A gift that never really leaves us

Talking about the ritual of giving and receiving gifts is such a cliché. It is one of the oldest forms of human transaction. Every year, we spend a lot of time and money over choosing and buying right gift for the right person on the right occasion. Many of us are perpetually confused as to what to buy and what will be appropriate as a gift.

18_fruit basket

In the time when souvenirs and dressy ‘showpieces’ dominate the world of gifts, it is hard to find something that is meaningful and really shows that we care. Or, is it?

  • Pure and pretty

One of Nature’s best gifts to us, fruits have been with us since the dawn of our journey. During the hunter-gathered phase of our history, human kind relied on fruits for survival. A fresh fruit has been the symbol of purity, life and everything positive. The museums throughout the world are full of such juicy depictions. Fruits have had a lasting impression on our collective imagination since the time of the cave men.

18_Pure and pretty

  • Everlasting effects

The nutritional effects of any fruit are well-known and well-documented. As a gift, fruits bring another layer of thought into the whole ritual or practice of giving and receiving love: as they are consumed, they become a part of our body. In a sense, our good wishes stay always with our loved ones. This makes fruits a gift that never leaves us.

18_effect of fruits

  • Never out of fashion

Some year, oxblood reigns at the runways, some year it’s the neon colours. Finding a runway approved gift is an eternal bother. Other precious little ones can be very expensive. And then, there is the question of personal preferences. Yet with fruits, you are never wrong. Be it full of seasonal favourites or with the evergreen ones, fruit hampers delivered to your loved ones will always be a pleasant surprise.

  • Making a difference with a statement

There is no need to harp on the unhealthy nature of our present lifestyle. We don’t eat right, sleep or work right. The natural rhythm of life, it seems, has gone for a toss. We can’t really help it; our work demands are uncertain, full of pressure and of course very erratic.

To set things right, we can always go back to the basics. And food can’t go more basic than fruits. And they are the original delicacies (remember, Eve didn’t give Adam a piece of pizza, it really was an apple). Choosing a fruit over some processed temptation will win you health benefits and also take you a step to a fitter version of yourself.

Despite the overwhelming presence of gifts that are perhaps way more fancy and expensive, there is no denying the fact that fruits have an integral effect that the others can never attempt to. Sundried or fresh from the harvest, every fruit is like a jewel for our internal beauty and wellbeing. This opulence in terms of benefits and taste is nowhere else to be found. Still a priced delicacy, fruits make the perfect gift on every occasion, for anyone you truly care for.


Chocolates Grow on Trees!

The journey of chocolates begins from a tree!

The piece of chocolate treat that quietly lies wrapped in the shelves of a candy store carries with it stories of people in the African continent who grow these magical tropical trees. As we remove the wrapper, we uncover the cocoa seed, at the same time we connect with the ancient people who grew them to the most modern of the human race who use it as a symbol of love or as an icon to celebrate happiness. Nowadays, chocolates have become an everyday luxury. Chocolates are readily available in shops as well as online. Today, just takes a few clicks of the computer mouse to gift a Cadbury hamper in UK to your loved ones who stay there.

13_cadbury hmapers

The story of these wrapped chocolates is very amusing. It starts from the trees goes on to the farmer’s hands and ends up with you consuming it. A chocolate treat that is appreciated worldwide has a very modest beginning. A cocoa bean starts its journey from inside the fruit known as a pod. These pods grow on trees found in West Africa, South America and parts of South-East Asia.

Cocoa trees are delicate and covered with flowers that need a lot of tending. They grow in tropical forests in a mixed farming mode with cash crops such as rubber and bananas. Cocoa is normally grown by small farmers and they leave the farm handpicked and then transported in carts.

When the cocoa reaches the factory, it is ground and powdered after roasting. Once that is done, they are reduced to a paste, which is known as chocolate liquor. This is followed by a series of pressing, rolling, adding sugars and sequential heating and cooling. Once all this is done, it leads to the formation of chocolate syrup.

7_cadbary hampers

Human race has adopted the use of chocolates since the medieval times. And it began in South America. After that, people all over the world have used chocolates from curing diseases, to pleasing gods, for love, for holidays, to survive fasts, to ward off poisonous insects and scorpions and to gift their loved ones.

Cocoa industry today is very big and about 50 million people are employed here. These include all sorts of people from farmers to workers to chefs and bakers.

The chocolate bar is divine to taste because of the way it tastes and then swirls and melts in your mouth. Chocolate blends with more than two thousand flavours from lemon to vanilla to oranges and with currants. So that provides a wide canvas for various recipes.

A bar of chocolates’ soft feel and its buttery after taste also makes it a thing to desire for again and again. If you enjoy chocolate, you would enjoy a lot of other ice creams and deserts that have it as their main ingredient.

When tasting a bar of chocolate that gives a divine feeling when it goes down your throat, it is hard to believe that all that began from a tree.

Adding a personal touch to hampers

Men may be bowled over by the ostentatious or the utilitarian nature of the gift that they receive – they are not too fond of the drama behind it. But women appreciate the subtle efforts a person takes to make a gift extra special. So, if you are in the mood to pamper the woman of your life – be it your girlfriend, wife, mother or nanna, self-made bath hampers for her are the perfect ways to express your love for her. Wondering how to go about making that perfect hamper? Here are a few tips for you:

9_bath hampers

  • Select the products that you know she uses frequently. If, for example, she does not buy products tested on animals, then take extra care to only select such bath products from the mall. Dermatologically and hypoallergenic products are suitable to all women of all skin types. Focusing on the quality of the gift here is important.
  • Choose those products, which you think will be used, and well before their expiration date! So if there is this soothing Aloe Vera gel that you know she uses after every bath, go ahead and splurge on that rather than buying an elaborate foot massage kit that may be used rarely because she gets a pedicure done at the parlour!
  • Bathing is more ritualistic for women than men. They prefer the languorous and soothing feeling of the bath to last for long and spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom. Why not add a few aromatic candles or sensuously aromatic bath salts in the hamper? Lavender, rose, chamomile, jasmine – these are popular fragrances and are known to soothe the mind. If your lady’s feisty, honour her spirit and get something with a tang in it – a shower gel in citrusy flavours such as lime or orange.
  • Bathing caps may not be all that appealing to you, men, but women realize how beneficial they are, especially if they have long, thick tresses and would prefer not to get them soaked every day! But from a wide range of bathing caps and shower curtains to let your special lady fully relax in the bathroom.
  • Is there a special date that you want the lady to look lovely for? Do you intend to win over her heart in the most romantic way ever? Then go the extra mile and include a few out-of-the-box (hamper, in this case!) items such as a small bottle of champagne, a glass flute, a bar of pure, creamy chocolate and a single red or pink rose. We can already hear the ladies sighing over these rich delights!
  • Don’t let those little crooks and crannies remain vacant. Adding a bed of soft, glittery mesh, sprinkling little coloured stones, placing fresh flowers like orchids or tulips – these are some easy ways for you to cover those gaps and make the hamper look more special.

By adding some decorative touches to the hamper itself, made out of wicker or plastic, as you prefer, you can make the entire bath hamper look like a ticket straight out of a luxurious spa treatment at a fraction of its cost!

Many favourites together tied with a bow

It is that time of the year again when there are frantic rushes to stores and marts to buy the best of the items on sale that can be gifted to your loved ones. For those who don’t the fray in the early days, there are the remaining gifts that they must choose from, putting aside highly selective thoughts. If you are someone who belongs to the second group of shoppers, there are some cheap hampers you may want to consider this year.

6_cheap hampers

Innovative gift hampers in UK have been popular for a while now. They are not just for those who stay nearby but can also be posted to our loved ones. Want to gift an offbeat hamper to your special someone? Then here are some choices or you:

  • A spirited hamper – Combine red and white wines, toss in a bottle of sparkly champagne and you have got yourself a fantastic wine hamper for those friends of your who prefer having a fun-filled, tipsy Christmas! A wide variety of wines are available in the market, so you could have a dry white with a sweet red wine put together in a hamper to suit various palettes at the same time.

6_1_spirited hampers

  • It’s a hot one! – Had enough of the sweets for the year? Want to surprise someone with spices instead of the usual sweetmeats? Then this is a perfect choice for you. A hot hamper consists of crisps, flavoured paprika, mozzarella cheese, a bar of dark chocolate, a hot pickle of your choice and a jar of peanut butter! A perfect hamper for the foodies who would like to break tradition and enjoy a hearty, spicy snack rather than just easting on the usual sandwiches and cookies this season!
  • For our whiskered, furry and tailed friends! – Spare a thought for those adorable pets that you have in your friend’s house. If you want to treat your own dog or cat to something special this year, why not get a gift hamper for them! Abundant with choice dog or cat feeds, chew sticks and some safe toys for them to play with, these hampers are a big hit with pet owners and people who know their beloved ones adore their pets just like their family members.
  • A mixed combo of gifts – If you want a friend to indulge in their hobby of collecting knives, or if you want to gift something with some utilitarian value along with a touch of the festive spirit, then you could opt for this hamper that contains a set of knives, bottle and can openers along with a bottle of an exotic wines and a couple of wine glasses in glass or cut crystal. So, the next time your friend opens a bottle of a bubbly with an opener gifted by you, he would have something to remember you by. A gift to create good times in the present and those to be reminisced in the future too!

Depending on the distance the hamper has to cover and the person who will be receiving the gift, choose your hamper with care and make this festive season special for you and someone else too!

5 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Gifts ideas for those on a Budget

Weddings are almost always expensive affairs. It is expensive for those who are getting married and also for those who are attending them! Looking at the current inflation all over the world, it always becomes a tough choice when deciding what to present the newlyweds. If someone close to you is getting married, then the dilemma becomes tougher to solve. Neither you can afford the gift if you are on a budget nor can you afford to miss the wedding!

5_wedding hampers (1)

Despite the price involved, you would most likely want to witness your loved ones tying the knot. Plus, you would not want to be extravagant in spending for the gift and upset your budget for the month.

Here, we will suggest some ideas for gifting the newlyweds, and at the same time, avoid upsetting your budget for the month.

1. Pictures & Coffee Table Books

Pictures are very personal memories and make good gifts. Nowadays, with digital cameras around, you can take great pictures and frame them in some vintage frames and present them in a wedding. These are very frugal and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Alternatively, you can get the pictures printed into a customized coffee table book. That would make the gift extremely personal and close to the hearts of the recipients.

5_2_books and album

2. Entertainment or Adventure Experiences

Gifting experiences is something that etches a strong impression on the recipient’s memory. What can be better than gifting good memories that would last a lifetime? Some of the experiences you can gift to a newly wedded couple are:

ü  Gift coupons for eating out at restaurants

ü  Annual memberships to Art Galleries or Musical Concert Hall’s

ü  Gymnasium memberships for a year

ü  Tickets to visit a wine tasting yards

ü  Tickets to Para-gliding or Ballooning rides

ü  Massage and Spa Packages

ü  Movie Subscriptions like Netflix

ü  Adventure Sport subscriptions

You can get creative in this and can gift them better experiences than the one listed above based on their likings and the place where you live. You can also avail great deals online while purchasing these subscriptions.

3. Books and Albums

Books are a nice choice for a gift too. They will help gain knowledge, as well as, light up their spirits. However, the choice of books you give is crucial. It has to be planned according to the likes and dislikes of the recipients. You can also gift self-improvement books or cookbooks that they might need when starting a new phase of their lives. Another gifting option is gifting a photo album, which they would surely need to stack their wedding pictures.

4. Antiques

Good pieces of antiques are both rare and lovable. They would take pride in keeping this stuff in their showcases in their living rooms and also flaunt it to their guests.


5. Gift Baskets

Wedding gift baskets that are prearranged and wrapped nicely are also available online that can be delivered at your doorstep. I remember a friend of mine who ordered wedding hampers in UK over the phone and they were delivered the same day. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to figure out what to gift, this can be a great option. Good news is that these hampers come very cheap.

60_gift for women

Five Rip-Roaring Gifts for Christmas Time!

With Christmas comes a time to detach yourself from mundane work and catch up with your friends and family. Further, it is the time to watch the best movies of the season, try out the best foods and yes, enjoy giving nice gifts to your loved ones. Christmas is the time when your love for your dear ones finds recognition.

3_christmas hampers

When we talk about the best Christmas gifts, we consider those gifts, which can be availed from the comfort of your home and make your life as easy and blissful as it can be. Not only will these gifts light up the spirits of your loved ones but will also spare you from the hustle of moving around in crowds and lining up at different shopping malls at a critical festive season. The best things about these gifts are that you can get these online and be wrapped and delivered straight to your loved ones. Moreover, some of these gifts are not real gifts but ideas to make your Christmas memorable and happy.

The top five rip-roaring gifts in trend this Christmas are given below:

  • Time – Strange as it may seem, but it is true that in today’s busy world, we do not find quality time to spend with our family and friends. Spending quality time with your loved ones has no substitute. Christmas holidays are the best time to relax and catch up with your friends and family. It gives ample time to understand the needs of family members and sharing love and happiness. It helps to strengthen bonds and show that you care for them. What can be a better gift than giving back the love shown to your by your dear ones. Therefore, giving time to your family this Christmas tops the list of gifts this Christmas, though not tangible, this is the best possible gift for the season.
  • Chocolate Baskets – Chocolates light up the eyes of young and old alike. All of them love to have chocolates and this gift has almost always worked from times immemorial. Chocolates surpass other mundane gifts like tech gadgets around nowadays. Chocolates symbolize love and affection and are always perfect gifts for Christmas. Nowadays, there are cheap Christmas hampers available online with chocolates and other sweet goodies gift wrapped neatly.

10_milk choclate

  • Fruit Hampers – Another natural gift that all love is fruits. When visiting the elderly relative or your parents, nothing can be better than fruits as a gift. These have more aesthetic value than any other costly gift you can think of for such people.

14_fruit hamper in uk

  • Perfumes – Smell is another human sense, which binds itself to memories. If you remember the best perfume that a dear one likes, gift it to them. Your love towards them will have an effect whenever they use them and beyond that, as well.


  • A handmade greeting card – A Christmas greeting card that is painted by yourself or one with a piece of poem composed by will be treasured by your loved ones. It goes on to show your feelings for them and lives with them.

Any of the above will make a nice and cherished Christmas gift for your dear ones.

What Are Some Gift Hampers For Women

If you are looking for a gift for a woman on her birthday, Christmas or any special occasion, giving a gift basket or hamper is an ideal choice. You can shop around for gift baskets online or otherwise, but an even better idea is to assemble the gift hamper yourself.

60_gift for women

Putting together a gift hamper may seem like a difficult task, but is definitely simpler than you think. The basic idea is to find a good basket and fill it with things she will like. Here are a few ideas for hampers for her in UK:

  • The basket: For creating the best gift hamper, the first ingredient is a perfect basket to hold the gifts. Though it is called as basket, a gift hamper may use any type of container. It can be a sturdy basket, which she can use later for some other purpose. You can search local crafts stores and department stores for baskets or containers. You may want to line the basket with fabric or covering of her favourite colour and design.
  • Selection: Once you have zeroed in to the container, you can start thinking about what to fill it up with. You must consider a few things. Do you want to gift her with goodies to consume now or stuff that she can use long term? Creating gift basket gives the chance for the giver to use his creativity to design a basket, which is the best thing ever received by her. You can set a reasonable budget that will help narrow down your choice.

Some of the choicest ingredients to fill a gift hamper for a woman are as follows:

  • Movie basket: Make a hamper on movie theme for a film buff in your family. Include the DVD of her favourite movie or tickets to the theatre for the latest blockbuster. Add a fleece blanket for watching movie indoors with a treat of microwave popcorn.

60_movie hampers

  • Luxury pampering basket: Include a selection of luxury feminine indulgences like spa treatment. Gather scented candles, bath salts, lip balm, bath robe, nail polish and body lotion. You can also provide a subscription to a manicure and pedicure deal at a salon or a day at a spa.

60_pamperong hampers

  • Romantic basket: Make a romantic hamper for the special woman in your life for your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Gather romantic candles, box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a collection of your favourite photos taken together.

60_romantic basket

  • Food basket: Prepare a delicious basket for an enjoyable food theme. One example is a breakfast theme, which consists of jams, pancake mixes, maple syrup, coffee beans and coffee mugs. Or you can set up a tea and coffee basket made of coffee beans, teas and brewing equipment. Food baskets can be assembled for wine enthusiasts, pasta lovers and chocolate buffs. For a special occasion, you can throw in a bottle of champagne with an elegant glass to drink it in. A gift ticket for a dinner at a favourite restaurant can be the highlight of the hamper.

6_food hamper

Once you have assembled all items in your hamper, it is time to pack it well. Secure with ribbons and tape. Cover in gift paper and embellish with bows of ribbons.

Pampering Gift Hampers For Women

Gifts are the only thing by which women’s heart can be won and which women cannot resist. They cannot even say ‘no’ to it. Sometimes, we are confused what to gift? How to gift? Either in wrapping papers or in net wrap packing! Here is a solution i.e. gift hampers for women.

Gift hampers are a true pampering hampers, which are the combinations of everything you need to include. They are all packed with little luxuries, which are to be appreciated. These gift hampers are a combo of all those luxurious gifts in one pack, which arrives beautifully, presented with a wrapped ribbon making it a perfect stunning present for women and can be delivered to her with any special or meaningful message.

2_gift for women

These hampers can be an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, showers, wedding, New Year eves, formal parties like business parties and all auspicious occasions.

Gift hampers can be with or without alcohol such as:

  • Pampering treat hamper

This is a wonderful Italian treat with handmade truffle chocolates, wine; cookies. Everything is packed in tissues and gorgeously presented in a gift box.

  • Finest English chocolate truffles:

This would be the yummiest gift hamper. Each truffle will melt in the mouth and this would be an ideal treat as a gift hamper for women to make her feel relax and happy.

  • Leather travel wallet:

This is stylish and useful and inside it there are pockets for money plus small holders to keep business cards, as well. It is another awesome gift hamper.

  • Natural organic spa toiletries gift:

This is a stunning gift hamper with a real touch in luxury and fragrant with elegant bottles of organic oil and many luxurious items wrapped in tissues and ribbons.

  • Message biscuit tin and handmade cookies:

In this gift hamper, there are boxes of handmade cookies and biscuit packed in different shapes of tin with elegantly wrapped ribbon. It can be an ideal gift hamper for formal parties.

  • Emerald white wine hamper

These gift hampers are presented in handmade wooden basket. It comes in elegantly wrapped positive message on it.

31_spa basket


  • Christmas hampers
  • Food hampers
  • Chocolate hampers
  • Wine hampers
  • Cheese hampers
  • Luxury hampers
  • Beer hampers
  • Themed hampers
  • Vegetarian hampers
  • Picnic hampers
  • Vodka hampers

Like greetings, cake gift hampers are also becoming popular for all occasions. While buying these gifts hampers, budget should also be set as the luxurious item may not be affordable for the common person. Exchanging gifts hampers on occasions is also becoming a trend. Women buy these gift hampers to show their standard and status as it adds more importance to these gift hampers.

Also, if you are gifting handmade gift hamper, then the items you are packing in it must be properly sealed and wrapped with a tissue and with a stylish ribbon to give it an elegant and sparkling look.

How to Make Inexpensive Gift Hampers

Creating gift hampers at home to present those on your gift list will allow you to be creative with your gift ideas, as well as save you a lot of money. Homemade gift baskets also have great value as you have spent time and effort to put them together keeping in mind the needs and tastes of the recipient.

42_luxury hampers

This holiday season, one can save a lot of money, as well as create wonderful handmade gift baskets. Some of the cheap hampers are as follows:

  • Theme of food items: Inexpensive food hampers can be filled with cookies cooked and baked in your home. Candy makers can create different types of candy like truffles, chocolates, fudge, etc. Gifts for holiday season include baked items like cookies, specialty breads and cakes. Make a collection of canisters and cookie tins to pack your baked items. For a festive look, cover hamper with bows and ribbons.

  • Theme of hobbies: One can also design hampers around accessories, which help the person pursue his or her hobbies. For instance, if there is a person on your gift list who is an avid golfer, pack into his gift basket accessories like golf towels, tees and golf balls. For the aspiring chef, include pots and pans and spices and sauces. To keep with the budget, select small items that will help in pursuit of hobby.

  • Theme of needle crafts: A gift basket is a great way to assemble products of your knitting, embroidery or crocheting, if you are talented in needle craft. Fill your basket with homemade mittens, booties and scarves to fight the cold. One can also include hand embroidered kerchiefs and monogrammed items. This hamper saves a lot of money, as well as lends a special personal touch.

  • Luxury items: How to make a cheap hamper of luxurious items? The key is to shop for the items individually and when there are offers and deals. For a spa theme, bath products like loofah or bath oils can be purchased at reasonable prices. You can add soft towels and robes to enhance the luxurious experience.

The next problem in assembling a gift basket at home is to shop for supplies needed for the same like baskets, filler material, bows and ribbons.

 42_gift hamper

Some of the best sources are:

  • Dollar stores: Bags of filler material and gift baskets are available at very affordable rates at these stores. Go for unbleached crinkled paper for natural theme like spa theme while colourful items may be used for a party theme.

  • Fabric retailer: Large chains or small retailers are good for getting cheap gift wrapping materials. Cheesecloth and Tulle are ideal for gift wrapping. Fabric stores also offer plenty of options for ribbons.

  • Craft stores: They are the most inexpensive of retail stores for gift wrappings supplies, especially gift tags. From multi pack miniature cards to buffet of coloured card options; this is the right place for gift tags.

  • Hardware stores: They are the unlikely source for gift baskets and wrapping supplies. One can find canning jars and boxes of different sizes. These are good for assembling gift baskets like food themed gift baskets for storing spices, sauces and baked items.

These are the ways in which you can assemble great gift baskets for any purpose or occasion while saving money and lending a personal touch to the gift.

The essential types of Chocolates and their differences

Chocolate is one of the most loved and cherished foods all around the world, especially with children. Chocolate is so versatile that it can be used in cooking to make different types of confectionaries and cookies or even beverages like chocolate milk and hot chocolate.

34_main_choclate hampers

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is even considered healthy when considered in moderate amounts. Chocolate can relieve stress, improve blood flow and also lower blood pressure. Of course, chocolate also has the reputation of being a food fit for all kinds of celebrations. Here are some different types of chocolates you should know.

  • Unsweetened Chocolate: This is the purest form of chocolate with no sugar added. It is also known as ‘chocolate liquor’. It is prepared from roasted cocoa beans, which are later crushed and ground. It is highly bitter and cannot be consumed directly. It can be used in small amounts to give flavour to various cookies, brownies and cakes.

30_Unsweetened chocolate

  • Semi-sweet Chocolate: This comes very close to unsweetened chocolate, however it varies narrowly. A slight pinch of sugar is added to make it sweet along with cocoa butter. Vanilla is also added to give it a unique flavour.

10_semi sweet choclate

  • Bittersweet Chocolate: Also known as Dark chocolate, it can contain chocolate liquor anywhere between 35 to 99 percent. Sugar and cocoa butter are added to give it taste and fine texture. The milk solids used cannot be more than 12 percent of the whole. Dark chocolate is said to have a distinct European flavour, as well. Dark chocolate can be directly eaten. It has a number of health benefits, as well.
  • Sweet Chocolate: Sweet chocolate is the form, which is familiar to most of us. It can contain chocolate liquor within 15 to 34 percent range. Sugar is used in the sweetening process. It is widely consumed around the world in the form of candy bars. It possesses a rich and creamy texture due to a large amount of cocoa butter added. Sweet chocolate by far is the most popular kind of chocolate among all.

30_sweet dark choclate

  • Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is widely used in smaller chocolates and confectioneries for kids. It is called milk chocolate due to large amounts of milk solids and milk fats like cream and milk powder used in preparing it. Milk chocolate can be eaten directly or used in flavouring and garnishing while cooking.

10_milk choclate

  • White Chocolate: White chocolate is technically not even chocolate since it does not contain any cocoa solids. What it does contain are milk solids, cocoa butter, with lots and lots of sugar. It has a very smooth and creamy texture complemented by a rich sweet taste. Generally eaten as candy bars.

Chocolates are also known for being the perfect gives to your loved ones. Beautiful chocolate hampers are always appreciated. If needed urgently, chocolate hampers with next day delivery are also available!