottle
  • Watering can
  • A kit to make scarecrows
  • Rain barrel: A device to collect rain water
  • Garden leaf bag: to pile up all the dry leaves while cleaning the garden
  • Solar lights
  • Bird house
  • Books and magazines on gardening

These are some of the great ideas on hobby based gift hampers. You can send these gift hampers by post to your loved ones.

Surprise your loved ones with some amazing gift hampers!

A very nice way to surprise one’s near and dear ones is by offering gifts. Gifts have the power to bring a smile on anyone’s face. Gift hampers have further been popular in the recent present times since they are easy to order and deliver. A very nice approach of reaching the near and dear one’s with a beautiful present is what the gift vouchers promises. Hampers are also referred to as the gift baskets since they literally symbolize a basket which if filled with assortment of materials. This trend of gift hampers delivery started long back and it still continues to be one of the best gifting modes in the present times.


There are myriad types of gift hampers, which are available in the market today. Each one is unique and different in its own way. Gift hampers are couture of options that one can think of in terms of items. Food, chocolates and sweets are some of the popular and in demand gift hampers. In the recent times, various new types of hampers have come into vogue. Beauty and bathing hampers are the latest one, which symbolizes luxury and fashion in its very niche. Let’s take a walk through some of the gift hampers ideas:

  • Food Hampers- An ideal gift for foodies, food hampers includes assortment of food items that can be packaged to form a perfect gift. Items can include drinks, muffins, cakes, cheese items and range of other food materials that form a sumptuous delight. Either a single theme can be selected such as a basket full of muffins or a range of mix or match options can be tried out such as muffins, cheese and other food treats.


  • Chocolate hampers- Another exciting way to surprise your loved ones is through chocolate hampers. Lots of options are available such as plain caramel, milk chocolates, dark chocolates and truffles. Special varieties such as Belgian flavour and other types can also be selected. Chocolates are the easiest way to please someone and a basket full of chocolates is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • Sweet hampers- Be it any occasion, the best way to extend the warm regards is by offering sweet hampers which can include mithai, sweets and drinks of different kinds of flavours. They can be coupled with flowers or best wishes messages to complete the gifting aura.


  • Bath and beauty hampers- A novel concept, bath and beauty hamper can include a variety of luxurious items to pamper one. Gels, lotions and spa kit are some of the common items, which are included in the bath and beauty hampers. Assortment of items such as sprays, lotions and perfumes can be clubbed to form the most exotic range of items.

All these ideas can be put to place on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other festivities. A nice and elegant way to express one’s emotions hampers oozes out fervour of delight and happiness, which form the essence of the gifting items.

10 Tips for Organizing a Corporate Anniversary

People observe their wedding anniversaries and never miss the date ever! And yes, there is nothing wrong in it. Anniversaries help us replay the past and give us a chance to resolve for good days ahead. However, when it comes to celebrating a corporate anniversary at our workplace, things don’t look as enthusiastic. Here, we will shed some light on the how’s and why’s of celebrating a corporate anniversary.

Corporate anniversaries are a heavenly chance to correspond with your crowd – customers, prospects, workers, and past clients – and an impeccable time to share your success story. It’s an opportunity to discuss why you began your business in any case, where you’ve been, your purpose, and what makes your business different.


Not certain how to begin? Look at this rundown of ten approaches to observe a corporate commemoration.

1.Content: The lead-up to a commemoration is an extraordinary time to assemble, survey, and understand your organization’s advantages from the years of experience. Search through your collection for photographs, old leaflets and crusades, and so forth. Send a review to your past and current customers requesting that they impart vital stories. Meet some of your first or longstanding representatives. This will help you collect a lot of good content for the anniversary celebrations, speeches and presentations.

2.Posters: Create a pamphlet – or devote a divider in your office or store areas – showcasing highlights from your organization’s history and praising where you’ve been.

3.Website page: Share your story on a devoted site or website page. Offer it on your landing page and add the connection to your email signature.

4.Feature: Produce a video feature that recounts your story and discusses your qualities, highlights from your years in business, ventures you’ve entered, unique minutes or stories, and what makes you diverse.

5.Press Release: Send out a news story that highlights your essential development – and why it is important to your group or industry.

6.Sponsorship: Celebrate your commemoration by supporting a nearby or industry occasion.

7.Gift: Connect your commemoration with a non-profit association that you care about. This will showcase your company’s human side and help in branding. For example, if budget is a constraint, you can send cheap gift hampers to orphanages as a token of your corporate responsibility to the society.

39_cheap gift

8.Logo: Create a unique commemoration logo (or slogan) to stamp real points of reference. Add it to your site, your stationery, your email mark, and signage in your office.

9.Deal or Promotions: Invite your customers and prospects to celebrate with you by facilitating a deal or challenge joined with your commemoration.

10.Office Fests: Host a gathering for your customers. Request a cake for your workers or eat out together and celebrate.

Commending corporate anniversaries doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. It can be done easily if there is a clear mindset and a focused approach. You can definitely make it a success with a pinch of creativity!

Spread your sweetness with Sweet gift hampers

Spread your sweetness with Sweet gift hampers

Every person whether a child, a grownup or an old age person loves to eat chocolates and sweets. These little wrappings have such a delightful and sweet taste that it spreads joy and happiness especially when shared with your loved ones. And as being a product that is loved by everyone, it is also an ideal gift to present to someone. No one can say no to these sweet hampers.

6_Gourmet Muffins Gift Basket

And now for the ease of the customers companies are also offering the service of delivery of such extraordinary and delicious sweet gift hampers. The delivery can be done at the buyer’s place or also, to surprise your loved ones, it can be delivered directly to their place. Also, one additional benefit in availing this opportunity is that the companies’ performance is so excellent; that they efficiently manage to deliver the hamper within 24 hours of placing the order, which can be better known as the sweet hamper next day delivery; therefore, it is an easily available, affordable and exciting gift to present to your loved ones belonging to any age group.

Many companies also give its customers the opportunity to customize the gift hampers according to their choices. They can either make them according to the choices of little children or adults, diabetic or non diabetic, parents or spouse etc. and these customizations can also vary from occasion to occasion. For instance, different sorts of sweet hampers can be presented on the Valentine’s day while some other kinds of sweets can be added to the hamper that is to be given on a birthday or thanksgiving etc.

Different hampers contain different kinds of sweets; some can have all the chocolates or sweets of the same kind, while some can contain different ones according to the choice of the customers. Different kinds of chocolates consist of KitKat, Blue Riband, YORKIE, Dairy Milk, Mars, Bounty etc. Other than that dark chocolate hampers or white chocolate hampers are also available. Moreover, sweets for the people having diabetes are also available to gift, in order to add those people in the happy moments as well.

53_sweet hampers

Not just chocolates, but also tea gifts are available for your loved ones, in which different items such as mugs, tea leaves, different sorts of eatables etc are included. Every item is unique in its own way as it represents different sort of love towards the other person. It is the perfect way to make your loved ones feel special and excited with the help of these sweet hampers and according to the size of the gift hampers and the number of items included in it; the price range also vary in order to make it easier for every person to buy a special hamper and get it delivered according to the purchasing power of the buyer.

The starting price of these hampers begins from only $38 and goes up to $130. With the rise in the price, the items in the hamper also increase and hence make it a bigger sweet hamper. Moreover, another way that companies have derived to make your loved ones feel special is by writing a customized message on a ribbon, which they make sure to write in the most special and beautiful way to excite your loved ones. This special message is then placed on the face of the sweet hamper and the whole package is wrapped beautifully to make it safe and beautiful at the same time, to be then presented to the receiver on the very next day of the order placing. So just make up your mind and buy the best sweet hampers to share the joy with your loved ones.

Exotic Way to Please Women

The tradition of giving and taking gifts has been prevailing in the human beings for generations, and is known to be the best way to show love towards others. It not only shows love, but also represents the care, concern and affection a person has towards the other people. For this reason, now the gift giving tradition has become so common that people treat their loved ones with special gifts on different occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings and other special events. This increasing trend in UK has made it difficult for people to cope with the moving fashion and the latest trends that are going on in the market, and has also made it difficult to select the right gift for the right occasion, which would please the other person. Moreover, women have been known to be more creative than men, due to which it has been easier for them to come up with different gift ideas for their loved ones; which puts the men on the other hand in a critical position to get exciting and equally creative gift baskets for women UK too.

basket for womenThere are so many categories, varieties, price ranges that it becomes exhausting and frustrating to choose the right gift that would make the other person happy. But now this is no more a problem, as many companies in United Kingdom are now offering exciting and unique gift hampers especially designed for women. These gift hampers belong to different categories, such as hampers comprising of beauty products, gift baskets full of chocolates, baskets with different beauty products and soft toys and many other different categories and are also comprised of different unique items having unique colors, scents, taste and looks that would excite the women especially, all of the attributes mentioned above are chosen by experts, who carefully look into the details of the products and its prices and benefits and develop and select the baskets keeping in mind the needs and demands of women. These gift baskets for women in UK are created on pre order basis. Different websites provide its customers with different varieties to select the gift hamper of their choice and also these hampers can be customized according to the requirements of the clients. However, if any customization is done, the changes in prices are made accordingly. The quality and the quantity of the gift hampers are specifically maintained by the employees in order to not make any compromises in the satisfaction of the customers. Moreover, the gift hampers are also packed in attractive wrappings that have colors that are wisely chosen according to the choices of women, and are also wrapped with beautiful ribbons and other accessories to make it look even more attractive.

Many companies along with providing the service of different wrappings also give the facility of getting these gift hampers delivered to their destination. This helps the buyer in saving a lot of energy and costs attached and also give the chance to excite the women at home with the special delivery at their doorsteps. The payment methods are also different, in order to give more ease to the customers; buyers can either make payments at the time of purchase through credit cards, or can get their items delivered at their homes and make the payment at the time of delivery. All these facilities that have been provided by the businesses and different websites operating in the United Kingdom have summed up together to provide better services to the customers in order for them to share their love with their loved ones and to spread joy and happiness and build stronger and healthier relationships.

Best Gifting Ideas for Your Loved Ones

The most special way to make someone feel loved is through an equally special gift hamper. Sometimes it really doesn’t even matter what you gift but how you gift it. People these days often end up with various wacky ideas when it comes to thinking about a unique gift. So let us guide you through it and make you well prepared for such extra special occasions.

20_gift hamper

Best Season of Gifting:

Gift hampers are something that people desire unexpectedly and almost every time. So you really can’t name a particular time as a perfect gifting season. Gifts are most welcome, any time or anyhow. But still we can enlist some unusually ideal events:

  • Birthdays: The most common occasion where people celebrate their own existence is their birthday. A whole lot of parties trail and a bunch of gifts are expected then.

37_birthday hampers

  • Valentine’s Day: This is really the most happening gifting event followed worldwide and that too across a seven-day time period (rose, propose, kiss, hug, teddy, chocolate and Valentine).
  • Christmas / New Year: This time of the year people go on a shopping spree, pampering themselves and their closed ones. They are completely in an affectionate mood and love to surprise each other as their Santa. New year’s eve mostly hosts a bulk of parties packed with gifts and resolutions for the coming year.

3_christmas hampers

  • Family Day: People celebrate their time as a united family and make this day even more beautiful with a customized gift.
  • Father’s Day / Mother’s Day: Kids love to thank their parents for making their life so much worth living whether it is for their guidance or unconditional love.

5_fathers day

  • Brother’s / Sister’s Day: The bond between the siblings becomes more admirable when they present each other with some funky items.
  • Daughter’s Day: Parents endure their love for their princess life-long and what best can be the occasion to make her experience that feeling.
  • House Warming: Gifting is the best thing to mark the entry of someone into their new house.
  • Weddings / Anniversaries: You can even get penalized for not getting a special gift on this day.

3_wedding hampers

Variety of Choices:

You can have a great deal of presents that can suit every taste, occasion and budget. Few to name would be:

  • Flowers are an all time favourite, whatever the occasion might be.
  • Chocolates / flavoured cookies
  • Teddies / soft toys can win over anybody’s heart
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Jewellery sets
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Greeting cards
  • Books, Food and Wine
  • Gift vouchers or customized hampers

Recommendations to choose a gift as per age group:

  • Bundle of joy for kids: Look for an adorable smile on their face when bestowed with some super cute teddies / toys.
  • Friends: You know them the best so why not present them with some beautiful surprise that defines your friendship.
  • Siblings: Astonish them with something that they have been longing for and that too with your pocket money.
  • Parents / Elderly People: Give them something that shows your respect for them.
  • Your Beloved (Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Spouse): This needs to be extremely special and expensive…mind it. The more rare it is, the better effect it will have.

So choose your favourite option and let you gift deliver your message of love. Even physical location is not a constraint these days to make some know how much they mean to you. You can get your presents delivered anywhere / anytime across the globe. Don’t think any further, you get “n” number of choices nowadays to send gift hampers in UK, US, Australia, etc.


Steps to make healthy Skin

Having good skin is the dream of everyone specially women. Form But there are many factory that effect the skin like genetics, skin care, exercise etc. no doubt that genetics plays a vital role in developing anyone good skin tone and giving the skin it basic form but is it possible that two sister having some genes and skin type and one that a lot of care for her skin and the other sister don’t bother of moisturize, apply sun blood and never protect her skin form pollution. Obviously there would be a huge difference in the skins. Thus for healthy glowing skin, skin care is the best option left. Always buy products from a reputable company and it you want to send gift to a girl then sending a beauty gift basket Uk is really an ideal gift to surprise loved ones. There are many steps to make healthy skin that are as follows.

gh wm
Protection from sun:
The sun is the main culprit for early wrinkles, sing freckles, fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone and also cause skin cancer.

The main way to protect from sun burn is

• By using good sunscreen having at least SPF 35 and re apply sun screen every two hours as its protection lowers with time.

• By taking protection in shades whenever possible.

• By using fully covered cloths especially between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in summers. One should give priority to full sleeves shirts and full pants and wear wide hats.

Skin care:

No two skins can be same on with care and one with not. Skin care is the best option to avoid skin problems. Here are the steps for healthy skin care


• Do daily cleansing with a good milk cleanser

• Always apply toner if you are doing cleansing to remove make up.

• Never use to much soap. Give priority to mild soap with less chemicals and the herbal ones.

• Never use hot water for wash. Always go for cool to warm water.

• Use a good moisturizer and apply with gentle strokes of message to help blood circulation.

• Use cosmetics form a reputable company and always go for mineral based make up products

• Give vitamin E a priority when selecting a moisturizing cream

• Apply night creams after the age of 30 daily. At night skin pours are open and thus it facilitate in easy absorption of cream to the skin.

Stay hydrated:

Drinking 8-12 glasses of water is the key for a glowing skin. And add on extra glass with a high level of activity or sweating. Water plumps up your skin cells and makes your skin look fresh and bright. When you’re dehydrated, your skin starts to dry out. It also triggers many skin problems. So stay hydrated and looks good.


Eat a healthy diet:

Whatever you eat your face would reflect it. Try to focus more on fruits and vegetables. Never go towards fried, oily and junk food to much. Establish a balanced eatin habit and incorporate a lots of green vegetable and leaves in your diet.

Avoid fizzy drinks:

The too much frizz and carbohydrates in the soda drinks hinders the skin cells to transport nutrition to the outer layer of skin thus resulting in a dull complexion.


Avoid stress

Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin — and a healthy state of mind — take steps to manage your stress. Set reasonable limits, scale back your to-do list and make time to do the things you enjoy. The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

How to Make a Great Gift Hamper for Valentine’s Day

Instead of gifting the same old roses and chocolates for this Valentine’s Day, why not let the creative juices flow and make a unique gift hamper.

3_valenties gift hamper

A typical gift hamper is made of a wicker or weave basket, which is lined with shredded paper or straw. It is now filled with treats and goodies, wrapped in cellophane and tied together with a bow and ribbon.

The market is filled with companies offering gift hampers- some pre-arranged and some customized according to your need and taste. Online gift hampers are available in plenty. But nothing can beat a Valentine’s Day hamper for your friend that you have assembled with your own hands and conceptualized in your mind.

Gift Box

14_gift for men

  • The box: You can make your own gift box, which has some advantages over store bought ones. You are free to choose the size of the box. Theme, design and colour are up to you. You can fill it with as many products and items as you like. No need to wait for a store to deliver the box.
  • Customizing the box: Decide on whether you want one single compartment or layers according to various themes. Create a box as you like. Don’t forget the lid. Line the hamper with tissue paper and some more after you have arranged gift items inside. Secure the box with a ribbon.  Include a bow and a hand written gift card.

Gift Hamper:

A gift hamper is as easy to make like a gift box. Only difference is that contents are visible before opening in the case of a gift hamper.

  • Plan what container you will be using such as tin, wooden crate, tray or wicker basket for the base. Your container can be anything from a fishing tackle box to a vintage hat box. Gift a box that can be reused. Teenage girls will appreciate a makeup kit filled with Valentine’s Day treats. A wife may like a craft box and the husband a tool box.
  • Include one star of the party or main gift. For instance, a woman may like a special necklace, a young teenager, an MP3 player or iPod shuffle and the man, a new DVD.
  • Go traditional: No need to ignore the traditional items. Valentine’s Day is incomplete without chocolates, so pack some favourite brands. Select some colourful candies like kisses or truffles or go online and buy some personalized M &M’s. Add a mixed collection of chocolates in the hamper.
  • To the base, add shredded paper or straw. Line the hamper with these so that the treats and goodies have proper cushioning.
  • Include a card. Create a sweet little card with a romantic thought etched on it. You can use a famous quotation or love poem or write your own love poem. Ensure that it is personal and sweet.
  • Wrap up the hamper: Wrap the hamper in some coloured cellophane (available at craft stores). Secure the hamper with a ribbon and tie a bow on the top.

You are now ready to create an impression with your gift hamper. If you are not up to it, you can order cheap gift hampers online in UK for the special day.

Some Ideas for Gift Hampers

Instead of buying one present for a loved one, surprise him or her with an entire basket filled with gift items. The good thing about gift hampers is that you can customize it for any occasion and to cater to all budgets.


If you are lost on what to gift a loved one or want to give multiple gifts, you can do well with a gift hamper filled with different goodies based on a particular theme. There are many online sources, which offer gift hampers of different types. But nothing can beat a gift hamper assembled at home. You can fill the hamper with all the TLC (Tender Loving Care) you can offer by choosing gifts that will be liked by the recipient.

Here are some steps to assemble your own gift hamper:

  • Choose some theme for your gift hamper. Choosing a theme narrows down the list of potential gift items and makes shopping easy. It may be easy or difficult to choose a theme based on the nature and preferences of the recipient. The theme may be easy if there are obvious needs of a recipient- if she is a new mother or a student leaving home for college. For a  birthday, one can choose themes based on the hobbies of the birthday girl or boy.

54_1_choose basket

  • Create a list of gift items that can go into your gift basket, especially when you have a theme. You can come up with new ideas while shopping, but it is always good to start with a list. Consider buying one or two expensive gifts, a few less expensive ones and some inexpensive novelty items. For instance, in case of a movie theme, main gift items could be DVD’s. Novelty items could be candy and popcorn. Try your hand at making some items yourself or enhancing some items with a personal touch. You can bake some cookies or cakes for a gourmet gift hamper.
  • Buy a selection of items for the gift hamper. One may face the adding up the price of a number of individual items. So keep a tab on the budget while shopping. Enhance the looks and quality of a particular item by repackaging them. For example, a lotion in a 99 cent plastic bottle will look like a grand gift when you package it in a glass bottle and tie a ribbon on top.


  • Next step is to select a container like a wicker basket for the gift hamper. Gather together all the items of your hamper to judge how big a container you will need. You can find plastic or wicker baskets of different shapes and sizes in craft stores. Or else, go for the unusual and pick a container that will also serve as a gift such as a pie dish, vase or baking tray. A wok or a chopping board can do well for a food themed hamper.
  • Arrange your hamper properly. Line the container with tissue paper and fill with shredded paper or cloth. Now, arrange the items carefully. The delicate items can be cushioned by adding scrunched up paper. You can wrap each item or/ and cover the whole hamper with cellophane or gift paper. Finish with ribbons and bows.


These are some ideas for assembling a gift hamper. After you finish creating them, get hampers delivered anywhere in the country, using a reliable courier.


How to Make Sweets Gift Hampers For Christmas

A sweet gift hamper is a basket filled with sweet tasting items and can be presented for a special occasion like Christmas. A sweet hamper is a wonderful choice if recipient has a sweet tooth but must be carefully assembled depending on his/her dietary restrictions.

53_sweet hampers

Assembling a sweet hamper at home as a gift is much better than buying a pre-arranged one from a store as it can be customized to a great deal. A sweet gift hamper for Christmas is a double treat. It can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season

Here some tips on how to assemble at home, Sweets Hampers in UK for Christmas:

  • Make a list of items you wish to include in the hamper depending on the likings of your recipient. Sweets included may be types of candies, chocolates, jellies and jams, cookies and cakes. Or, you can select a particular theme like chocolates and add different types of chocolates in a single hamper. You can buy items according to your budget.
  • Select a basket: The most popular baskets are wicker baskets with or without handles and lids. Buy all the ingredients of the hamper first, so you can select a basket that can accommodate all the sweet items. Choose a basket that is shallow and wide. Steer clear of baskets that are narrow and deep as they will not display contents properly.

53_1_sweet hampers

  • Cover the inside of the basket with tissue paper or a piece of quilting cotton. This adds to the good looks of the basket and protects the soft items from the hard surface of the basket. This cushioning also helps to transport the basket easily. You must wait for adding more height to the arrangement till you organize and position the items.
  • Crepe paper and shredded paper will do well to line the hamper. If you have a shredder, make your own fillers with a few sheets of coloured paper.
  • Now position the sweet items inside the hamper. Whether you are using a box or a basket, you should position items based on your preferences. The tradition is to place the larger items at the bottoms and smaller items at the top or in the front, but you can also stagger some small items at the back. You can place large items flat and surround with small items. If you wish to increase height of items, you can add tissue paper as cushioning.
  • The hamper can be decorated with ribbon or/and Christmas accessories like ornaments, bells, pine cones or holly leaves that can complement the sweets inside and stick to the holiday theme. Glue the decorations to any part of the hamper- sides/ front-back, rim, lid (if it has). These decorations must help improve the overall look of the hamper.
  • Wrap the entire basket, including all the sweets with coloured cling-wrap made of plastic. For making the basket more secure, use more layers of wrap. Ensure that whole basket from top to bottom has been covered.
  • Place a bow made of ribbon at the top of the hamper.

These are some tips on how to assemble a sweets basket at home for Christmas.