Making spirited choices for perfect gifts

Making spirited choices for perfect gifts

There are many occasions that call for you to express your love, appreciation or even humour now-a-days. The words may not flow as easily as they once used to; not many people have the time to become poets now-a-days! But sending gift hampers in UK has been a popular trend just as much as it is in the rest of the world. Want to gift something fabulous to someone within the country or outside? Then you just have to choose the right gift hamper to suit the recipient or the occasion. But let’s talk about how simple hampers can be made to “sparkle” by adding some fine wines that complement a gift hamper. Here are some options for you!


  • When red wines can be used – Red wines top the list when it comes to wine consumption all over the world. They look marvellous, have a full-bodied texture and complement most of the dishes we have. So, if you have friends who enjoy delicious and spicy food, include a bottle of red wine in your gift hamper so they can make their next meal with spicy grilled shrimp, roast duckling, grilled salmon and butter or wild rice and mushrooms a delicious interlude in their hectic lives.
  • A rosy affair – Add a rosy tinge to the subtle flavours your spouse would enjoy in his/her next meal. Rose wine bottles look extremely classy with their delicacy and promise of fresh, young tastes on the taste buds. Adding a bottle of this classy wine to a hamper being sent to people who enjoy their vegetable soups, bouillabaisse and tuna & egg topped breadstick or baguette would not be a bad idea.
  • Adding some pearly charm – After red wines, white wines are the next most common in wine-making factories. People love combining this more acidic and sharper wine with their meals of pesto pasta, chicken and mushroom paellas, wild mushroom soup, pork loin in cider-madeira sauce or a crab n’ corn soup to make them more interesting. White wines are just as easily available as red wines in major stores of all types.
  • La crème of wines – The best occasions call for the best in wines as gifts. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or want to thank someone special in your life, add glitter and glamour to the party by including choice sparkling wines in your menu. Gift these awesome wines for special occasions and make them come alive. Pricey dishes such as salmon and caviar, prosciutto with a summer melon salad or pate of chicken liver are best served with champagne or other varieties of sparkling wines.

A person may be hard to know read from his/her expressions but sometime the choice in food can reveal a lot. Wines are excellent accompaniments to most meals and are splendid choices for gifts. Specially bottled wines in your hamper will surely add zest and charm to it and will make your gift truly special.

Fall in love with chocolate all over again!

Fall in love with chocolate all over again!

Chocolate lovers are always on a quest to find something to excite their palates, all wrapped in chocolate. Chocolate is something that is adored by the old and young alike. They are great in food, have been used in cosmetic products too! This is such a popular food product that there are several chocolate hampers– hampers containing ONLY chocolates and nothing else, that have been in demand for a very long time now. So, here are some interesting varieties of flavoured chocolate that you must try if you have not already done.


  • Chocolates with bananas – Bananas are popular fruits. Most people enjoy eating bananas as a healthy snack or as part of a strict routine. Bananas have a fresh, sweet flavour that complements chocolate very well and this combination has been a huge hit in many places. You can easily get chocolate bars in this combination that you should not pass up, whether you are a food junkie or health conscious – it has something for both categories of people!
  • Black Pearl – Forget about Johnny Depp and his beloved Black Pearl for some time. Black Pearl chocolates are fantastic bars of chocolates that will surely grip your attention just as much as Depp did, or may be even more! Dark chocolate is mixed with ginger, black sesame seeds and wasabi to create a very unique and dark chocolate beauty. A burst of different flavours will hit you the moment you bite into this chocolate bar, and it is an experience that adventurous chocolate lovers would not want to miss.
  • Chocolate and lavender – Lavender is no longer confined to cloth dyes and cosmetics. This pretty variety of flower has travelled a long way from flower bouquets to delicious chocolaty concoctions! Truffles made of chocolate; lavender and hints of cardamom are hailed to be the next best thing in unique chocolates and are a must-have for chocolate connoisseurs looking for something truly beautiful but tasty.
  • Wild, wild chocolate – This is a combination of chocolate that you don’t want to try with a faint heart! Goat cheese combined with Pear Williams, powdered black pepper, buttercream and lots and lots of dark chocolate lead to the creation of one of the fanciest version of chocolates that one could have ever imagined. Pair these dark delicacies with the best of your wines and after a sumptuous meal to give your taste buds a heady treat.
  • Spirited treats – This version is sure to garner a lot of adulation and fan following! Who could have imagined that lemongrass, white chocolate Ganache, pink peppercorn and VODKA could create something so pretty and special that very few would be able to resist it? Try this exceptional combination of chocolate and the odd ingredients if you are in the mood to sample something bold and exciting in chocolate.

Chocolate lovers will never tire of experimenting with different types of chocolates and people all around the world will continue to cook up some more fabulous chocolate-laced recipes. Get ready to hear about some more exciting chocolate hampers in the near future!

The history behind some extraordinary gifts

The history behind some extraordinary gifts

Do you have sweaty palms when you want into a gift shop are a dazzled but also confused by the wide range of birthday hampers that you find there? Then don’t worry; there are plenty of people in the present and in the past that have faced dilemmas similar to yours. In fact, the facts behind some of the well-known gifts are so bizarre that you will congratulate yourself on your gifting skills that are definitely better than that of some others!


  • A statue of friendship – Long back before countries were only competing against each other for power and land, there were days when one country would laud the bravery and nobility of another country. One such popular instance is that of France honouring USA after the Civil War. In 1865, a French politician had expressed his desire to gift a statue to USA. This statue took 21 years to be fully built. Parts of the statue were shipped from French to American ports before they could all be put together to form the complete statue. For those of you who don’t already know the statue being discussed, it is none other than the very famous Statue of Liberty!
  • A sneaky gift –The Russians improvised on the Trojan horse tale and gifted a little something that was not discovered for it really was for 7 years! Leon Theremin, a brilliant inventor of Russian (then known as USSR) had created a bug that was planted in a wooden Great Seal that was gifted to the American Ambassador of the year 1945, Averell Harriman. The bug was so skilfully crafted and then hidden that it could not be traced by even the next three ambassadors and the “gift” hung in the Ambassador’s House office proving to be a valuable asset to the Russians!
  • An elephantine gesture – This is a story of a well-intended gift that was not handled well. Kings and dignitaries of many countries all over the world hold the Pope in highest regards and show their appreciation in the form of many unique gifts. There are few that rival the uniqueness of this gift though – Portuguese King Manuel had gifted a white elephant to Pope Leo X in the year 1514. The Pope was thoroughly captivated by the beauty and thoughts behind this gigantic gift and unfortunately went overboard in his care for the “gift”. He got a special laxative laced with gold to be given to the elephant, named Hanno, when the animal had trouble pooping. Result – the elephant died at the very tender age of 6!
  • A gift that rocks – Diamonds have been popular gifts for a while now and will continue to do so. The allure of these gems is such that people are willing to pay millions for them! One such extravagant gift was made by Richard Burton to the hauntingly beautiful American actress – Elizabeth Taylor. Known as the Taylor-Burton diamond, this was of a whopping 69.42 carats and shaped like a pear. When Dame Taylor chose to sell it, it fetched her much needed $5 million that she used for charitable causes.

Make your gifts as unique as you wish the birthday celebrations for your loved ones to be. Spend a little time choosing your next time before you spend a ton of money on it!

This is for All the Chocoholics in the World

This is for All the Chocoholics in the World

Age proves to be of no hindrance to people with a weakness for delicious and fragrant chocolates. In fact, chocoholics are ready to consume this sweet food in any form, be it bars, chips, cookies, pastries, cakes, candies, sauce, or drinks. They carelessly discard the dire warnings that accompany frequent over consumption. However, there is some good news on the way. Eaten in limited quantities, the mysterious ‘dark’ chocolate is great for maintaining proper functioning of the human organs and organ systems.


  • Avoid Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases: If you have been used to chewing on milk chocolate bars always, discard them for mysterious ‘dark’ chocolate chunks instead. Researchers will assure you that this slightly bitter foodstuff contains anti-oxidants and a healthy amount of flavonoids. As a result, your blood pressure remains stable, your arteries and vein retain their flexibility in spite of advancing age, and the risk for heart failure reduces. Do remember to restrict yourself to a small square each day or a couple of servings each week; do not go overboard with your eating. Additionally, do not skip your daily walks or exercise routines.
  • Prevent Diabetes: If you are insulin-resistant, just consume a piece of this delicious stuff (size of a candy bar) every day. With the release of excess nitric oxide, your insulin sensitivity may be controlled to a large extent.
  • Lose Excess Weight: You will find it easier to adhere to your recommended diet, since this dark knight saves you from succumbing to excessive cravings for fatty, sweet, and salty foodstuffs. Smaller portions, five small meals a day and regular physical activity should suffice to give you a marvellous physique.
  • Bid Goodbye to Stress: Your brain will be encouraged to secrete larger amounts of the happy hormone known as ‘serotonin’, instead of the stress-causing hormone known as ‘cortisol’. Yes, you will find yourself feeling more alive and energetic, instead of fatigued and depressed. Pregnant women consuming dark chocolate find themselves giving birth to happier children.
  • Enhance Your Intelligence: Whenever you pop a piece of your favourite brand into your mouth, your circulatory system becomes very active. It allows a larger amount of blood to flow to the key areas of your brain. Even if it is for a short time only, your alertness and performance will remain above average, especially where tests are concerned. Nevertheless, do not stuff yourself to the maximum just because you wish to do well in exams; you will invite ill-health.
  • Cure Your Child’s Diarrhoea or Cough: Dark chocolate contains cocoa. The flavonoids in the cocoa join hands with a special protein present in the small intestine, to stop diarrhoea. This protein is responsible for fluid secretion; it regains its functional balance. Similarly, if your child is prone to excess coughing, the theobromine in the chocolate brings these unpleasant coughing bouts to a halt.

Admittedly, any recipient of a chocolate hamper will welcome it with squeals of delight. After all, you are offering a combination of good health and sweetness.

Infants are Fond of the Unusual Too

Infants are Fond of the Unusual Too

Whenever you are required to purchase something for a baby, you can only focus on chocolates, confectionaries, teddy bears, toys, etc. It is hard for you to view the young one as a ‘person in his/her own right.’ This individual may also love to receive something unusual and unique, even if he/she cannot actually express his/her appreciation for your thoughtfulness! You might like to fill a hamper with all kinds of things.


  • Personalized key chain: You may feel astounded by this choice, but it is indeed a sensible gift. There are all kinds of key chains available now-a-days. Obtain a simple pattern that will appeal to the young one. Ensure that the name of the child is inscribed on it. The keys to the cupboard containing his/her things, room, etc. may be fitted into it. The doting parents will feel happy to witness their infant’s name every time they use the keys. Additionally, this key chain may be used even through the child’s growing years.
  • Crib Sheets: Numerous stores display beautifully-designed crib sheets on their shelves. You may even obtain them from online shops, after comparing product quality and prices. If possible, request willing salespersons to even engrave the infant’s name onto each sheet. This makes the gift highly personalized. You may do the same with chenille throws and fleece blankets. In fact, the baby will be able to receive a complete bed set. A couple of mattress pads are a good addition, for they will prevent the crib sheets from becoming damp.
  • Colourful Towels: True, the infant is too small to recognize colours by name, but he/she will be able to store away favourites even at this young age. All babies love bright colours. Find soft and fluffy towels in various shades of blue, pink, or yellow; they are pleasant to look at. Do not go in for overly jazzy purples, reds, greens and so on; they are rather harsh on the eyes.
  • Soft Toys and Bells: Teddy bears, monkeys, etc. Are extremely loveable. The child will love cuddling up to them during his/her afternoon nap or during the night. Soft toys are even good to play with, or create stories around; the young one will not lack for entertainment. Similarly, it would be nice to have tiny bells decorating the crib above the baby’s head. Young children love light sounds.
  • Book on Baby Care: This is for the mother. It will prove highly useful for someone who has become a parent for the first time. Ensure that the content is written in simple and easy-to-understand language. The parents will face no issues with nurturing their baby in a proper manner.

Of course, it will not be possible to cram everything into a single baby hamper; you will have to make your choices. You could even try a combination of the usual and the unusual. The ‘usual’ refers to a feeding bottle with nipple, pacifier, packet of chocolates, etc. The baby is not fussy; he/she readily appreciates everything!

Say “Thank You” with a Flourish

Say “Thank You” with a Flourish

It is time to say “Thank You” to a dear friend, is it? She has nursed you through your illness with loving care, and you are keen to show your appreciation. In fact, she has extended kindness several times. However, you do not feel that a mere card with nicely written words on it will suffice; you would like to present something more valuable and long-lasting. Well, then, give her a personalized gift hamper.

If your friend is passionate about health and beauty, you would be well advised to bestow a spa gift hamper upon her. You will be able to obtain gift hampers in UK from several online stores.


  • Herbal Therapy Packs: They refer to bags made from light cotton fabric or heavy cotton chenille, and filled with rice, spices, flax seeds, citrus fruit peels, or lavender. These ingredients may even be combined in varied ways. Whenever your friend feels fatigued or suffers from body aches, she may heat the packs in a microwave or a conventional oven. Foil may be used to wrap them first. When her skin comes in contact with the moist heat generated by the pack, it is going to feel wonderfully soothed and relaxed. These packs even have their own vinyl travelling bags.
  • Fragrant Aromatherapy Candles: Skilled therapists bring together natural oils, food-grade waxes and potent essential oils to create candles that give off pure and soothing fragrances. The basic ingredients are naturally-grown nuts and flowers. Do ensure that your candles are accompanied by certificates of authenticity. You would not like the recipient to be exposed to cheap and unreliable products. After all, you should receive good value for your investment.
  • Paraffin Products: Now, every woman longs for glowing, elastic, well-contoured skin to cover the face and body. Environmental hazards often prove disastrous for human health, causing internal and external toxicity. The combination of oil-based herbal recipes and paraffin prove to be excellent remedies for rejuvenation of damaged skin, if used regularly.
  • Body Treatment Packages: Imagine your friend’s face receiving the same treatments as awarded at a professional spa! Include any kind of professional product that you like, as long as it is genuine in quality and promises positive results. Packs containing extracts of the aloe vera plant, diverse herbs, mud, paraffin, seaweed or algae, are marvellous for removing toxins from the body, as well as exfoliating the skin. Over time, damaged skin will be healed and conditioned. This is because the blood circulatory system is stimulated, thereby encouraging regeneration of new cells.

These are not all, for there are innumerable beauty products available in the marketplace. For instance, you may even add salts collected from the Dead Sea, fleecy linen wraps, European body treatments, marine-based products, and the like. Just make sure that the manufacturers are authentic and have not included harmful chemicals on the sly. You would not like your friend to acquire allergies or ugly skin conditions, would you? They will just serve to destroy the extreme thoughtfulness behind your gift.

Finger Linking recipe of soothing strawberry soufflé

Finger Linking recipe of soothing strawberry soufflé

The desserts are the heart of all kind of events, whether they are a dinner party or enjoying something on lunch. They make a great yummy to tummy shake at any time of the day. now it is the Christmas time. There would be many guests come to your home. Making coffee again and again and making up the table every time would be a tiring task. But there is no other option left with us. We have to give special treatment to our loved ones when they come our home, we can’t imaging not to be hostile for a friend who will bring a luxury Christmas hamper for us just because we feels tired. So here I have an easy and delicious solution to the problem. Likewise us our guests would also be fed up of the cup of coffee every time with a Christmas cake and cookies. Here I will share with you an amazing strawberry soufflé recipe. Just make it and put them in beautiful mugs for individual servings. And you don’t have to do much hassle when the guest will come and believe me you will get classic appreciation form the guest on this soothing strawberry soufflé delight.


What you will need:

  • One can of condense milk 8 Oz (chilled)
  • One small pack of plane cream 8 Oz (chilled)
  • One cup of Yoghurt (chilled)
  • One small pack of strawberry jelly
  • 1 table spoon of gelatin powder
  • 200 grams fresh strawberry

Ingredients for Decoration

  • 2 egg whites
  • 4 table spoon of caster sugar

How to do that:

  • Take a large bowl and mix the cream, condense milk and yoghurt and beat on medium speed for 5-8 minutes.
  • Prepare the jelly and put a side. Don’t let the jelly to set completely, when the jelly starts to set keep on mixing it with spoon. So that bits don’t form an them mix it with the cream mixture and beat for one minute
  • Mix the gelatin in ¼ cup of cold water and then heat it a bit by placing it on boiling water. And then add the gelatin to the soufflé bowl.
  • Finally add the small chunks of strawberry to the mixture
  • Pour the mixture in small glass serving cups and put to the refrigerator
  • It will need 8-9 hours to get completely set.


Wisk the egg white with sugar for 5-8 minutes or until the soft and fluffy cream is formed. Put the cream in the decoration cream pouring instruments and decorate the serving cups with cream and fresh strawberry slices.

Exciting ideas for a Christmas gift for wife

Exciting ideas for a Christmas gift for wife

The most amazing person and the most amazing relationship which we can feel and enjoy with the person we want to live with is that of a wife. We are not bound by any blood knots to select a girl to make our life partner. It’s not like our relationship with our parents and sibling who was out of our control and predefined and we can alter it. God has given us with the full choice to select the life partner. And thus after our selection it is out wholesome duty and the right of that girl to get out unconditional love and unshared care. She is the one who leave everything for us, her family, home and belongings.  It’s not the case that you should care and show love on events or on special occasions, love is ongoing emotions which don’t have any particular time attached to it for to be shown but special event also demand special gestures. That’s because she will be eager to receive something from your side. It’s the Christmas time now. Full of sales, and everyone here and there is busy in selecting the gift for the love ones. She also thinks that what her life partner would be giving her this Christmas?


We know mans are bad in selecting gifts, they might buy and expensive one but they don’t know what her wife would be in need of or what she dreams to get from him.

Gift Card:

Give your wife an open hand that she can buy whatever she loves to by giving her the gift card of her favorite shop.  This would be a great idea which also put a stop to her saving habit if you give her money for shopping a gift for her. Now she is bound to purchase a gift for her and the gift won’t go wasted because it would be of her choice.


The timeless gift for all ages and it worked for all age group of women. God knows why the women’s are crazy about the jewelry. And form her previous collection you might be having an idea that what kind of jewelry she loves to wear, weather its diamonds, pearls, silver or gold. And if you don’t have an idea then simply walk with her in the mall and slow down your walking pace in front of a jewelry shop. Believe me you will notice her eyes will stuck on something for few seconds and here you get the chance to grab the best present for her.


On the Christmas day there is a large variety of Christmas gift hampers available in the market with a hell of variety. From toiletries, eatables, fruits, cosmetics, accessories to the perfumes and watches you can find hampers of miscellaneous items and if you find it hard what to choose for your wife the just take a big hamper and present it with flowers and chocolates and the gift would be deeply loved.

Exciting ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Exciting ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Christmas is the time for celebration. And the celebration is something’s to do with the people, with the love ones. The craze of charismas parties and enjoying time with family and friends is the best part of Christmas holidays which make them more appareling and enjoying for us. But what if you don’t have anyone to share these joys with? There are millions of people who work in different parts of the world away from their native home, the blood relatives and childhood friends. They are living in homes that are not houses.  And there are many times that they are not able to go back to their hometown for celebrating the Christmas for some reason. So what they should do then? It sound horrifying to celebrate the Christmas alone but it only seems to be not in actual.

3_christmas hampers

Life is how you take it. If you decided to be happy, nothing matters if you are with family and friends or alone and if you are a kind of a person who don’t know how to be thankful to God in whatever you have and you are not a contented person then no matters you are in the middle of a crowded party but feels alone and sad. So don’t feel pity on yourself. What if you are alone, you can still enjoy the Christmas and make it memorable.

So here is a list of things that you should try out if you are alone and you will love them:

  • Decorate your home, it is not who will see but it’s about you love yourself and want to enjoy.
  • Plan a trip to a lace you have never seen before or a place you love to visit again and again
  • Stop listing to the peoples sympathetic comments on your alone celebration, tell everyone that you love to stay this way
  • Indulge in great food eating whole day, no matter you are a patient of cholesterol, diabetic or you are on weight watching diets. It is just one day. Noting will harm you for just one day if you are stick food controller. Eat whatever you want to.
  • There might be smoother colleagues or friends of you who are also passing through the same situation as that of yours so believing in one and one makes eleven, try to join them.
  • Go for watching a movie
  • Give time to yourself. Have a makeover. Trim, shape and condition your nails, hair skin and all parts and feel good about yourself
  • Go to a spa and relax or have a comforting body message
  • Give time to some great activity or hobby.
  • Do some charity or try to go to some charity home and spend time with those people; it will give you so much internal satisfaction and piece and will make your day worth memorable.
  • Send gifts to your loved ones on Christmas online, if your family and friends lives in UK then try out Christmas hampers Delivered UK
  • Cook something you are master in cooking at.
  • Decorate a table and enjoy you meal with light music and dim lights.
  • Never feel pity on yourself
  • Go for shopping for yourself, give yourself presents and enjoy.

2 Most Exciting ways to make you girlfriend happy this Christmas

2 Most Exciting ways to make you girlfriend happy this Christmas

God has made such a nature of girls that they always love to ne affectionate and being loved. The simple line of I Love You doesn’t work for them; the girls want the assurance of being loved with love, gestures and words.  Not one time but again and again. When a girl is in a special relationship with a guy, she wants him to show how much he loves her again and again.  And many times even the guys are trying hard to do so but they are not doing it in a right way so they end up not being able to keep her girlfriend happy. Christmas is a special time of the year. Your girlfriend wants to treat her in a very special way. Girls want to be treated by their prince in a way no one else before that do that ever with any girl. She wants to be happier than the heroines of the movies and serials.


Treat her well in Christmas Parties:

Girls not only want your simple love and romance but also want you to treat her well in public and especially in front of her family and friends. She want everyone know that the guy with whom she is in relationship is the one who not only love her but cares for her and respect her. This is the thing that not only the girls want but also the loved ones of her want that she should be treated well. Be very jolly with her, just keep your focus on her in the party rather than staring other girls, believe me this would create a big mess for you after the party. And it would become difficult for you to handle. This is that thing others also watch in you. So give attention to her. And also give value to her love ones. The girls want their partner to be gentle and kind and the friendly with whom she loves. Talk to her family and friends and tell them what good you have seen in her and how lucky you are to have her. These points will do wonder for you and make your Christmas the best ever one in your life.


Give her the Christmas gift Surprise:

Never create a hip about what you are planning to give her on the Christmas. If you do so she will start setting more and more expectation and in the end whatever you give her will not satisfy her level of satisfaction. So always try to hide what’s in your mind. The one thing you should do is that whatever you want to select just do it in a loving manner. Think what would make her happy while staying in her shoes.  There are many options available in the market from perfumes, hamper for Christmas, jeweler, cloths and much more. You have a big range to choose from. So select what would be special for her. Personalized gift are the most hit now a days. These will not only become a keep sake model but also that speaking truth of your love that she can show to anybody with pride.